Chapter 583 - Righteous Fan has been falsely accused

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 583: Righteous Fan has been falsely accused

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    The next day!

    *ring, ring*

    Lin Fan hadn’t completely woken up when he received the call, “D*mn, it’s early in the morning, aren’t you sleeping?”

    “Brother, why are you still sleeping? No, how can you even be sleeping?” Wang Ming Yang said in surprise.

    Lin Fan had nothing to say to that. “What are you doing? Do you think I don’t need to sleep?”

    Wang Ming Yang understood now. “F*ck, these reporters are f*cking dogs. They can even report such fake news.”

    Lin Fan asked, “What’s going on? What fake news?”

    “See for yourself. They’re saying on the Internet that you were captured for drug trafficking last night. When I saw this news, I called you immediately.”

    Lin Fan lost all his sleepiness. “F*ck, who’s f*cking with me? I’m sleeping well at home, how could I have been captured? I’m going to hang up and look at the situation.”

    He opened his Weibo.

    When he saw the headlines, he nearly fainted.

    Before he could see more, Wu You Lan’s call came.

    “Brother Lin…”

    “I know. Don’t ask me anything. I’m fine. Someone is falsely accusing me. I’m going to hang up. I need to look at the situation.”

    Upon hanging up, yet another call came.

    Zhao Ming Qing!

    Zhao Zhong Yang!

    Dad’s call.


    Looking at the news.

    Lin Fan was furious. Which b*stard was doing this? This was a false accusation, a false rumor.

    Everyday News Report: Last night, at 11 o’clock, a large group of police officers sealed off the area at Shanghai XX Bar. At that moment, the editor was playing with his friends when he realized that the police was raiding some drug traffickers. One of them is the bar owner and another one appears to be the Internet’s Master Lin. Who would have known that the self-proclaimed righteous Master Lin is actually a drug trafficker? This is too drastic of a change…”

    If there’s a picture, then it’s true.

    And the picture that was captured was really on point.

    The picture showed Lin Fan getting into the police car. A policeman had one hand on Lin Fan’s shoulder. From that angle, it seemed like Lin Fan was being detained in the police car.


    Lin Fan was speechless. If a righteous Fan like him was a drug trafficker, then the world was beyond hope.

    He went to his own Weibo page and opened the comments section. It had indeed exploded.

    “F*ck, somebody please tell me what exactly is going on. I don’t believe that Master Lin would traffic drugs.”

    “I don’t believe either. Master Lin is such a righteous person. How could he do something like this?”

    “Haha, you fans are crazy. If there’s a picture, then it has to be real. Can’t you see for yourselves?”

    “Even if you know appearance, you may not know his heart. I never expected Master Lin to be this kind of person.”

    “Haha, all these fans are shocked.”

    At that moment, some celebrities entered the Weibo discussion.

    Chen Jin, a first-rate male celebrity, had acted in numerous movies before and he was pretty popular.

    “Master Lin’s drug trafficking has made me disappointed. I’ve observed his Weibo many times in the past and I thought he was a righteous public figure. I never thought that he was like this. This is really disappointing. Despicable! Despicable!”

    Ying Jin: “Since the first time I saw him, I knew he wasn’t a good person. Now, his karma has come.”


    One after another, numerous celebrities expressed their opinions on this matter.

    “F*ck, I don’t think I’ve pissed off so many celebrities, have I? Where did they all emerge from?” If it was just normal people flaming him, he could let it go but he didn’t even seem to know these celebrities and they were all coming out to have a kick at him. Was there a need to do that?

    Liu Xiao Tian’s call came.

    “Master Lin, I’ve seen the news on the Internet. I never thought that it would cause you so much trouble. Don’t worry. The police’s official Weibo will immediately make an announcement to testify for you,” said Liu Xiao Tian.

    Lin Fan said, “No hurry. Let me record all these people’s names into my little booklet. Once I’m done, I’ll let you know.”

    Liu Xiao Tian replied, “Okay.”

    He didn’t know what Master Lin meant. What little booklet?

    Lin Fan looked at those celebrities. His heart was filled with rage. He immediately recorded all their names.

    “Brothers, if you dare to trample on me, I will remember you. When something happens to you, I’ll be the first to flame you to death,” Lin Fan thought to himself.

    At Cloud Street.

    The shop owners quickly gathered at the shop.

    “Elder Tian, that news can’t be true, right? Did Little Boss really…”

    “What rubbish are you speaking? Little Boss wouldn’t do something like that. Don’t trust what’s on the Internet.”

    “But the person in that photo is Little Boss.”

    “What are you talking about? It only looks a bit like him.”

    Fraud Tian waved his hand. “That man in the photo is Little Boss but don’t think absurdly. He didn’t traffic any drugs. This is all a misunderstanding.”

    The shop owners all let out breaths of relief. “I told you all so. How could Little Boss do something like this?”


    Lin Fan recorded the all the names and saved them on his Weibo. Then, he gave Liu Xiao Tian a call. “Alright, help me to clear my name quickly.”

    It was best not to drag this matter out. Who knew what kind of stage it would develop into?

    Liu Xiao Tian was dumbfounded about Lin Fan getting falsely accused on the Internet. He had never expected such a thing to happen. In that incident the previous night, Master Lin had been a great contributor. If it hadn’t been for Master Lin, this case wouldn’t have been cracked.

    Hence, the police had to clear Master Lin’s name at once.

    Police Official Weibo: “The news about Master Lin trafficking drugs is a false rumor. In the drug trafficking raid at 11 pm last night, the main contributor was Master Lin. when the police reached the scene, Master Lin had already subdued the drug traffickers. The police only had to wrap things up. One of the people captured is a nation-wide wanted drug lord who is very dangerous. This time, it is thanks to Master Lin’s righteous actions that we have managed to capture them. The entire police force thanks Master Lin. As for the fake news on the Internet, the police will definitely investigate it and clear Master Lin’s name.”

    Once this post had been sent out, Lin Fan sent out his own Weibo post too.

    “Those celebrities on the same list, you better not commit any unlawful acts in your lifetimes. Otherwise, I, Righteous Fan, will expose you immediately. You are under my watch now. Be careful.”

    Lin Fan was very displeased. If he did not take his revenge, he wouldn’t be a nobleman.

    He had etched this into his memory.

    On the Internet.


    “The government has denied the rumor.”

    “Motherf*ckers. Those people who falsely accused Master Lin, do your faces hurt now?”

    “My Lin is amazing indeed. He single-handedly took down the drug traffickers. Are you all convinced now?”

    “Hehe, I saw through those celebrities from the start. Their fans will turn on them from now on.”

    “Haha, Master Lin has come out. You all have been recorded in Master Lin’s little booklet. You have to watch out now because Master Lin is true to his words. He definitely won’t let you off the hook.”

    When the reporters who had started the rumor saw this, they were so frightened that they immediately surrendered and admitted their mistake.

    Meanwhile, when the celebrities realized that the truth had come out, they shamefully deleted their Weibo posts. They had really wanted to ride on this wave to gain popularity but they had never thought that it would backfire on them.

    “I’m sorry, Master Lin. Please forgive me,” one of the celebrities said.

    F*ck, who was the editor who misled them?

    Lin Fan thought to himself, “It’s too late to be sorry. You should all be a little more honest. Otherwise, I will f*ck you up.”

    At that moment, Lin Fan was overflowing with dominance. I, Righteous Fan, am not someone you can flame as you like. You guys better watch yourselves from now on.

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