Chapter 590 - Are you up for it?

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 590: Are you up for it?

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    “What Master Lin just said, I dare not take full credit for. Being able to arrest Scorpion this time is not only because of the police force but even more so because of Master Lin. If not for him, we wouldn’t be successful without having even a single lead. At the same time, during the process to arrest Scorpion, the policemen had put in a great deal of hard work. Hence, this Honors Ceremony should be for the entire police force, as well as Master Lin!” Liu Xiao Tian didn’t dare to boast that this arrest operation was entirely due to their hard work and had nothing to do with the others seated in the hall. If he were to say it, he would definitely be flamed by the other leaders.


    The audience began applauding and acknowledged what Liu Xiao Tian presented. However, in their hearts, they knew that this success was entirely due to Master Lin. If it weren’t for him, there wouldn’t even be a game to play.

    Lin Fan laughed, “Inspector Liu is too humble. I’m not part of the organization, but from what I can see, Inspector Liu is a good inspector. He does things with his heart and soul. Previously, being someone that didn’t care about other people’s business, I was also touched by his actions. He inspired me to play my part in upholding justice.

    As expected, what Liu Xiao Tian feared the most has come.

    Master Lin started to go overboard in commending him.

    However, he didn’t know why, but he was feeling good about it.

    The policemen below the stage also laughed. They weren’t a single bit unhappy. To them, this wasn’t an Honors Ceremony, but rather it was an opportunity for the policemen to integrate with the citizens, building a platform for solving cases to be more streamlined.

    Lin Fan continued to compliment Liu Xiao Tian.

    Liu Xiao Tian then began to push his contributions to one side.

    Following Liu Xiao Tian’s intentions, mistakes are mine, but the contributions are everyone’s.

    Elder Dog Nicholas was squatting beside Lin Fan. However, after blinking his eyes, he stretched out his paws and laid down on the ground, motionless. These humans are so interesting. They have so much bullsh*t to say.

    Each second ticked by.

    Liu Xiao Tian wanted to cry but showed no tears. He didn’t care about the situation anymore and bluntly said, “Master Lin, say no more. At this rate, you’re going to make me into a saint. How am I going to work with my colleagues in future?”


    At this moment, the audience burst into laughter. Even the leaders were laughing, as though they had no intention of blaming anyone.

    Lin Fan also laughed, “Okay, then I wouldn’t speak anymore. I’m just trying to give you some credit.”

    The Honors Ceremony this time can be considered to be a new and fresh experience.

    Thereafter, a leader went on stage. “During this operation to arrest Scorpion, Master Lin had a huge contribution. After much discussion, we have decided to award Master Lin with 200,000 dollars!”

    Chu Yuan was videoing the entire situation from below the stage. His face was filled with joy. Such an Honors Ceremony had only been held twice and both times were because of Master Lin.

    It wasn’t as though there weren’t any Honors Ceremony previously. It was only that during those ceremonies, the atmosphere was always very serious. No one dared to breathe.

    After which, there was a group photograph session.

    The schedule had run to an end, and the Honors Ceremony was also coming to an end.

    End of the ceremony.

    Liu Xiao Tian couldn’t help but say, “Master Lin, you have praised me too much this time. I wouldn’t dare to slack off in future.”

    Lin Fan laughed, “Inspector Liu, the capable people should be doing more work.”

    “Master Lin, I suggest that if you want to leave, you should leave soon. If you wait any longer, I’m afraid it would be too late,” Liu Xiao Tiao said.

    Lin Fan replied, “What do you mean?”

    Liu Xiao Tian pointed at a distance, “Take a look for yourself! Look at how many people are looking for you?”

    Lin Fan gazed in that direction. It was already enough just looking at it. Even Chief Qin and other leaders were in that crowd, and they were all looking for him.

    “Okay, then I wouldn’t wait any longer. I’ll take my leave. Please don’t let them disturb me,” Lin Fan waved. He then picked up Elder Dog and boarded the car, leaving this place.

    Not long after Lin Fan left, the crowd came before Liu Xiao Tian. “Where did Master Lin go?”

    Liu Xiao Tian replied, “He just went home.”

    The crowd felt a pang of regret. They didn’t think that Master Lin would just leave them like that.


    Lin Fan was elated. 200,000 dollars in his hand. Elder Dog laid on the seat beside him. He was motionless and had an expression of peace.

    At this moment, Zhao Mingqing called him. Ever since he had taken the pill, Lin Fan didn’t know what was the situation with his discipline. However, the perfect-grade little intelligence pill wasn’t so simple. It would definitely have produced many unbelievable effects.

    Zhao Ming Qing was rather advanced in his age. His mind was slowly becoming less and less active. However, with this little intelligence pill, it shouldn’t have been much of a problem. His mind would definitely be more active than the youngsters.

    “Ming Qing, what is it?”

    “Teacher! The little intelligence pill is too incredible. I can remember many things that I’ve previously forgotten!”

    “Is that all?”

    “No, there’s more. Even though I have not achieved photographic memory, but I’ve realized that whenever I’m reading a book, the content would be very deeply engraved into my mind. Teacher, I’m afraid this little intelligence pill is simply too incredible.”

    Zhao Ming Qing didn’t know what else to say. He took the pill two night before, but he already experienced so many changes the day before. It had already left him speechless.

    The pill that his mentor had concocted was too godly, and this made him feel a little scared.

    Lin Fan laughed, “It’s not simple. The effects of the perfect-grade little intelligence pill shouldn’t only be like this. Go and ponder over it. Moreover, your mind should be more active now. It would be of great help to your studies of Chinese medicine.”

    “Thank you so much, teacher.” Zhao Mingqing was extremely grateful.

    He was already so old. He had studied Chinese medicine for such a long period of time, so addressing him as ‘Master’ isn’t too much. However, he felt that he would be able to compete with the younger generation.

    The younger generation was careful yet bold. They were willing to put up a fight.

    However, at his age, his train of thoughts was more rigid and less reasonable and he didn’t dare to use medication in excess. Therefore, even though he might theoretically be more knowledgeable, in practice, he loses out.

    Lin Fan laughed, “There’s no need to thank me. You are my student, of course, I have to let you improve. In the event that I contact a disease in future, I can always come to you. That’s right, what’s the situation regarding the distribution of the Chinese medicine foundation training materials?”

    “Teacher, right now the materials are in the last stage of filing. It’ll be readily distributed to the Chinese medicine schools within the nation soon.”

    “That’s good to hear. Tell me when the distribution begins.”

    He was thinking about the Encyclopedia. He wasn’t very skilled in earning Encyclopaedic points. If the distribution of the materials is successful, he may be able to earn a fortune of points.

    After putting down the call, Lin Fan headed to Cloud Street.

    When he reached Cloud Street, he was met with firecrackers set off by the business owners. It was as if they were celebrating for him.

    “Little boss, it seems that this time you have once again done a huge deed.”

    “We all know that you attended the Honors Ceremony. Amazing!”

    “Our Little boss is a God!”

    Lin Fan smiled proudly, then proceeded to humbly wave at the business owners.

    “It’s a small matter, a small matter. It’s not worth the mention.”

    To Lin Fan, it is indeed a small matter. However, to the business owners, it is a huge deal.

    Our Cloud Street is capable of producing heroes!


    At night.

    At Qingtian Bay.

    This was the street racing heaven. But it was also a terrifying place.

    Many did not dare to come here in search of excitement. However, to some people, if they didn’t look for excitement, their lives would be boring. Especially when they had nothing to do during the day. The day would feel as if it were a year.

    “Young Chang, are you up for the next round? If not, I’ll go,” A young man said. His appearance radiated a kind of arrogance.

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