Chapter 617 - Personally taking the blow

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      : Personally taking the blow

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    When Zhao Ming Qing saw the people arrive, his brows furrowed and it was very clear that he was annoyed.

    “Ming Qing, who are these people?”

    Lin Fan realized that Ming Qing was a little upset and it was definitely because of the arrival of these people. Judging by the appearance of these people, they were not normal people. They actually had a lot of bad karma and it was evident that they had already done a lot of bad things.

    Zhao Ming Qing whispered to him, “Teacher, these people are the henchmen of Ma Mu Feng from Qingzhou. They were sent here by Ma Mu Feng to bring me to Qingzhou and treat his illness. I don’t want to go there.”

    “Why?” Lin Fan asked. He knew his student’s heart. If anyone else were sick and came to him for treatment, he definitely would not reject them. After all, Ming Qing was a doctor with a kind heart, even kinder than Lin Fan himself. However, to cause Zhao Ming Qing to not be willing to give treatment was a very uncommon thing.

    Zhao Ming Qing had some hatred towards these people. He said, “Teacher, that Ma Mu Feng is one of the richest men in Qingzhou. He is very powerful and is also known as Ma Qingzhou. However, based on my understanding, he is not a good man. I presume you know about the incident in Qingzhou that happened three years ago?”

    “What happened in Qingzhou?”

    Lin Fan went into deep thought. Then he suddenly remembered. He was still in school during that period and the news had a very deep and lasting impact on him.

    It was some developer in Qingzhou who was trying to get some people to move out of their property. He exhausted all sorts of methods and in the end, there was some demolition that took place and many ordinary people were buried under the rubble, killing many. The news initially stirred up a lot of noise, however, after a while, the news suddenly stopped, like someone was blocking off all information regarding it.

    According to the netizens, someone was blocking off all the information and causing people to not dare to report about it.

    Zhao Ming Qing said, “The man behind all of this was Ma Mu Feng. That’s why I don’t want to treat his illness. If I do save him now, in the future, countless people will still have to suffer.”

    Lin Fan nodded and said, “Yes, you have your teacher’s support. You’re doing the right thing here.”

    The three strangers walked up to Zhao Ming Qing. One of them was very refined. Dressed in a suit, wearing glasses and his hair was combed and shiny. He smiled and said, “Director Zhao, our Godfather Ma wants to invite you to personally head down to Qingzhou.”

    “I’m not going.”

    Zhao Ming Qing had no hesitation and just waved him off by saying that. He did not give the man any face at all.

    That man was Ma Mu Feng’s secretary. When he heard that Director Zhao was unwilling, his brows furrowed. However, he maintained a smile on his face and said, “Director Zhao, you are a kind-hearted doctor. Our Godfather Ma has been tormented by a serious illness. Since your medical skills are second to none, please come and give our Godfather Ma a look. After that, we will treat Director Zhao well.”

    Zhao Ming Qing sneered saying, “No need. I, Zhao Ming Qing, will dare to do anything except take your blood stained money. Your Godfather Ma is in such a high position of power, all he has to do is say a word and there will be many traditional Chinese medicine doctors who will come to your aid. Why do you have to come and find me?”

    “Director Zhao, I think you have some misconceptions about our Godfather Ma. Also, please don’t spout nonsense. Out Godfather Ma knows that Director Zhao’s medical skills are very high and second to none. Please, Director Zhao, follow us to Qingzhou,” he said. Liu Ren has been Ma Mu Feng’s secretary for a long time so he understood what Zhao Ming Qing meant.

    He was very angry inside but since he was trying to plead with him, he had to be more peaceful in his approach.

    If Godfather Ma knew that he had messed up the situation, he was scared that he would beat him to death.

    Zhao Ming Qing looked at Liu Ren and said, “Second to none? Are you guys looking down on my teacher? You guys should go back. I stand by what I said and I won’t treat him. Let him hire some other proficient doctor.”

    Liu Ren laughed and said, “Director Huang, our Godfather Ma already knew about the teacher you are talking about. Shanghai’s godly doctor, highly skilled medically, ‘Xinglin’ divine physician. However, our Godfather Ma is still hoping that Director Zhao will treat him. If you are not willing, then can you help me give a referral to your teacher?”

    Zhao Ming Qing having a teacher was not a secret. It was something that made a lot of people laugh and Godfather Ma was the same. Although there were all sorts and countless of news reports on it, their Godfather Ma still did not believe it and felt that Zhao Ming Qing was more reliable.

    Also, their Godfather Ma had gone overseas for treatment already. The foreign doctors said they were helpless and could only contain the illness but could not guarantee the eradication of it. To these foreign doctors, the illness was very problematic and it was already too late. They suggested giving traditional Chinese medicine a try.

    As a result, they had to find the country’s best traditional Chinese medicine doctor.

    Although they had heard about the godly doctor, judging by his age, his student seemed more reliable.

    Zhao Ming Qing looked at him and said, “Seeing my teacher is something that will never happen. Just leave, I won’t treat his illness.”

    Liu Ren’s patience was limited. He had already been in Shanghai for two days and in these two days, he had constantly been talking to Zhao Ming Qing about this. However, he was still unshakable, he was not willing to treat him. If this continued, he was scared that Godfather Ma will be angry.

    At this moment, Liu Ren’s smile vanished and he said, “Director Huang, your message has been received loud and clear, you won’t treat him. However, just remember who our chief is.”

    Since he could not reach an agreement, he had to resort to threats.

    To many people, Ma Mu Feng was just a rich and power man. However, although Zhao Ming Qing was not in a position of power in society, he was a director so his words had a bit of an impact.

    This Ma Mu Feng was not to be trifled with. He will deal with people regardless of who they were. If he did not treat him, there would definitely be trouble.

    But even so, he still stuck to his words.

    No treatment.

    Lin Fan was standing at the side and had not said a word. However, at this moment, while he was looking at Zhao Ming Qing, he realized his student’s facial appearance had changed.

    He could see a wind of darkness and it was undoubtedly filled with resentment. There was definitely going to be revenge and this revenge was going to result in the spilling of blood. His life was in danger.

    Looks like this Ma Mu Feng was pretty strong.

    Taking the blow.

    Lin Fan was preparing to help Zhao Ming Qing take the blow personally.

    Given Zhao Ming Qing’s figure, he would not be able to resist them. If they wanted to force him then they will have to deal with his teacher.

    If it was before, he could not say for sure if he would be scared or not.

    But now, what would he be scared of?

    In the day or in the night, anything will do. If they dare to come then he will deal with it.

    The major classification of martial arts’ knowledge wasn’t a joke.

    Lin Fan pulled Zhao Ming Qing back and then stood in front of him. Then he stared at them and said, “I am Zhao Ming Qing’s teacher. Go back and tell your Godfather Ma that I don’t agree to treat him and neither does my student.”

    Liu Ren was stunned. He looked at him and then said in astonishment, “So you are Godly Doctor Lin, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. I hope that Godly Doctor Lin will carefully think about this. I’m afraid there is a misunderstanding. Our Godfather Ma is very welcoming to the Godly Doctor and hopes the Godly Doctor will go to Qingzhou and see him. If there are any misunderstandings, we can work them out.”

    Lin Fan waved him off and said, “I don’t have any misunderstanding with this Ma Qingzhou. However, he is not a good man and I will never help bad people. Okay, quickly leave, don’t waste our time.”

    Then he ignored them and said, “Ming Qing, follow me for a stroll.”

    Zhao Ming Qing nodded and said, “Okay teacher.”

    Liu Ren furrowed his brows, this…

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