Chapter 665 - Respectful Studen

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 665: Respectful Student

    Elder Zheng and the others finally had their wishes fulfilled. They felt less stressed now.

    However, now that their problem was resolved, the problem with Nanshan Children’s Welfare Organisation was far from over.

    Did they really think that it was okay to swap the positions?

    It was definitely not a good thing.

    The first place only belonged to one person and that was Lil’ Fatty.

    The second place had twenty slots. The third prize and the commendable prizes were definitely theirs. However, the Chinese Arts Association was rich. Those artists would fetch crazy prices for those artworks.

    Elder Zheng and the others were left there for a day to teach the children. They mainly talked about Chinese Arts stories.

    The fifteenth page of knowledge wasn’t completed yet and he didn’t want to directly complete it.

    He managed to get the fifteenth page of knowledge from Liu Xu. It was about driving skills and it seemed to be a normal knowledge classification. However, the Encyclopedia mentioned about the Qingtian Bay competition but he didn’t know when to proceed with it.

    However, if he were to ask Chang Hai Ge from Beijing, he should find out the answer.

    In Beijing.

    Chang Hai Ge was having a meal with a group of friends.

    One of them said happily, “Everyone, this is my big brother, Chang Hai Ge. My big brother has a lot of authority in Beijing.”

    The others looked at Chang Hai Ge in fear. They were wondering if he was the famous ‘prince’ of Beijing.

    He looked charismatic and anyone would be able to tell that he was a successful person.

    Then, Chang Hai Ge looked up and sat there. He felt the envy of everyone that was looking at him.

    The fella that was bragging continued to talk, “My big brother is awesome. He knows Zou Tian Fu, the real ‘prince’ of Beijing. Do you know who is Young Master Zou? I bet you guys don’t know who he is. After all, his social status is probably too high for all of you. It’s normal for you to not know who he is. But I can tell you that Young Master Zou has a lot of authority in Beijing. He is law-defying…”

    Ding ding!

    Then, Chang Hai Ge’s phone rang. His subordinate was bragging about him and he was in a good mood. He wasn’t in a hurry to pick up the phone. However, when he saw who it was, he asked his subordinate to shut up.

    It was Master Lin, he had to pick it up immediately.

    He was fearful of Master Lin and he treated him with a lot of respect. He was able to live normally because of Master Lin.

    The subordinate was a little confused when his big brother asked him to shut up. He didn’t know who called him. Chang Hai Ge looked really serious and his subordinate could tell that he was trying to gain favor.

    “Master Lin, why did you call me?” Chang Hai Ge was overwhelmed and he felt that it was rare for Master Lin to call him.

    Although he was doing well in Beijing, Master Lin and Young Master Zou’s relationship was good. If he was able to call him, that meant that he still remembered who he was.

    Wasn’t that something to be proud of?

    Lin Fan said, “Let me ask you, are you guys organizing a competition at Qingtian Bay?”

    Chang Hai Ge didn’t know why Master Lin asked that but he answered truthfully, “Yes, the Qingtian Bay competition is held once every three years. This time, it’s on the 28th. There’s twenty-three more days to go. There will be a lot of international racers participating in this event.”

    Lin Fan replied, “Oh, that’s it. I’ll be in Beijing on that day. I’ll contact you again. See you!”


    The phone call ended.

    Chang Hai Ge smiled at the thought of Master Lin coming to Beijing. He even said that he would contact him.

    He felt that he was really lucky.

    His subordinate asked, “Big brother, who called you?”

    Chang Hai Ge was in a good mood, he just told him truthfully, “Haha, it’s a call from a powerful leader. Even if Young Master Zou were to see him, he’d have to be polite and courteous.”

    “Wow!” His subordinate was stunned. He felt proud to be his subordinate as Chang Hai Ge knew a lot of powerful people.

    Then, he raised his head a little higher.

    The others around them started to parrot him. They felt that this big brother was definitely someone special.


    At Cloud Street.

    Lin Fan felt that he was lucky to have asked about the competition. If he were to miss it, he would have to wait three years to complete the task.

    He was thankful to have asked it today, he thought about his upcoming events and felt that the timing was just right. He would probably be in Beijing by then. If he could participate in the race and win the first prize, he would definitely be able to complete the task and unlock the sixteenth page of knowledge.

    However, he was curious to find out what the sixteenth page of knowledge was.

    Lin Fan was happy to see that the number of Encyclopedic Points was increasing steadily.

    4526 Encyclopedic Points.

    That was the outcome of creating the teaching materials.

    If he were to include those points that he had spent, the teaching materials had brought him a total of over ten thousand Encyclopedic Points.

    However, it wasn’t sufficient.

    It looked like there were only a handful of people who were serious about learning Chinese Medicine.

    It was a pity.

    It was good that he could increase by ten Encyclopedic Points daily.

    He looked at the department store of the Encyclopedia and wanted to accumulate points as he didn’t have anything to trade the points for.

    Or perhaps he would use the Encyclopedic Points to unlock another knowledge classification.

    However, those powerful knowledge classifications required a lot more Encyclopedic Points.

    Then, his phone rang.

    “Ming Qing, what is it?” Lin Fan asked.

    His student was literally born to study Chinese Medicine. Ever since he consumed the Little Intelligence pill, he had been working on Chinese Medicine. His medical skills had improved significantly.

    “Teacher, I would like to tell you something. That is, I would like to leave Shanghai for some time,” Zhao Ming Qing said.

    Lin Fan replied, “Where are you heading to?”

    Zhao Ming Qing replied, “Teacher, I would like to explore the mountainous regions. Those regions are in poverty and they have very few doctors there. I would like to treat the villagers’ illnesses.”

    Lin Fan was stunned as he didn’t expect Zhao Ming Qing to think of doing something like that. “If you were to go, can your body take it?”

    Zhao Ming Qing replied, “Teacher, I can do it. I will bring Qiu Jie and Zhang Tong Tong there too. It’s just that they won’t be able to go to the welfare organization for some time.”

    Lin Fan chuckled, “Alright, no problem. Go and have a look if you want. The illnesses of the villagers will be very different from the ones you see here due to different locations. It would be helpful to improve your medical skills. Furthermore, there are a plethora of Chinese medicinal herbs in the mountains. You can use this opportunity to improve your medical skills greatly. I am completely agreeable to it.”

    Zhao Ming Qing replied ecstatically, “Thanks, teacher!”

    Lin Fan chuckled. Zhao Ming Qing was really respectful towards him. He even informed him that he was going to leave Shanghai for some time to seek his permission. If he didn’t agree to it, Ming Qing would probably stay put in Shanghai.

    However, it was a good thing and there was no reason for him to decline the request.

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