Chapter 673 - Tomorrow will be the Last One

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 673: Tomorrow will be the Last One

    Time slowly passed by.

    No matter how long they had to wait, they would not have left. However, today’s painting speed was a lot faster. It was not as long as yesterday’s one.

    He threw the brush aside and stepped away.

    Lin Fan said, “You guys can take your time and look at it, I’m going to make a move first.”

    No one said a thing and they just stared at him as he walked off. Then, they all rushed into the room like a swarm of bees.

    They were all eagerly trying to get close to it as they wanted to appreciate the second painting.

    When they saw the painting, everyone was in shock. Of course, their shock was not as great as yesterday but it still made them unable to keep calm.

    “Great painting.”

    “Incomparably exceptional.”

    “Comparing it to the ‘Picture of The Ode of the River Goddess’ from yesterday, there isn’t much of a pattern but it is still a top piece of art.”

    Zheng Zhong Shan could not take his eyes off it. It was like he was lost in thought. He said, “Carefully look at this, guys. Do you guys realize that this painting is the same as the one yesterday? They are both trying to convey history.”

    Everyone reacted after hearing the president’s words.

    Tao Shi Gang exclaimed, “This looks like the scene of the envoy, that the Tibetan king sent, having an audience with Emperor Tang Taizong. There are a lot of historical records about it.”

    “Yes, that is right. I never thought that Master Lin would actually paint this scene. This…this is unprecedented.”

    “The scroll may not be big but when you look at the people inside, their clothes, their expressions and all the other details, it is definitely a top piece of art.”

    “This is yet another art piece that will be passed down for generations.”

    Everyone was shocked. Although it was still far away from ‘Picture of The Ode of the River Goddess’, comparing it to other pieces of artwork, it was already a top piece of art. Also, the people inside were so vividly expressed. It was something, with their own capabilities, that they could not do.

    Maybe in the whole entire world, only Master Lin was capable of something like this.

    Zheng Zhong Shan started to shiver inside. He had already thought about the scene that would unfold at the International Art Exhibition. So much so that he was a little anxious and could not wait for the day to come.

    “Get in touch will the insurance company and ask them to bring people over. This art piece definitely needs the highest level of protection. We definitely cannot let anything happen to it,” Zheng Zhong Shan said.

    Everyone nodded and they were all in agreement with the president’s words. When it came to protecting this artwork, it did not matter how much it cost, it was worth it. They definitely could not let anything happen to it at all.

    Day 3.

    Everyone from the Chinese Art Association was eagerly waiting. Everyone’s faces were filled with astonishment. Some of them felt like they were in a dream.

    ‘The Ladies of Tang Palace Painting’ emerged. Once again, it shocked all of them. They had already seen the past two paintings and their levels of tolerance had increased already so they did not have such an exaggerated expression.

    But Lin Fan’s art was certainly of high quality.

    Every single painting was a top piece of art that no one dared to imagine. All the paintings that were trending around the world right now were all dogsh*t compared to this. So much so that they could not even be compared at all.

    Also, the thing that astonished everyone even more was that every single one of Master Lin’s artworks was a large scale one. As of now, the smallest was still a little more than 2 meters.

    Day 4

    ‘Five Ox Painting’ was born.

    Day 5.

    ‘Night Revels of Han Xizai’ was born. Also, this painting was three meters long. To everyone, Master Lin’s energy had returned and he was starting to do larger paintings again.

    Also, this painting was based on a historical figure. Thus, it had a lot of historical value.

    Although they were all masters of Chinese Art, they had to be familiar with history as there were times where they had made some historical paintings. However, none were on such a large scale.

    Everyone was anxiously waiting for Master Lin’s next art piece, their hearts all filled with anticipation.

    Meanwhile, Zheng Zhong Shan had a smile on his face every single day. It was like he had become a flower, smiling brightly. If anyone saw him, they would know this old man was very happy.

    Day 6.

    The people waiting outside the door were all very excited.

    “He is coming up with another large-scale painting. Today’s one is so much bigger than yesterday’s.”

    “Can he not keep surprising us so much? These past few days have been very hard to take for my heart.”

    “I don’t even know what kind of painting he is going to come up with today and yet my heart is already starting to race.”

    “Did you bring heart attack medicine? I’m scared that my heart cannot take it already.”

    “Yeah, yeah I brought them.”


    Lin Fan picked up the brush and started to think about what he should paint today.

    Then?he finally decided, it would be the ‘Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains.’

    No matter which master it was, creating a large-scale painting required a lot of time. It may not just be one or two days but could be a month or even half a year. But to Lin Fan, that was way too long. Also, with his energy and his speed, he did not need so much time.

    When he started painting, it was at a blistering speed.

    In simple terms, he was like a race car.

    It is not only fast, but it also manages to reach the top.

    The mystical boost from the encyclopedia was giving him energy. It was like an explosion inside him.

    Just as usual, everyone waited outside for a long period of time.

    When he put down his brush, the people outside were all peeking inside his window. They all knew that Master Lin was done painting and their hearts were going to burst from curiosity.

    What kind of large-scale painting was it going to be now?

    At this moment, everyone was filled with an unbearable amount of curiosity. They were all eager to be the first to get in and see what kind of painting it was going to be.

    The door opened and he left.

    The masters of the Chinese Art Association all rushed in.

    Everyone saw the painting and were all stunned.


    “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, what is the meaning of it?”

    “It is a painting of a scenery. Look at these mountains. So broad, so magnificent…”

    “It is another top piece of art. Is this Master Lin a god? How can a human do all of this?”

    “I suddenly feel like, for my whole life, I’ve been living like a dog. Luckily, Master Lin is a member of our association. He has given us so much comfort. If not, I would have killed myself already.”

    Day 7.

    When the ‘Thousand Miles of River and Mountains Painting’ emerged, everyone from the Chinese Art Association was left with their mouths wide open.

    The most powerful painting in history had appeared. It was close to 12 meters, beautifully colored and it was hard for anyone to take their eyes off it.

    “It’s appeared, it’s finally appeared. This is too frightening.”

    “This is a huge large scale painting. What kind of energy is propelling Master Lin?”

    “If I did not see this for myself, I definitely would not believe it. To be able to produce such an artwork in such a short period of time.”

    “It’s a painting that really makes you feel like you’re living inside it. It really makes you long for the future. But right now, is there really a place like this?”

    “I have no idea, but it really gives people pleasure.”

    “I want to be Master Lin’s disciple. The only thing is that I don’t know if Master Lin will even take me.”

    “Don’t talk nonsense, he definitely won’t take you.”


    At this moment, Zheng Zhong Shan and the rest of them were all standing at the same spot. These past few days had been a huge challenge for their hearts to endure.

    It was an attack on their eyes and an attack on their artistic skills. This was not something that could be described by normal words.

    Lin Fan was getting ready to leave. He needed some rest. The last painting was also the toughest, the most time-consuming. Even to someone of his ability, it still required a lot of time to paint.

    “Elder Zheng, tomorrow is the last painting. I wish to give you guys a huge surprise.” After finishing his sentence, he left.

    Zheng Zhong Shan had yet to react to it and he said, “Huh? Elder Lin, what did you say?”

    However, Lin Fan had already left the scene.

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