Chapter 679 - The Two Overly-Aggressive Men

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 679: The Two Overly-Aggressive Men

    At the other private room.

    Qing Qing had momentarily left Wu Ya Ting and Su Fang and went to her boyfriend’s private room.

    “Brother Liang,” Zhang Qing Qing respectfully greeted him. Then, she went to sit on Wang Hao’s lap. Meanwhile, Wang Hao was conspiring and just directly said, “Qing Qing, how’s the thing that Brother Liang asked you to do?”

    Zhang Qing Qing’s face was red. She was still hurting from the pinch but she still took a breather and said, “I will definitely finish it today.”

    Wang Hao laughed and said, “Brother Liang, Qing Qing is still very capable. Qing Qing also made Wu Ya Ting wear something that you will like a lot.”

    “Huh? Is that so?” When Brother Liang heard this, the beast inside of him was trying to burst out. It was like he was growing impatient and he could not control himself.

    Zhang Qing Qing’s face was completely red as she said, “Brother Liang, I’m telling you, Wu Ya Ting is still a virgin.”

    “That’s amazing,” Liang Hong Tian became even happier inside. He had only seen this Wu Ya Ting because Zhang Qing Qing accidentally showed him her picture and it made his heart flutter. He had no other interests besides beautiful ladies and when he saw one he liked, he would go after them.

    If it was just any other girl, it would not be so complicated. However, this Wu Ya Ting’s uncle was Wu Yun Gang. He was a powerful man in Beijing. If something went wrong and he was at fault, it would be hard for him to get out of trouble.

    However, once the plan was set into motion, nothing would be certain.

    At that moment, Liang Hong Tian turned his head around and then smiled and said, “Qing Qing, you’re just going to sell your best friend like that, are you unhappy about that?”

    Zhang Qing Qing wiggled around in Wang Hao’s grasp and then softly said, “Why would I be? The most important thing is that Brother Liang likes it, am I right, dear?”

    Wang Hong nodded and said, “Yes, yes. To be sought by Brother Liang is her privilege. Given Brother Liang’s status, which lady would he not be able to get?”

    “Haha,” Liang Hong Tian laughed and the two men next to him laughed as well. They had been rolling along with Liang Hong Tian all this while and this kind of thing was not unusual to them. Also, if their luck was good today, then maybe the other leftover girl could be theirs.

    Even though there was only one girl, it did not matter. Three people together would still be the same. One at the front and one at the back was still going to be very good.

    Zhang Qing Qing patted Wang Hao on the hand and said, “Okay, dear, I should head back. I’ll spend some good time with you later.”

    Wang Hao saw the way that Zhang Qing Qing was and his mind started to race. He was wishing that they could just do it right now. However, he knew that there were still things to be settled, so he could only just bear with it for now as he said, “Okay, go get things done.”

    All she had to do was get Wu Ya Ting drunk. No matter what Brother Liang did to her, when she woke up the next day, she would only be able to blame the fact that she was drunk and did bad things. Also, by then, no matter what she said or did, it would not matter anymore.


    Chang Hai Ge and Shen Ming were a little confused. They had no idea what was going on. Master Lin did not even drink his alcohol and he was just looking upstairs. They were both wondering if something was going on upstairs.

    They followed Master Lin and looked up but there was nothing weird going on.

    Zhang Qing Qing returned. She was trying to think of ways to get Wu Ya Ting to drink more. As for Su Fang, she was extra baggage. However, she would not be able to escape either.

    Zhang Qing Qing had secretly put a little something in the alcohol. However, it was in a very small amount. If not, if something went wrong and they went for a check tomorrow, it would be detected and it would not turn out well for her.

    Wu Ya Ting’s face was flushed, her expression was already looking a little tipsy. With Zhang Qing Qing drinking with her, she had no way of resisting.

    For anyone who was becoming intoxicated, they would find it hard to refuse anyone. Wu Ya Ting was in that state right now.

    She initially had not wanted to drink, but after drinking a little, she was already drunk.

    “Ya Ting, Su Fang, come let’s drink another round to celebrate our friendship. May it last forever,” Zhang Qing Qing’s expression did not change and at the same time, the words she was saying sounded very nice.

    Wu Ya Ting and Su Fang simply could not see what kind of person their best friend truly was.

    To Zhang Qing Qing, this Su Fang was a bit of a problem. Since she was working, she would go drinking at times. As a result, Su Fang’s alcohol tolerance was a lot higher than Wu Ya Ting’s.

    11 pm.

    Wu Ya Ting was already so drunk that she was lying on the sofa and the words that were coming out of her mouth were indistinguishable.

    But, Su Fang, although a little dizzy, was still alert and had not lost consciousness.

    At this moment, the door opened.

    Wang Hao and the rest of them came in.

    When Liang Hong Tian saw Wu Ya Ting so intoxicated that she was knocked out, his originally calm and composed expression, turned into one of having wild thoughts. He could not wait to take Wu Ya Ting.

    But, when the men behind Liang Hong Tian saw that Su Fang was not drunk yet, they were a little disappointed. Even after all of that, she still was not drunk. Her alcohol tolerance had to be very high.

    Zhang Qing Qing got up and said, “Su Fang, I’ll let them send you home. I’ll send Ya Ting home.”

    Su Fang was very experienced and she had already had her suspicions about this place before. So she said, “No need. Qing Qing, we can send Ya Ting together. I’m not drunk yet, I can still walk.”

    Zhang Qing Qing was in a dilemma. She did not think that Su Fang would actually still be able to maintain her consciousness.Then, she said, “Listen to me, Su Fang. Ya Ting is already so drunk. The two of us aren’t strong enough to lift her so just let me and my boyfriend send Ya Ting home.”

    Wang Hao smiled and said, “Yes, yes. I’ll just send her with Qing Qing,” then, he moved his hand forward, wanting to grab onto Wu Ya Ting.

    However, Su Fang slapped Wang Hao’s hand away and protected Wu Ya Ting, saying, “No need. I’m going to give my friend a call. They’ll come over and help me send her home. I don’t want to trouble you, Brother Wang. You and Qing Qing can go back together.”

    At this moment, Su Fang had raised her alertness. She had seen the look on Brother Liang’s face and she had gotten a dangerous vibe from him. He was not a good person.

    At this moment, Liang Hong Tian could not wait any longer. He said, “Why do you have to be so crabby, beautiful lady? What can we even do to her? Qing Qing is her best friend, what could possibly happen? Just let my friends send you home and you don’t have to care so much.”

    The two men standing next to Liang Hong Tian said with smiles on their faces, “Yes, yes. Let the two of us send you home.”

    Su Fang fiercely stood up and said, “You guys better not come over. What in the world are you doing, Zhang Qing Qing? Get them out of here.”

    Zhang Qing Qing was regretting it now. If she had known earlier, she would not have brought Su Fang. However, that would not have worked either. Although the three of them were best friends, Wu Ya Ting was closer to Su Fang. If Su Fang did not come, then Wu Ya Ting would not have been willing to come to a nightclub. This was really a tough situation.


    At that moment, the private room’s door was opened.

    Wang Hao and the rest of them saw three strangers walk in and they fiercely said, “What are you guys doing? You guys aren’t allowed here.”

    Lin Fan ignored them. He just pushed Wang Hao and rest of them aside and went to Wu Ya Ting’s side and said, “I’m her uncle. What do you guys think I’m here to do?”

    Wang Hong and the rest of them lost their tempers. They had not expected that this young man would burst into here.

    However, to Chang Hai Ge and Shen Ming, they finally understood why Master Lin had asked them to come along.

    He had brought them along as a backup.

    Afterward, the two of them shielded Lin Fan, stuck out their hands and pushed Wang Hao and the rest away. They aggressively said, “What are you guys trying to do? Do you not know who we are? In this place, you better be well behaved and don’t find trouble for yourselves. If not, whether you guys believe it or not, I’ll chase you guys out of Beijing”

    Chang Hai Ge and Shen Ming had always been very arrogant here in Beijing. Although they were very well behaved in front of Master Lin, when they were playing outside, they were the loudest and most aggressive.

    In this kind of clamoring, they had yet to lose to anyone.

    Especially since Master Lin was here, they definitely could not lose. Even if they had to fake it, they still had to look more imposing.

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