Chapter 685 - Let me show you my famous stunt!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 685: Let me show you my famous stunt!

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    Inside the car.

    Disdain was written all over Ye Tong Xian’s face, “I’m going to tell you right now. I’ve taken a look at you, and you’re definitely going to come in in the last place.”

    Lin Fan grabbed onto the steering wheel. Lin Fan momentarily experienced a strange feeling. He subsequently turned his head over, “Last place? That’s not acceptable. If I don’t come in first, then I’d consider it as my loss.”

    “Tsk, you want to come in in first place? Do you know Irvine? He’s an internationally renowned racer. There are other awesome drivers as well. If you could come in in first place, pigs would be able to climb trees!”

    Lin Fan laughed, “Do you know how to climb trees?”

    Ye Tong Xian couldn’t react in time and replied unhappily, “Why wouldn’t I know how to?”

    Lin Fan replied, “In that case, isn’t that enough? I’ll get first place for you to see.”

    This time, Ye Tong Xian managed to understand. She was so angry, you could visibly see her chest expanding and deflating. “Are you trying to call me…”

    “What?” Lin Fan laughed.

    Ye Tong Xian was so furious she didn’t speak anymore, “How hateful can you be?”

    At this moment, the pit babe appeared. It signified that the race was starting soon.

    Qingtian Bay was specially opened for racing. The start and end point were both here. It was also the most popular racing track in Beijing.

    The pit babe held up the flags. It was as if she was going to drop it anytime soon.

    Ye Tong Xian looked at this scene unfolding before her and she got so scared that she put on her seatbelt. Just at that moment before the start of the race, she had slight regrets.

    Why had she hastily agreed to get on the car? What if something was to happen later? What would she do?

    Right now, there was no way back. There was no way she could escape. She would be the ultimate laughing stock.

    She gritted her teeth and decided to go through with it.

    The flags were fiercely flagged downwards. The race had officially begun!

    One by one, booming sounds lit up the Qingtian Bay.

    Each race car looked like an arrow that shot out. The tail lights of the vehicles looked magnificent in the night sky, seemingly forming a long tail.

    The viewers watching the race immediately surrounded their screens.

    “D*mn, Irvine is awesome! He’s able to maintain the first position and he’s leading by quite a margin!”

    “He’s so good! The race just started but he’s already managed to lead by such a big gap!”

    “Qingtian Bay has so many turns. I wonder who designed it. It’s impossible to increase one’s speed even if they want to.”

    Zou Tian Fu was also watching the race. He wouldn’t even consider it if someone was to ask him to participate. It was too dangerous, and it was best not to play with his own life.

    After Chang Hai Ge had been through that ordeal, he had developed a phobia of racing. However, at this moment, looking at the race cars dashing along on the screen, his heartbeat also began to increase in pace.


    It was just too exhilarating!

    Inside the car.

    Lin Fan was calm and composed. He kept on speeding up. He didn’t even take the turns seriously.

    Ye Tong Xian’s heart was practically in her throat. She could feel the increase in speed, especially during the turns, which caused her to scream a little each time.

    “Slow down, slow down… Don’t be in such a rush.” Ye Tong Xian swallowed her saliva as she advised Lin Fan.

    However, Lin Fan didn’t listen to her words, but instead stepped harder on the gas pedal, causing them to surge forward.


    Ye Tong Xian cried out in fear. Who had asked her to be so insistent on sitting in his car? Now, she was going to die of fright.

    Lin Fan smiled slightly. The fun part was at the end, and they were still far from it.

    There was a black car right in front of them and it was leading by quite a margin. Irvine just loved such extreme speeds.

    The reason why he joined the Qingtian Bay Race was not that he would meet an expert, but rather, because he loved the winding roads here. It was because of that that he was able to enjoy the full attraction of winding roads.

    Many others would slow down when they approach a bend, however, for him, he didn’t need to slow down because of this superior skills and his ability to control the vehicle. It was as if he was putting himself in the mad rush.

    He took a glance behind but all he could see was the black road. There wasn’t a single car in sight.

    He didn’t know long it had been since he had left the others.

    Lonely and unrivaled.

    For Irvine, he was feeling unrivaled at the moment. There was no one that could compete with him.

    “Holy sh*t! Irvine is so good! He has been maintaining the first position and is almost 100 meters away from the second position!”

    “Furthermore, the distance between them is still increasing!”

    “A professional is a professional after all. He’s not someone that amateurs are able to compete with. Others reduce their speed at bends, but he, instead, increases his speed. How disgusting!”


    At this moment, Irvine started to reduce his speed. It wasn’t because he was waiting for the car behind, but rather, there was a turn ahead that was extremely hard to maneuver. From his experience, he would definitely overturn if he kept his current speed.

    Previously, when he had made this turn, he had to maintain a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Yet, each time he participated in this competition, he would gradually increase this speed. As of right now, he would be able to make the turn if he maintained a speed of 110 kilometers per hour.

    However, at this moment, he realized that there was a vehicle behind him, and it was traveling at a very fast speed. He estimated it to be at least 180 kilometers per hour.

    Irvine laughed. This person would rather have speed over his life. Could it be that he didn’t know how difficult the turn up ahead was? At such an extreme speed, he would definitely overturn his car.

    However, from what Irvine could tell, the other party intended to catch up with his vehicle before slowing down. In that case, let’s see when he’ll decrease his speed!


    In a blink of an eye, Irvine saw that the car had overtaken his. He couldn’t help but smile a little. It was time for him to display his true skills. He would let the other party see his abilities at the moment he makes the turn.

    All of a sudden!

    Irvine was stupefied.


    He realized that the car didn’t slow down, but instead, it kept increasing its speed. How was this possible?

    Inside the car.

    Ye Tong Xian kept screaming, “Slow down, slow down! I’m begging you!”

    Right now, she was simply terrified. This fellow beside him kept on increasing his speed. Moreover, when he made turns, he didn’t even slow down. She was scared to death.

    Lin Fan smiled and calmly said, “What’s there to slow down for? I feel that this speed is still not enough. Take a look, it’s already at 220 kilometers per hour. Don’t you have the feeling that we’re about to take off?”

    Ye Tong Xian shut her eyes. She didn’t dare to open them at all. Would you dare to picture the turn right in front of you when you open your eyes? Imagine the feeling of the car being able to take off into flight at any time.

    He kept increasing his speed.

    Ye Tong Xian’s face became whiter and whiter. Her stomach was in a complete mess. Her organs were flipping around inside her as if they would burst out of her at any moment.

    “Brat, do you want to see some acrobatics?” Lin Fan asked.

    Ye Tong Xian immediately shook her head, “Please no, please no! I’m begging you not to drive so fast! I’m still young and I don’t wish to die!”

    “You won’t! Let me show you my famous stunt, 360-degree rotation!” Lin Fan laughed. He then proceeded to step on the gas pedal even more aggressively and violently hit the steering wheel.


    There was an ear-piercing screech when the car tires rubbed against the road surface. A billow of smoke could be seen in the night sky.

    Just as the vehicle approached the turn, the car began to rotate.

    Ye Tong Xian felt as if she was going to fly out at any time. As she was being rotated, her eyesight was all in a blur and she almost collapsed.

    “Waa!” She couldn’t take this anymore and began to cry out loud. This baby was on the verge of being scared to death.

    When Irvine saw the butt of the vehicle, all he could see was the car making several rotations. He was momentarily stunned. Then, a string of vulgarities followed.

    He felt as if he had just seen a ghost.

    However, in a blink of an eye, the car was completely gone. Not even the butt of the car could be seen.

    The audience was left speechless.


    “I’m not dreaming, am I?”

    “How is this possible?”


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