Chapter 688 - I Haven’t Lived Enough!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 688: I Haven’t Lived Enough!

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    On the Weibo Trending List.

    These paintings were personally uploaded by the Chinese Art Association. They had used the best facility to make a clear and distinct scan of the paintings and subsequently uploaded them online.

    There were ten paintings in total. All ten paintings were equally stunning and could be considered the work of God.

    Lin Fan had the mystical boost of the Encyclopedia, which gave him extraordinary Chinese Art skills. Even the original works in the Encyclopedia were incomparable to his. The difference was just too great.

    The netizens clicked on the trending list and were left speechless when they saw the first painting.

    Even if they didn’t understand Chinese Art, they were still able to differentiate between nice and ugly paintings.

    They looked at each painting one by one, all the way until the last painting.

    They were completely astonished.

    How could these be drawn by a human?

    They wouldn’t believe you even if you were the beat them to death.

    There were two paintings that especially caught their attention, the Thousand Miles of River and Mountains Painting and the Along the River During the Qingming Festival Painting. They simply couldn’t believe it.

    “Holy sh*t! This…this…just who in the world painted this? It’s just too amazing!”

    “Look at the signature, guys.”

    “Master Lin…”

    “Which Master Lin is this Master Lin?”

    “It can’t be the one from Shanghai, can it?”

    Everyone was still in the midst of shock and it was reflected in the eyes of many. It had drawn much shock. Those who were passionate about Chinese Art were left even more stunned when they saw these paintings. Their hearts were greatly shocked. They did not expect that someone was actually able to achieve this level of art.

    Looking at their own artworks and comparing them to these paintings, they paled into insignificance. They looked like rubbish and were nothing compared to these

    Cloud Street.

    Wu You Lan, Fraud Tian, and the rest others were also left speechless. They looked at the paintings on their phones and said in disbelief, “These paintings were drawn by you?”

    Lin Fan looked at the stunned expressions on their faces and laughed calmly, “Is it alright?”

    Fraud Tian burst into rage, “F*ck! How is this possible? It’s simply nature-defying! The people you’ve drawn on this look like they’re alive! How exactly did you draw this? How long have you practiced?”

    This was a very good question. How long had he practiced this?

    If he didn’t have the Encyclopedia’s magical boost, he wouldn’t be able to be where he was even if he practiced for a lifetime.

    Wu You Lan’s eyes were sparkling. She excitedly said, “Brother Lin, I worship you!”

    Girls love people with talent. Even though Brother Lin was rather lazy, he was just and had many talents. He was Prince Charming in many people’s eyes.

    Lin Fan laughed casually, “Low-key, low-key. This is just a small thing. They’re too inferior to amount to much.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang cried out in surprise. He turned on his live broadcast, “Brothers, hurry up and take a look. Master Lin is acting low-key once again. He said that these paintings are too inferior to amount to much. Please let there be a lighting to strike Brother Lin dead soon!”


    “Master Lin is just too unbelievable. When I saw these paintings, I was almost petrified.”

    “I want to ask, what is Master Lin not capable of? This is just ridiculous!”

    “Once these paintings are out, Master Lin will be swimming in bank notes!”

    “^what do you mean by this?”

    “You don’t even understand this? From my professional view, the smallest painting here would be worth at least ten million or more. As for that Along the River During Qingming Painting, all the more it shouldn’t be valued. If Master Lin were to hang up that painting now, it would become priceless before long.

    “F*ck! Do you mean that these paintings will keep increasing in value?”

    “That is for sure! Just look at the billionaires in our country. Their paintings right now can be sold for more than four million. Even though there are other factors involved, Master Lin’s reputation isn’t small. These paintings would be worth even more. From what I can say, whoever has Master Lin’s paintings will be rich! What’s more is that when Master Lin dies, these paintings will become priceless. They’ll be worth hundreds of millions and above!”

    “That’s just too exaggerated…”

    Lin Fan looked at the on-screen comments of the broadcast room and impatiently said, “Brothers, keep your words in check. I’m only f*cking twenty-something, yet you want me to die? Where’s the loyalty in that?”

    “Haha, Master Lin is so shocked that he’s wetting himself. There aren’t many people hoping that he’ll hang himself, are there?”

    “He’s a walking stack of money. There will always be danger.”

    Lin Fan had already thought of these while he had been painting these paintings. Any painting which was flawless and had a high value of skill involved would definitely not be neglected, but rather, there would be much attention focused on it. He was once again making himself well-known. However, he didn’t know what the situation was with Zheng Zhong Shan. Zheng Zhong Shan had better not let him become a walking stack of money, or things would definitely be bad.

    He would definitely develop a constant feeling that someone wants to harm him.

    He opened his Weibo.

    Lin Fan felt that he needed to clear the air. This atmosphere was very bad. They were merely paintings. Why was there a need to exaggerate it so much?

    His own Weibo had been taken over by his fans. They were asking about the same thing. They wanted to know if the paintings were really done by him.

    Facing such situations, he couldn’t say that it wasn’t him. After all, he didn’t like to lie.

    On Weibo: “Dear friends on the Internet, please calm down. These ten paintings were painted by me. They were casually drawn by me. I didn’t put too much effort into it. The most important thing is winning glory for our nation. As for the value of the paintings, that is all a pretense. Please don’t keep thinking of my death, I haven’t lived enough yet.”


    “F*ck! Master Lin has admitted it!”

    “Daddy! Help my children paint one as well! I’m not asking for much, just a meter-long painting is enough!”

    “Haha, Master Lin is scared. He’s scared that he’ll get hacked to death.”

    “In future, Master Lin has to be careful. Your paintings have already been leaked. Those who want your paintings to increase in value will be watching you closely.

    “Awesome! Multi-talented Master Lin. What can Master Lin not do? This is simply shocking!”

    For the netizens, they were really shocked because it was scary and they were particularly frightened. Some of Lin Fan’s long-time fans realized that he practically knew everything and he had become so famous that it was scary.

    Martial Arts Master, God-like Doctor, etc. And right now, he had earned another title of Chinese Art Master. This was just too shocking.

    At this moment, the bosses of Cloud Street came flocking over.

    Elder Liang bore the brunt. His face was flushed, “Little Boss, did you really paint those Chinese artworks?”

    Elder Zhang asked, “Little Boss, you agreed to give me a painting in the past. Does that still hold?”

    Sister Hong asked as well, “Little Boss, the little girl in my family is married to your Elder Dog. You have to give me a gift!”

    Facing his old neighbors, Lin Fan blushed with shame. He then shouted, “Stop asking! Nothing! Everyone gets nothing! Get back to your shops!”

    “Little Boss, you can’t be like this. We have a very good relationship. Right now, your paintings are amazing. You can at least give one painting to me. I’ll treat it as a family treasure!”

    “Indeed, indeed.”


    The shop owners weren’t actually asking for the Little Boss’s paintings, but rather, it was because they had a surge of emotions and were incomparably excited.

    The great Master Lin who surprised the outsiders was their own Little Boss. How could they not be excited?

    This was especially so because their relationship with the Little Boss was so good. In ten or twenty years, how could they still not get any of the Little Boss’ paintings?

    When they came over this time around, it was definitely to celebrate with Little Boss, and at the same time, they wanted to praise him a little. Who knows? He might just be so happy that he’ll give out a few paintings.

    However, right now, they deeply regretted.

    Why hadn’t they thought about it in the past?

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