Chapter 695 - Here We Go Again

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 695: Here We Go Again

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    In the other room.

    The two girls looked at each other. It was their first time being bare-bodied in front of each other.

    Wu Huan Yue looked at Wu You Lan and thought to herself, “That’s big. That’s actually bigger than mine.”

    Wu You Lan also thought to herself, “Her butt is so perky. It’s actually perkier than mine. That’s okay, at least that part is smaller than mine.”

    They were comparing their bodies with each other.

    However, in the end, they were equally good.

    That was infuriating.

    Of course, they didn’t expect to present themselves like that in front of Lin Fan.

    They had to muster all their courage to reach this point. They weren’t prepared to go a step further. They weren’t that thick-skinned.

    They prepared to sleep after the mini-competition.

    Of course, they were chatting with one another on the bed. Although they liked the same person, they were competing fairly. Wu Huan Yue was telling her about weird things in the entertainment industry while Wu You Lan was telling her about Brother Lin.

    They chatted till 1 am before falling asleep.

    Lin Fan lied down on his bed and couldn’t fall asleep. He only managed to fall asleep at 2 am.

    It was a peaceful night and nothing happened.

    If it was to be reported, things would definitely be blown out of proportion.


    The next day.

    The leaders of Shanghai looked at the artwork on the official website of the Chinese Arts Association and sighed, “This Master Lin’s artworks are really incredible. I really like them. If only I could get an artwork from him. That’d be great.”

    His secretary smiled, “Sir, if Master Lin is to know that you like his artworks, he’d definitely be ecstatic and he might even give you one.”

    The leader smiled, “That might not happen. His artworks were going for $40 million each in the recent auction. If they are to be kept in the nation’s museums, the prices would definitely increase.”

    The secretary replied, “Sir, Master Lin is Shanghai’s talent. It would be natural for you to personally invite him. When that happens, I will be hinting it to him for you. I’m sure Master Lin wouldn’t decline your request.”

    The leader was stunned. Then, he smiled and patted his secretary’s shoulder, “Not bad, Lil’ Dong. Your suggestion is pretty good. Let’s go to Cloud Street to find Master Lin then.”

    Lil’ Dong smiled, “It’s my responsibility to resolve my leader’s problems.”

    The leader had to find a reason to go to Cloud Street and the only appropriate reason he could think of was to inspect Cloud Street.

    Then, his secretary, Lil’ Dong immediately went to make arrangements.


    Below an apartment.

    Dai Jun Ming couldn’t stay awake any further and he went to sleep in a hotel. When he woke up, he immediately went to prowl below the apartment again.

    When he arrived at his destination, he looked up and the view was crazy. The balcony that was empty the night before suddenly had two panties.


    Dai Jun Ming immediately took photos with his camera. The two panties gave him a lot of ideas.

    Something must have happened last night. The battle must have been intense. Furthermore, the two panties were capable of giving everyone vivid and endless imaginations.

    “Hmph, she looks so pure and innocent. I didn’t know she’d do something like that. When this news is reported, it would definitely shock the entire music industry. No, the entire entertainment industry.”

    Then, Dai Jun Ming was prepared to leave. However, he saw the three of them leaving the building. The one wearing a mask was definitely Wu Huan Yue.

    Then, he secretly took pictures of them.

    “Haha…” Dai Jun Ming felt awesome. He finally captured the most important photo, the three of them leaving the apartment together after an intense night.

    Then, he immediately opened Weibo.

    “Today, I will be unveiling a piece of shocking news at 12 pm. Please look forward to it.”

    Dai Jun Ming had a lot of loyal ‘spectating fans’. When the Weibo post was published, they were surprised. There was going to be another shocking piece of news again. Several celebrities were stunned too. Whenever Dai Jun Ming was going to expose something, some celebrities would be nervous. After all, nobody knew who he was going to expose.

    However, those celebrities that had interacted with Dai Jun Ming before weren’t afraid. After all, if he managed to get anything, they could buy it from him anytime. They were just wondering who was going to be the unlucky one this time.

    At Cloud Street!

    Wu Huan Yue went to Wang Ming Yang’s place. Although she was having a break, she had to report about some things. Wu Huan Yue was developing quite smoothly. She had her own classics and she was pretty steady in the music industry. Of course, if she wanted to attain the status of a legend, she would still need time. Even if Lin Fan was to give her more incredible songs, it would be useless.

    “Good morning, Little Boss!”

    “Little Boss, you don’t look too good today. Did you have a rough night?”

    Lin Fan greeted the other shop owners and grumbling in his mind. He obviously hadn’t had a good night last night. If he had a good rest, he wouldn’t be in this state now.

    In the shop.

    Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan and smiled.

    “Fraud Tian, what are you smiling at? Why do I feel like your smile is very lecherous?” Lin Fan was speechless. He was definitely not his usual self. However, Fraud Tian’s smile was a little suspicious.

    Fraud Tian moved over sneakily, “Did you do it last night?” Then, he raised two fingers, “Was it two?”

    “Get lost. Now I know why you’re single. Your way of thinking is too incorrigible,” Lin Fan replied.

    Wu You Lan just glared at Fraud Tian.

    Fraud Tian smiled despicably, “Alright, alright. I’ll stop talking. I’ll go smoke.” Then, he sat at the entrance of the shop and lit up his cigarette. However, he stole a few glances at Lin Fan.

    Then, Fraud Tian stood up, “Hey, what’s happening?”

    “What’s wrong?” Lin Fan looked at Fraud Tian in doubt. Then, he walked towards him, “I think there’s a leader here to inspect Cloud Street.”

    Fraud Tian touched his chin, “That’s weird. There wasn’t any notice about a leader visiting us. If not, we’d have cleaned up the streets. Look, even the district chief is here too. This leader must be pretty incredible.”

    Lin Fan nodded in agreement.

    Lin Fan remembered that there was a leader that had eaten his scallion pancakes before but he had forgotten how he looked like.

    At the moment.

    The district chief’s forehead was filled with sweat. He didn’t know why the leader would suddenly visit them. There wasn’t any notice and he came to Cloud Street unexpectedly.

    “Chief Che, Cloud Street is pretty good. You have to look after this place,” the leader said.

    Chief Che replied, “Of course, of course. Cloud Street is the most prosperous street around here. Furthermore, Master Lin’s shop is here. Therefore, this is the district that we care the most about.”

    The leader nodded. “Master Lin has helped Shanghai to gain some face. The ten artworks have been kept at the museum. Let’s pay him a visit.”

    Chief Che wasn’t stupid. He felt that something was wrong. The leader’s purpose was definitely not just an inspection. After all, his status was so high and it wasn’t logical.

    Then, when he thought of Master Lin, Chief Che understood it.

    The leader was definitely there to ask for an artwork. If not for that, he wouldn’t have decided to come here.


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