Chapter 700 - This Is So Illogical!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 700: This Is So Illogical!

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    The netizens had never been concerned with how big the news was, they’d be following it as long as it was relevant.

    It had been a few months since Wu Huan Yue entered the music industry. She didn’t have many news articles about her but now, there was a bad scandalous news.

    If it wasn’t handled properly, her career as a celebrity would definitely be over.

    Wang Ming Yang’s public relations team had been trying to think of a solution but they hadn’t been able to find one. They couldn’t have just said that she was innocent and that the public can pass their own judgment on her. That was stupid. If they really said that, they would definitely be flamed by the public.

    One should never underestimate the intelligence of the netizens. Even if everything you said was true, it might be useless to them.

    Then, Lin Fan immediately posted a Weibo message and everyone went crazy.

    At Shanghai Eastern Han Group.

    “Hey, Bro, what are you doing? Aren’t you making the matter more complicated?” Wang Ming Yang was frustrated after seeing Lin Fan’s Weibo post. The matter was almost impossible to explain. Who would believe him?

    He had brought two ladies home and they had stayed for a night. Furthermore, their underwear had been hung on the balcony. Who would believe that nothing had happened?

    Wu Huan Yue said, “If this matter can’t be resolved, I will take responsibility for it. Now that Brother Lin has admitted it, wouldn’t he be scolded too?”

    Wang Ming Yang waved his hand, “We should prepare for the worst. Regardless of whether they believe us, the truth is as such.”

    “But…” Wu Huan Yue wanted to add on something but Wang Ming Yang interrupted her. “Let’s see how it progresses. We shan’t post anything about it for now. It’ll only become more difficult to explain.”

    When Ying Jin saw Lin Fan’s Weibo, she smiled. She hadn’t expected this fella to be so stupid that he even tried to clear their name at this time. Unless he really thought that he was someone capable.

    As a respected senior in the music industry, she had power and authority. However, the netizens had been flaming her. To put it bluntly, these singers were just milking money from these netizens. If the netizens didn’t like someone, their net worth would definitely be affected.

    Therefore, despite being scolded badly, she didn’t dare to do anything reckless to prevent offending any netizen.

    “Sister Ying, that fella has been going against you right from the start. Now that something like this has happened to him, he deserves it,” her agent said.

    Ying Jin sneered, “He jumped out with it himself. I can’t be blamed for this.”

    Then, she took her phone and posted another Weibo message. She wanted to ruin this fella’s reputation and force him to withdraw from the internet.

    One should never underestimate the power of a public figure. Sometimes, speech can bring about a tremendous impact, especially since Lin Fan was also a public figure. A detrimental news like this could be fatal to their careers.

    Forcing someone to be banished was already considered a lenient punishment.

    Dai Jun Ming was dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected Lin Fan to expose himself. This left him helpless.

    Af that moment, he knew who this youngster was. He was Master Lin and he was pretty famous.

    As a paparazzi, he knew how to make news more explosive. Hence, he had censored Lin Fan’s face. It wasn’t because he felt that Lin Fan wasn’t popular. It was because he felt that he was a famous person too and if he had exposed all of them at once, it would have been a waste. Hence, he decided to expose them separately to make the news more impactful.

    However, he hadn’t expected the man to expose himself.

    That wasn’t logical at all.

    Dai Jun Ming was a little unhappy but he couldn’t do anything about it. Since that Master Lin wanted to die, Dai Jun Ming would fulfill his request.

    At Cloud Street.

    Fraud Tian was stunned, “Hey, why did you admit it so quickly? Did something happen?”

    Lin Fan looked innocently, “What is it? Nothing happened at all. Why wouldn’t I dare to admit it?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang said, “Brother Lin, the netizens are crazy. You’re going to be scolded this time.”

    Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, “Let them scold me then. Anyway, I wouldn’t lose anything. I wouldn’t be a man if I was to let Wu Huan Yue carry the burden of this whole scandal.”

    Then, Lin Fan looked at his Weibo and gasped, “This Ying Jin has a problem. I haven’t been messing with her recently. Ever since this news was published, she hasn’t stopped at all. Is she trying to mess with me?”

    Ying Jin’s Weibo: ‘Scum, inhumane beast. In my opinion, he is the world’s top scum. He is talented and capable but does he only know how to ruin other ladies? Doesn’t he know how to do anything decent? I believe all the netizens are just and will suppress him.”

    She felt great about her comment. It immediately raised awareness about the scandal.

    However, when she saw the comments, she was stunned. The people that commented were definitely using fake Weibo accounts.

    “D*mn, it’s Master Lin.”

    “6666… Master Lin is incredible.”

    “D*mn, I actually scolded her. So Wu Huan Yue didn’t let Master Lin be cuckolded. I support them. I will support them forever.”

    “F*ck, just because Wu Huan Yue and Master Lin had this secret relationship, I will go and buy ten albums later.”

    “We have to support them! However, what does Master Lin mean? Pure? Didn’t do anything? How could that be? A man like him must have made something happen. We will definitely support Master Lin.”

    “A citizen of Qing Zhou congratulates Master Lin on his double swoop.”

    “I’m a girl. Although I don’t really like it, I believe in Master Lin’s character. He must have allowed them to stay over as friends. Is there a need to be so stunned?”

    “Yeah, some people have evil thoughts. Why does it mean that something must have happened when a man and woman share an apartment? I believe Master Lin is not an inhumane beast.”

    “He’s not even fit to be called an inhumane beast. If something has happened, I would respect him for being a man. However, I didn’t expect it to be so disappointing.”

    “I don’t really like Wu Huan Yue but I am a hardcore fan of Master Lin. Just based on their relationship, I will definitely start to follow Wu Huan Yue and become her fan.”

    “Brothers, stop. They’re all on our side. Don’t be rash. These ladies belong to Master Lin. We scolded them wrongly.”

    “F*ck, does this paparazzi have something wrong with him? F*ck you for censoring the pictures. I actually scolded Master Lin because of that. F*ck your mum.”


    Suddenly, after Lin Fan had admitted it, the comments on Weibo changed.

    The comments changed so drastically and everyone was stunned.

    At Shanghai Eastern Han Group.

    Wang Ming Yang stared at everyone from the public relations department, “Can someone tell me what is going on?”

    Initially, he had been frustrated over this matter but what about now? The netizens had suddenly changed their way of thinking towards this matter. They all said that it was a good thing and were regretful for scolding them.


    He had seen a lot of similar cases before but had never encountered something like this. In the past, if the celebrities were to have an affair, they would definitely be scolded like crazy.

    However, his brother wasn’t being scolded. After being photographed in a picture like that, he actually got praised by people. How could the difference between him and other people be so great?

    Wu Huan Yue was stunned after seeing the comments online. Was she still on the same Earth?

    The public relations team was stunned. They realized that the highest form of public relations skill was to admit something and then get the netizens to clear the person’s name.

    That was frightening!

    Ying Jin had actually been ecstatic but when she saw the comments on her Weibo account, she was stunned.

    That was so illogical!

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