Chapter 703 - Despicable Relatives

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 703: Despicable Relatives

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    This was the moment that all orphans waited for their entire lives. Director Huang had developed a deep bond with the children and every time a child left, she always reacted reluctantly. But now that the relatives are here, there wasn’t much that she could do.

    Was it possible to reject them?

    For the child and their relatives, this wasn’t fair. There were more children in the orphanage and although the children were cared for, they couldn’t possibly dote on every single one of the children. If they let the children go home with their relatives and let them experience the love of a family, it would be much better than leaving the child in the Children’s Welfare Institute. Furthermore, the child would receive a much better education outside.

    “Lil’ Fatty, come over,” Director Huang motioned him over.

    Lil’ Fatty was helping a girl dig a hole and didn’t know what was going on. When he heard his name being called, he took his spade and ran over. He looked at the two people standing outside at the gate, his head full of question marks.

    Who on earth were those people?

    “We really look alike. Although we haven’t seen him for ages, he looks a lot like when he was younger,” Qiu Yan Lan said, looking at Lil’ Fatty. Thereafter, she extended her hands, wanting to pat him on his head.

    At this moment, Lil’ Fatty withdrew, hiding behind Director Huang.

    Qiu Yan Lan withdrew her hands awkwardly, thereafter chuckling. “Yang Yang, I am your aunt, and this is your uncle. We are here to adopt you.”

    Wang Cheng Shan was full of anticipation. This child was his last hope of finding a cure. As long as he brought him to the hospital to check for bone marrow compatibility and if it was indeed compatible, he could finally have a shot a curing his leukemia.

    He didn’t have a single space in his heart for his nephew. All he cared about was his health.

    Lil’ Fatty didn’t know who the two people were but after hearing that he was going to leave the Children’s Welfare Institute, he immediately burst out in tears.

    “This place is my home! I don’t want to leave! Grandma Huang, I don’t want to leave,” Lil’ Fatty said, wrapping his arms around Director Huang, refusing to be moved.

    Director Huang patted Lil’ Fatty on his heads, consoling him, “Lil’ Fatty, your Aunt and Uncle are here to look for you. You will have a better home from now on. If you ever miss us, you can come visit us next time when you have grown up.”

    She couldn’t bear the thought of letting Lil’ Fatty leave, but for his good, she had to do it.

    From her point of view, one of them was his Uncle and one his Aunt. Lil’ Fatty was his brother’s child, which was as good as his own.

    Wang Cheng Shan had only one motive, and that was to bring Lil’ Fatty away. How could he let Lil’ Fatty stay at an orphanage? Thereafter, he let out a huge smile. “Yang Yang, I am your Uncle. Come home with me and Aunt. I will buy you any toy you want and I’ll buy you all the food you want. From now on, you will be to me like my son. We are, after all, blood relatives.”

    Lil’ Fatty continued crying, shaking his head. “I’m not leaving. I don’t want to! I want to stay here with Grandma Huang and Uncle Lin, and Uncle Han Lu. I’m not going to leave. Grandma Huang, you won’t let me go, will you? I promise not to be naughty from today onwards. I’ll listen to everything that you say!”

    Director Huang was a little teary after hearing what Lil’ Fatty said. “Lil’ Fatty, listen to Grandma. These are your relatives. If you ever miss me or Uncle Lin and Uncle Han Lu, you can come back to pay us a visit.”

    Qiu Yan Lan face looked sympathetic. “Yang Yang, Aunt can bring you over occasionally to pay a visit next time if you miss them so much.”

    Lil’ Fatty shook his head, before running to Lin Fan’s side, hugging his thigh. “Uncle Lin, I don’t want to leave this place. Help me, please? Lil’ Fatty doesn’t want to leave! I won’t eat so much next time and I won’t bully the other kids from now on. I’ll be a good boy from now on, just don’t make me leave this place!”

    Looking at Lil’ Fatty react this way, Lin Fan couldn’t help but feel helpless.

    Looking at the situation, he had to say something. He definitely couldn’t bear to let Lil’ Fatty leave, but if the other party really sincerely were going to adopt and love Lil’ Fatty, he had to do what was good for Lil’ Fatty and let him go. He looked at the couple standing in front of him- although their identities were innocent, they didn’t give him a good feeling.

    Lin Fan kept silent, thinking and calculating what to say.

    “You guys are Lil’ Fatty’s Aunt and Uncle, right?” Lin Fan asked.

    Qiu Yan Lan nodded her head. “That’s right. We are Yang Yang’s Aunt and Uncle, and we are really excited to be able to have him be part of our family. I really am grateful for you guys, to have taken care of him so much till now.”

    Lin Fan waved them away, saying coldly, “You don’t have to thank us. Lil’ Fatty is really a likable child and is one of us here. However, I remember a few months back that the police had already sent a notice after he had been rescued from the human traffickers. Chief Liu had mentioned to me before that Lil’ Fatty’s father had passed away in a car accident and the mother had remarried and moved away. As his Aunt and Uncle, why didn’t you come then to adopt him? Why now? If you don’t give me a satisfactory answer, I won’t let you guys take him away.”

    Qiu Yan Lan was stunned, not knowing how to answer.

    Could it be possible for her to say that they had never wanted to adopt Lil’ Fatty, and they only wanted to do it now because her husband had been diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant? Her husband needed a donor and Lil’ Fatty was the closest relative that he had.

    If she had said that, their chances of bringing Lil’ Fatty away would be dashed.

    Wang Cheng Shan stepped forward. “Can I ask who you are?”

    “I am one of the in-charge over here. I was also the one who rescued him from the human traffickers. Although you guys may have gotten through the background checks by the police, you still have to pass mine. Don’t think that you can just bring this child away like that without getting an interview.”

    “We are his Uncle and Aunt, what do you have to be afraid of?” Wang Cheng Shan asked.

    Lin Fan waved them away. “Even fathers and mothers can be unreliable and abusive. We have to make sure he is going to a good family.”

    “You…” Wang Cheng Shan was getting a little angry, but he had to suppress it. Thereafter, he looked at the police officer, “Officer, what do you think?”

    “My job is just to help with the investigation and to bring you over. Whatever happens after is your responsibility,” the police officer said.

    In actual fact, he knew who Master Lin was and he knew that he was a righteous and just man. Looking at the current situation, he knew that Master Lin would be able to make the proper judgments.

    So, he decided not to interfere, and instead sit at a corner to watch Master Lin do his thing.

    “Sir, we are Yang Yang’s relatives. His father passed away early and his mother moved away. As his relatives, we naturally want to give him the best environment and education, and so we hope that you can let Yang Yang leave with us,” Qiu Yan Lan said.

    Lin Fan didn’t pay attention to Qiu Yan Lan, and instead, continued to look at Wang Cheng Shan. “From what I can see, you have an illness and it’s leukemia. Although it’s still in its early stages, if you don’t find a donor soon, you’ll just be waiting for death. If I did guess wrong, don’t be mad, but you had received a notice a few months ago to adopt Lil’ Fatty, but you guys ignored it because you guys didn’t want to adopt him at all. You guys are probably only here now because you found out that you had leukemia and your late brother’s son was probably going to be the best chance that you were going to have at a bone marrow match. You want a bone marrow transplant from him, am I right?”

    Once Lin Fan said that, everyone was shocked.

    The police officer looked at the couple.

    Han Lu didn’t dare to say anything.

    Director Huang was stunned, her heart full of terror and panic. She didn’t doubt what Master Lin had said, but she just never thought that the couple would come here with such intentions.

    This situation was unheard of and unseen of. How could there be relatives like that?

    If what Master Lin said was true, the couple were truly brutes.

    Wang Cheng Shan was in a daze. He didn’t know how Lin Fan could read him so well, as if he could read minds. However, he would never reveal the truth.

    Just at that moment, he raised his voice. “What on earth are you talking about? I am his Uncle! His blood relative! How could I dare to do that? I’ll tell you, we must bring Yang Yang back home, and if you are going to stop us, we will sue you.”

    “Go ahead do it however you like,” Lin Fan said. Thereafter, he turned to the police officer. “Officer, I feel that we should conduct an investigation on this, so we can’t just let them take away the child like that.”

    The police officer nodded his head, as he started to become more suspicious of the couple. “Alright, this is a huge thing and we have to handle this properly.”

    “No way. We are his relatives and you have no rights to stop us from bringing him away,” Wang Cheng Shan said, his face green with rage. He never thought that things would develop like that.

    Just that the other person guessed so accurately. He could even tell what sickness he had.

    Could it be that Lin Fan had already done his own background checks on him before?

    That couldn’t be right, he had never met this person in his entire life.

    What he didn’t know was that the young person standing in front of him right now was not only a master fortune-teller, but also a Godly Doctor.

    He could just take a look at him and guess everything about him in excruciating detail.

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