Chapter 710 - You Want Me To Become A Teacher?

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 710: You Want Me To Become A Teacher?

    In a random county town

    In an ordinary house.

    Chen Rui An was twenty-three years old. Before, he was lively, sociable and enjoyed music. However, that was the past. Now, he was introverted and lived the life of a recluse. In the entire month, he had only gone out of the house once.

    Her behavior had caused her parents to worry and at the same time, they were angry of what had happened which had caused their son to turn out like this.

    “Son, listen to your mother. Go out for a walk, don’t just shut yourself in your room whole day,” Mother Chen said. However, all she got was silence.


    Two years ago, her son had gone to participate in a singing competition, and they thought their son had a good voice and would win. However, in the finals, something had happened.

    Their son had composed his own song and originally wanted to use it in the finals as his trump card. However, something unexpected happened- his opponent had sung the same song that he wrote.

    When their son had said that that person stole their song, something unexpected happened. Ying Jing, who was the judge, said with a straight face that the song belonged to the opponent and not their son.

    And the only other person who knew that the song was their son’s original composition was Ying Jing.

    Under those circumstances, no one would have dared to testify against the Queen of Music. No one would have believed their son no matter how he tried to justify himself. Instead, the son was slandered and insulted for trying to cheat.

    Just like this, their son suddenly had a change of personality. When they got back, all he did was hide in his room.

    Inside the room.

    Chen Rui An lay on his bed emotionlessly, his body lifeless. He stared at the ceiling blankly, his mind still obsessing what had happened two years ago.

    Ding Ding!

    His phone rang.

    It was his only friend who had kept in contact with him in the past two years, and the friend had persistently called him to keep in contact.

    However, Chen Rui An didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Even if he picked up the phone, he wouldn’t say a single word.

    Today, Chen Rui An picked up the phone.

    “Rui An, quickly look at the news. You will definitely be happy after you see it.”

    “Rui An, did you hear what I said? I know that you were wrongly framed that time, but now that b*tch Ying Jing has just met with misfortune. Someone has taken revenge for you.”

    After hearing the name ‘Ying Jing’, Chen Rui An’s expression changed drastically, as if someone had dropped a bomb on his heart.

    “Just quickly take a look. Ying Jing was slapped mercilessly on the streets, it’s almost too cruel.”

    The emotionless Chen Rui An immediately lit up after hearing those words. His dull eyes sparked for the first time in two years, and he immediately got onto his computer, which he hadn’t used in a long time.

    After reading the online news, Chen Rui An’s hands started trembling.

    He pressed play on the video.

    A huge commotion.

    The person in the video was slapping Ying Jing relentlessly. Chen Rui An’s face suddenly turned rosy, as streams of tears flowed down his cheeks.

    “Well done! Hit her! Hit her…”

    The friend on the other side of the phone let out a sigh of relief after hearing Chen Rui An’s voice over the phone. The doctor had diagnosed him with depression and it wasn’t something that could be cured with drugs.

    All he had to do was to show him the things that he needed to see, and that would have let him release all the pent-up anger and injustice that he had felt over the past two years.

    What Chen Rui An wanted to see the most was Ying Jing being taught a lesson. The only problem was that no ordinary person would dare to touch her.

    Except for Master Lin.

    Too cool.

    Shanghai Satellite TV network.

    A group of directors sat around in the meeting room for an emergency meeting.

    “What are we going to do? Are we still going to take Ying Jing as the judge for this competition?” one of the directors asked.

    “I feel that Ying Jing isn’t too suited for the job. After what happened last night, her image had been affected greatly.”

    “Indeed, I feel that we have to switch to someone different,” the Network President said, breaking his silence.

    The vice-president of the broadcasting network replied, “Ying Jing just called me, and she asked for us to bring a lawsuit against Master Lin. I haven’t agreed to her request yet, so I am here to ask for your opinions.”

    “How can we raise a lawsuit? This issue is between her and Master Lin. We shouldn’t be dragged into this.”

    The vice-president of the broadcasting network face was serious, “Ying Jing has partnered with us for so many years. I understand where she’s coming from, so what I am suggesting we do is to broadcast a public service announcement saying that it is all because of Master Lin that caused her to lose her role in this competition. So we pin all the blame on Master Lin alone.”

    “I feel that I should side with Ying Jing here. This problem has impacted us greatly,” one of the board members said.

    “Mm, I agree with him. We must explain out stance clearly, and we can reduce the cost needed to hire Ying Jing.”

    “I object.” Suddenly, the President spoke.

    “President Liu, what do you mean? If we stay on Ying Jing’s side, it’ll be more beneficial for us,” one of the board members answered.

    “Have you guys forgot who Master Lin is to Shanghai?” President Liu asked.

    After hearing President Liu mention Master Lin, everyone started reacting in shock, everyone muttering to each other.

    “Yea, Master Lin is certainly a complex character.”

    “The inventor of the cure to Anorexia, the Godlike Doctor, Chinese Medicine Author, board member of the National Arts Council, President of the Martial Arts Council…”

    “More importantly, the ten pieces of art which he created had received international acclaim and they have been added to the National Museum. The National Cultural Department is really pleased with him. If we stand on Ying Jing’s side, a lot of people would be offended.”

    “President, if we keep silent on this matter and don’t give any opinions on it, won’t it be an insult to Ying Jing?” one of the board members asked.

    The president nodded his head, “What else can we do? This is a choice between insulting a celebrity and someone who is the pride of our nation. Not only is the National Cultural Department going to knock on our doors; the whole internet is going to nag us to death.”

    “If we want to blame anyone or anything, it should be Ying Jing’s unpopularity. So what about her reputation? Have you guys seen the online discussions? All of them are in favor of Master Lin’s actions.”

    “What the President said makes sense. I also support in keeping silent on this matter. As for the issue of the Teacher, I feel that we should invite Master Lin to participate in the competition. If you guys haven’t forgotten, all the songs on Wu Huan Yue’s album were composed by Master Lin. I have never seen a composer as talented as Master Lin in all my years,” the Vice-President of the broadcasting network said.

    Just at this moment, the meeting room livened up.

    “Yes, yes. What the vice-president said makes sense. Although Master Lin isn’t a celebrity, his popularity is rather good. Furthermore, all his song compositions are gold-standard. If he were to become a teacher, I don’t think anyone would oppose to that notion.”

    “Makes sense. We are a national organization, and we shouldn’t participate in other people’s problems.”

    “It seems that Master Lin is the pride of Shanghai. My kids think of him as a hero. If my kids knew that we were going to work with Master Lin, I could just end up losing my son to Master Lin.”


    At this moment, laughter filled the whole room.

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