Chapter 736 - The Truth Will Always Be Here

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 736: The Truth Will Always Be Here

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    Ying Jin was really crumbling. She had not expected this guy to not go easy on her at all. Whenever he found an opportunity, he would shame her.

    No, it wasn’t just shaming. It was the truth. What happened back then was exactly as he had said. She had indeed taken advantage of her own position as a judge and taken part in a shady deal, earning five million dollars.

    At that time, her commission for being a mentor was only ten million. When someone offered five million to get the first place, she definitely had to satisfy their needs.

    At that time, it wasn’t just ‘Heavenly Male Voice’, every single variety show had corruption involved. However, that guy didn’t have much talent. After winning the first place, he lasted in the musical world for a month before disappearing without a trace and going back to being just a son of a rich family. No one knew where he disappeared to.

    Lin Fan had challenged Ying Jin once more. As a big shot in the musical world, how could she just let this be?

    However, she really didn’t know how to defeat this guy. If only this guy was in the Northeast, she would have had ways to ruin him.

    At the scene of the show.

    Lin Fan had said those words to cause stir things up over this matter. He knew that Chen Rui An had been framed back then but two years had already passed, how would they be able to find any evidence now?

    The situation right now was the best. He had used his influence to cause ambiguity. The netizens didn’t know what the truth was either. Had he committed a theft, or had he been framed?

    Chen Rui An stood on the stage, looking at Teacher Lin gratefully. Then, he took a deep bow. “Thank you, Teacher Lin.”

    Lin Fan sat there calmly and nodded, “Alright, go take a break. I believe in you.”

    Just these four words, ‘I believe in you’, allowed Chen Rui An to see light in the future. Those words were so dazzling.


    Chen Rui An grabbed his parents’ hands and teared in joy. “Dad, Mom, I did it!”

    “Good, good. My son is the best. Teacher Lin is really a great man,” Mama Chen was very gratified. Her eyes were red and puffy.

    Then, Lin Fan saw Zhao Li’s greenish face and couldn’t help but burst into laughter. She looked so f*cking sour.

    This Master was going to flame them to death. However, there was no rush. It was just the beginning.

    The audience exchanged looks with each other. What they had just heard was too shocking.

    Although it was something that had happened two years ago, it still made the audience incomparably curious.

    Ying Jin had been involved in shady business? And she had even made the original composer take the blame? They had no idea if this was true or not.

    However, as Master Lin’s fans, they gradually believed it. On top of that, with their dislike of Ying Jin, they started to agree even more with what Master Lin had said.

    Zhao Li said coldly, “Teacher Lin, you have to be responsible for your own words. Something that you just deduce based on speculation is just a trifling matter.”

    When she said this, she was lacking a little in confidence. However, at this point, she couldn’t let it show.

    Lin Fan looked at Zhao Li. “Teacher Zhao, what are you doing? The matter has already passed. Why are you still thinking about it? The truth will always be the truth. If, when the truth comes out, it proves that I have falsely accused Ying Jin, I’d be willing to take responsibility for my words. Now, the next contestant is still waiting. Don’t waste any more time. Teacher Cui, please inform the next contestant to come on stage.”

    The host, Cui Wei, had worked as a host for a long time but he had never seen a situation like this before. He was a little stunned but he still remained calm.

    “Let’s welcome the next contestant on stage.”

    Later on in the show, nothing much happened. Lin Fan didn’t flash his light anymore. He had originally only had one goal when he joined ‘Strongest Heavenly Voice’ and that was to do enough for the two million. Later on, Wang Ming Yang had pleaded with him to find some good young talents for him, so he saved his light only for good talents.

    With his fortune-telling ability, he could tell with one look whether someone could become popular and whether someone had potential. It was really an amazing ability.


    On the Internet.

    Ever since Lin Fan had talked about that incident, the netizens had been searching for videos of the ‘Heavenly Male Voice’ competition from two years ago.

    “I just saw the video. That Chen Rui An performed outstandingly in the competition back then. He was much more impressive than the other contestants.”

    “This voice definitely sounds like the voice of a champion. Even if he sang an old song, he would have won first place.”

    “Have you guys watched until the end yet? The man who became the champion had a very unimpressive voice. He was much worse than Chen Rui An but he became the champion. I don’t believe that there was no corruption.”

    “Master Lin already said that there was corruption, so there definitely was corruption.”

    “F*ck, even this kind of contestant can get first place? If there was no corruption involved, I would eat my own sh*t on a live broadcast.”

    “It looks like there was corruption indeed. But thinking about it, those variety shows that came out back then all had hidden motives. Their goal was mainly to make money. Even if you had talent, you might not get a good placing.”

    10 pm.

    Lin Fan left the venue of ‘Strongest Heavenly Voice’. What he had done that day had been earth-shattering. He wondered how things would be the next day.

    Meanwhile, Shanghai TV’s Deputy Director was thrilled. There was a controversial topic once again. He wondered how the ratings would turn out.

    The ratings were sure to increase a little. Even if they didn’t increase, they definitely wouldn’t be far from the first episode’s ratings.

    Just as Lin Fan was about to leave, Chen Rui An’s family of three appeared in front of him.

    “Teacher Lin, thank you so much,” Chen Rui An came to Lin Fan’s front, took a bow and thanked him sincerely.

    Teacher Lin, who had never met him before, actually helped him out so much during the competition. It really moved him. He didn’t know how he could repay this favor.

    If he had been a female, he definitely would have used his body to repay Teacher Lin without hesitation.

    Chen Rui An’s parents were looking gratefully at Lin Fan as well. Their son had been living in the shadow of his past the whole time. Even after walking out of that shadow, he had still been carrying some darkness with him. However, on that day, Teacher Lin had washed off that darkness from their son and this made them very grateful.

    “No need to thank me. You have to believe that justice will always prevail,” said Lin Fan with a smile, “Oh right, are you interested to become a professional singer?”

    “Me?” Chen Rui An pointed at himself in disbelief. Then, he said to Lin Fan, “Teacher Lin, you think that I can be a professional singer?”

    Lin Fan nodded, “Mmm, I see that you have talent, so I’m asking you. My friend is involved in this business. You should know about Eastern Han Group, right? But if you have other better choices, you don’t have to accept my offer.”

    “No, I accept. Thank you, Master Lin.” Chen Rui An was blushing excitedly. He had never expected Master Lin to say such things to him. These were things that would happen in his dreams.

    But then, he became a little worried. “Teacher Lin, I’m just an average person. I don’t have any fame. Is this really fine?”

    “Yes, it’s fine. These aren’t problems at all. They’ll package you up. What requests do you have for the contract?” asked Lin Fan with a smile.

    Chen Rui An shook his head, “Teacher Lin, I’ll sign any contract that you give me. I believe in you very much.”

    Lin Fan patted Chen Rui An on the shoulder. “Alright then. Thank you for your trust in me. Do your best in the competition and don’t be too nervous. Whether you get first place or not, we’ll still sign you. I just hope that you work hard and have no regrets.”

    “Yes.” Chen Rui An nodded his head before sending Teacher Lin off.

    After Lin Fan left.

    Chen Rui An’s fists were tightly clenched. “Dad, Mom, I did it.”

    His parents nodded contently as well.

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