Chapter 752 - Task Accomplished

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 752: Task Accomplished

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    At Cloud Street.

    Lin Fan looked at the news on his phone and for a moment, he was really lost for words.

    “She was blocked very quickly. It looks like this situation is turning out to be pretty major.”

    He didn’t expect that the relevant department would act so quickly. The situation only reached its peak yesterday, and they only issued a file to block her today. This does not give Ying Jin any chance to use her connections.

    Wu Tian He said, “In the first place, this situation was already pretty major. Ying Jin is the empress of the music industry. She can be classified as a very famous public figure. Moreover, this is done using underhanded means, as well as involving the use of illegal activities. They will definitely try to resolve this as soon as possible, or else it’ll affect the public opinion.”

    Lin Fan was flabbergasted, “Does that mean that I provoked a powerful person?”

    Wu Tian He said, “Yes, you definitely provoked a VIP. Godfather Liu of the Northeast has deep-rooted strength in that area. Now that he has been exposed, he would probably be trying to use his connections to resolve this situation. However, from my understanding, once he resolves the situation, they will definitely look back and start to deal with you. I recommend that you don’t leave Shanghai.”

    Lin Fan waved him off and said, “I’m not afraid of that. What I’m asking is if this Godfather Liu of the Northeast is a powerful person?”

    Wu Tian He nodded and said, “Yea, he is definitely a powerful person.”

    “That’s good. As long as he is a powerful person then that is good. I was still worried that I would have nothing to do. There are countless fans in the Northeast waiting for me to save them,” Lin Fan laughed and said. He has never been afraid of offending these big shots but was only afraid of offending ordinary people.

    If he did, then he would be accused by others of bullying smaller people.

    Wu Tian He was a little dumbfounded. He did not quite understand what Master Lin was talking about.

    Could he be thinking of challenging Godfather Liu?


    Wu You Lan was a little worried and said, “Brother Lin, how about you just listen to my father and leave Godfather Liu alone?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang also nodded and said, “Yes, yes.”

    They were just ordinary people. They had never seen such dangerous things before and also did not want anything to happen to Lin Fan.

    “Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. At the moment I haven’t thought about doing anything to him. We’ll have to look at the situation,” Lin Fan smiled and said. He had a lot of things to do right now.

    The matter regarding the Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute has not been settled yet. There was also the “Strongest Heavenly Voice” which has not yet been completed. He definitely did not have time to argue with this Godfather Liu.

    On the Internet.

    “Beautifully done. It’s good that she has been blocked.”

    “This time the broadcast has handled it well. All my grievances in the past have been all written off.”

    “I won’t talk bad about the broadcast anymore.”

    “I finally don’t have to see Ying Jin anymore.”

    “According to reports, Ying Jin has already left Shanghai and it looks like she is going to the Northeast.”

    “F*ck, we don’t welcome her in the Northeast.”

    “I’ve already prepared a basket of rotten eggs to assault her with at the airport.”

    “^ Brothers, you guys are awesome.”

    “Just stay low-profile.”


    The discussions online were buzzing. They were all discussing about Ying Jin.

    Some of the smaller celebrities were in some sex-scandals but Ying Jin had covered it up. As a result, these small celebrities were very grateful towards Ying Jin.

    However, at this moment, a notification from the Encyclopedia popped out.

    “Encyclopedic Points +1”

    “Encyclopedic Points +1”



    Lin Fan was stunned. Then there was a smile on his face. Could it be that those kids have already got the essence of it?

    As expected.

    Before long, a notification finally came in.

    “Landscaping task complete. Encyclopedic points +20.”

    “The major class of plant-cultivating knowledge has been unlocked.”

    “Unlocking the seventeenth page of knowledge. Since it is the seventeenth page of knowledge, a specialty of someone near the host will be chosen.”

    “Ying Jin has a huge amount of resentment towards the host. As a result, the major class of music knowledge will be unlocked (With the Encyclopedia’s Mythical Boost).”

    “Task: To win over the audience.”

    “Reward: Encyclopedic points +20, unlocking of the eighteenth page of knowledge.”

    “Note: Since it is a small class of knowledge, there is no need to be involved in the profession.”

    “Current Encyclopedic points: 4980”

    After listening to the Encyclopedia’s notification, he only had one thought in his mind.

    D*mn it, Ying Jin you b*tch, why do you hate me so much?

    F*ck, it’s musical knowledge.

    I never thought that I would have to go down the path of music.

    Helpless, this is really too helpless.

    “You guys take care of the store, I’m going out for awhile,” Lin Fan said. He was going to Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute to take a look. He never thought that during this period of time, the children would actually accomplish his mission.

    Furthermore, this increase in Encyclopedic points was unexpected.

    It increased by a large amount of 60 points. This shows that there were 60 little kids that understood it.

    This was beyond his expectations.

    At the Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute.

    When Lin Fan arrived there, he saw the changes to the institute and was stunned for a moment. These children were actually really amazing.

    “Uncle Lin!” Lil’ Fatty rushed over. Then he pulled Lin Fan’s hand and said, “Uncle Lin, come and see the flowers that Lil’ Fatty has grown!”

    At this moment, there was a whole bunch of children. Some were holding watering cans and some were holding trowels to plow the soil for the plants. They also had their gaze fixed on the plants. If they saw any pests on them, they would remove it with their hands.

    All of them looked very serious.

    Director Huang was very curious about these flowers, “Master Lin, where did these plants come from? How could they blossom so quickly?”

    Director Huang had been with Han Lu in the Institute all this while. They had personally seen these plants grow every day and the thing that surprised them was that these plants all blossomed very quickly and their rate of growth was very fast as well.

    It didn’t make any sense.

    Needless to say, Lin Fan couldn’t tell them that it was from the Encyclopedia, so he had to come up with a fake explanation. It did not matter whether they believed it or not. All he needed was for himself to believe in it.

    “The Institute is so different now. I didn’t even have to step in before I could smell the nice fragrance,” Lin Fan smiled and said.

    Director Huang nodded, “That’s right, the smell of these flowers are really strong. It has given the Institute so much more color.”

    Lin Fan felt very gratified after looking at this. The children’s lives were very fulfilling now. Drawing in the morning and taking care of the flowers in the afternoon. This was cultivating the capabilities of the children so it was pretty good.

    “Master Lin, I want to talk to you about something.”

    After a while, Han Lu came to Lin Fan’s side. With regards to Han Lu, Lin Fan also did not know what to say.

    This guy had changed a lot and everyone could see his capabilities at the Institute.

    “What’s up?” Lin Fan asked. No matter what, Han Lu was still one of his friends.

    Han Lu said, “This is how it goes. I am getting ready to sell my boxing studio and focus wholeheartedly on the Institute. In the past, I was filled with youthful vigor. I liked to fight and challenge people. But right now, I feel like what am I am doing is of no value. Even if I beat other people, all I gain is some reputation. I love it here at the Institute and I want to focus my entire heart on it.”

    Lin Fan looked at Han Lu. For a moment, he did not know what to say. However, he did not really approve of that.

    “Have you really thought this through?”

    Han Lu nodded and said, “I’ve thought it through. A boxing studio needs someone to take care of it and I don’t have the time. Also, all these years, I’ve earned a decent amount of money and it is enough for me.”

    Lin Fan said, “If you stay here all the time, how are you going to find a girlfriend?”

    Han Lu laughed and said, “That is not a problem. I will find a like-minded person. If I really can’t find anyone, then I’ll just be like Director Huang and be single for life.”

    At this moment, Lin Fan was a little suspicious. He was wondering what kind of light did Han Lu see that actually made him make such a big decision.

    He knew that the boxing studio would have no problem earning a few hundred thousand in a year and right now he actually was thinking of selling it off. He was really going to stay with the Institute until death.

    Lin Fan patted Han Lu on the shoulder and said, “As long as you’ve thought it through then it’s fine. I can guarantee you that as long as you don’t want to leave, I won’t kick you out of the Institute.”

    Han Lu laughed and said, “That’s good. I have very deep feelings towards these children.”

    Lin Fan laughed.


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