Chapter 763 - Fortunately

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 763: Fortunately

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    Lin Fan passed the bag that was filled with melon seeds to the mute uncle. The mute uncle held onto it tightly and smiled. He nodded with gratitude.

    He was prepared to leave.

    Lin Fan held onto the mute uncle’s arm.

    “Where are you heading to?” Lin Fan asked.

    The mute uncle just made some noises and gestures to indicate that he was leaving.

    Zhao Ming Qing said, “Bro, how could you leave just like this? Your daughter doesn’t want you anymore. We are going to seek an explanation for you.”

    The mute uncle immediately shook his head after hearing that.

    Zhao Ming Qing added, “It’s okay, he is my mentor. He knows the people from Shanghai TV. We will definitely look for her team leader to discuss this. How could there be someone like her?

    “You saved her life and took care of her until today. How could she just ignore you? I can’t take this anymore.”

    Lin Fan said, “I will go and speak to her team leader.”

    The mute uncle was anxious after hearing that. He held onto Lin Fan and shook his head. Then, he stood before Lin Fan and was about to kneel down to beg Lin Fan not to look for her team leader.

    Lin Fan immediately held onto the mute uncle. “You… Sigh.”

    The mute uncle made some noises and pointed at Shanghai TV. Then, he patted his chest.

    “I feel fine after seeing that she is okay. If you were to look for her team leader, it would bring a lot of trouble for her. I will be heartbroken.”

    Lin Fan furrowed his brows. Based on his relationship with Shanghai TV, if he were to expose this matter, the mute uncle’s daughter will definitely lose her job. If it were to be posted online, the netizens would definitely flame her.

    However, he couldn’t understand how much this mute uncle loved the daughter whom he picked up from the streets. Things have turned out this way and he still didn’t want to cause trouble for his daughter.

    The mute uncle was anxious. Then, he looked at Zhao Ming Qing and made some gestures. He had never learned sign language before and he didn’t know how to express himself. However, he used simple gestures to express his feelings and thoughts so people could understand him.

    Zhao Ming Qing remained silent. He understood what he was saying.

    If this was his own daughter, what would he do?

    Would he make a mess out of it and expose her for being so inhumane? Was that something that he would like to see?

    “Teacher, what should we do now?” Zhao Ming Qing asked.

    Lin Fan hesitated for a moment, “Bring him to your place to stay temporarily. I’ll resolve this.”

    “That’s all we can do. This is such a worrying problem.” Zhao Ming Qing had just returned from the mountainous regions and he still hadn’t been able to rest. Now, he still had to handle this problem and it was really tiring.

    Zhao Ming Qing sent the mute uncle back.

    When Lin Fan was prepared to leave, the mute uncle held onto his hand. He didn’t want him to tell anyone about it and wanted him not to look for his daughter.

    Lin Fan could only nod in agreement.

    Then, he looked at the mute uncle’s smile and Lin Fan felt so rather depressed.

    At Shanghai Eastern Han Group.

    Wang Ming Yang said, “Bro, you don’t look too well. Did something happen?”

    Lin Fan waved his hand, “Nope, I just encountered some stuff and I feel a little worried. I’m going to the music studio. Don’t disturb me.”

    “Are you really okay?” Wang Ming Yang asked.

    “Haha, why didn’t you ask me why I’m going to the music studio?” Lin Fan smiled.

    Wang Ming Yang shook his head, “That’s not as important as how you’re feeling.”

    Lin Fan didn’t say anything else. He just walked to the music studio.

    He looked into the Encyclopedia and found a song.

    This song’s background information was almost identical to his current situation. The only difference was in the daughter’s profession.

    He prepared the musical instruments and started his accompaniment.

    Lin Fan was the only one in the music studio.

    He was busy for almost an hour, and when he was finished, the accompaniment was done.

    Then, he started to record the song.


    The next day!

    At Shanghai TV.

    “Vice-President, Teacher Lin sent this over. He hopes that it can be broadcasted,” a worker handed a USB thumb drive over and said.

    The Vice-President was stunned, “What is this?”

    “Teacher Lin said it’s a song,” the worker said. “He spent an afternoon yesterday recording it. At the same time, he specifically asked He Xiao Li to broadcast it.”

    The Vice-President was stunned. If Master Lin only recorded the song yesterday, didn’t that mean it was a new song?

    Teacher Lin only came up with one new song before and it caught waves of attention. Now that Teacher Lin had come up with another song and sent it to Shanghai TV, then wouldn’t this make Shanghai TV even more famous?

    After thinking about that, the Vice-President smiled.

    “Alright, send it over to He Xiao Li. Make sure nothing goes wrong. Oh, and when you broadcast it, play it for everyone in the internal department enjoy it too.”

    “Alright,” the worker nodded and said.


    At the broadcasting station.

    He Xiao Li was busy doing her job. She was serious and she really wanted to work hard and change her life.

    She had been living in poverty and wanted to work hard to earn money so that she can bring her father out from the mountainous regions.

    After coming to Shanghai, she managed to be part of Shanghai TV with her own capabilities. The praises from her peers had caused her to somewhat forget her purpose.

    When she thought of her mute father, she didn’t dare to bring him to Shanghai because she was afraid that people would make fun of her and look down on her.

    Gradually, she drifted away from her dad and she didn’t want to return to the poor mountainous region.

    Just as she was daydreaming, the worker walked over, “Xiao Li, this is Teacher Lin’s new song. Don’t forget to play it later.”

    He Xiao Li nodded, “Alright.”

    When he mentioned ‘Teacher Lin’, she suddenly thought of something.

    She remembered that the wealthy youngster texted her and asked her how the old man knew Teacher Lin.

    She felt that it was something impossible.

    Who was Teacher Lin? Teacher Lin was a powerful figure. How could her father that lived in the mountains know someone as powerful as Teacher Lin?

    She didn’t want to think too much about it.

    She inserted the USB drive into the computer and opened up the folder. She couldn’t wait to hear the song when she saw it in the folder.

    What type of music was it going to be?

    The time was almost here.

    Everything was ready to go and the broadcast started after the worker’s signal.

    “Hi everyone, I am your host, He Xiao Li. Before the show starts, I would like to play a song for everyone. This song just arrived at our studio. The composer and singer is Teacher Lin, who also did ‘Kiss Goodbye’. Furthermore, the name of the song is rather meaningful.”

    “I’ll be playing ‘Any Beer Bottles for Sale’ for everyone.”

    Then, countless of people started to listen closely to the broadcast after hearing that it was Teacher Lin’s song. They didn’t expect Teacher Lin to have come up with another new song.

    The internal department of Shanghai TV started to listen closely to the broadcast. They were all waiting anxiously to hear Teacher Lin’s new song.


    The music started playing.

    The initial music was a little depressing and it slowly set the mood of the song.

    Suddenly, the keys of the accompaniment were raised. Then, a groundbreaking voice could be heard.

    “The familiar voices have accompanied me through thick and thin.”

    “I have never wanted to remember it and I’ll never forget it.”

    “There wouldn’t be earth without the heavens. There wouldn’t be home without earth.”

    “There wouldn’t be a house without you and there wouldn’t be me without you.”


    He Xiao Li felt a heartache after listening to the words. She felt as if something was piercing her heart.

    “If you didn’t raise me up and gave me warmth.”

    “If you didn’t protect me, what would my life be?”


    “Although you can’t say anything but you could understand the truth and lies in the world.”

    Then, He Xiao Li couldn’t take it anymore and she covered her mouth and started to cry.

    Memories started to flash through her mind.

    The things that happened years ago were being played like a movie in her mind.

    Her mute father picked her up from a snowy ground and brought her home. In order to buy some snacks for her, he fainted on the streets. Whenever she was feeling down, her mute father accompanied her. No matter what she did wrong, he would always treat her with positivity. Although he couldn’t talk, he always took great care of her.

    Then, He Xiao Li started sobbing really badly. Her guilt and heartache started to fill her mind.

    “Xiao Li, be steady.” The other workers were stunned when they saw He Xiao Li crying so badly. They were anxious because if the host were to withdraw from the programme, the programme would be finished.

    Although they were saddened by the song, they could still control their emotions.

    “Ring ring!”

    Then, He Xiao Li’s phone rang.

    “Hello, is this Miss He? A mute patient just met an accident. Are you his relative? His condition is really critical. You have to be here. You…”

    When He Xiao Li heard what the person was saying on the phone, she dropped her phone and tears filled her eyes. Then, she immediately packed her things and ran out.

    The workers were stunned when they saw that, “Xiao Li, where are you going to?”


    At Cloud Street.

    Zhao Ming Qing said, “Teacher, the mute uncle was involved in a car accident. I couldn’t find him in the morning. He only left a slip of paper saying that he was going out. However, I just received a notice that he met with an accident on the streets and he’s on the way to the hospital.”

    Lin Fan was stunned. What the hell happened?

    At the hospital.

    He Xiao Li was extremely anxious. The scenes that she thought of in her mind started to crumble her soul.

    If her father didn’t bring her back home, she would have frozen to death.

    Each time she despised him, he would always handle her positively and gave her the best he could afford.

    He never bought new clothes for years but he always bought nice clothes for her every year.

    After thinking about what he had done for her, He Xiao Li felt like her heart was shattered into pieces.

    Why did she become like that?

    In the ward.

    He Xiao Li looked at the patient on the bed and went forward, “Dad, I was wrong.”

    The mute uncle saw that his daughter was there and started to cry. He couldn’t say anything. He just smiled and raised his trembling arms. He brought the bag of melon seeds over to her and took out bags of melon seeds from the big bag.

    He smiled even wider and slowly closed his eyes.

    He Xiao Li screamed in pain and she was filled with regret.

    “Dad, no…”

    She was really remorseful and regretful. She regretted being so cold towards him and despising him, who was her only relative.

    Then, Lin Fan and Zhao Ming Qing appeared in the ward. Then, Lin Fan went forward.

    He held onto the mute uncle’s hand and furrowed his brows. A breath of life slowly entered the mute uncle’s body.

    “Ming Qing, please arrange for an immediate surgery.”

    “Noted, teacher.”

    If they had been there a minute later, he might really have been dead.

    Lin Fan didn’t say anything much to He Xiao Li who collapsed onto the bed. He just hoped that she would realize her mistakes and treat her dad with respect.

    If he were to handle the situation with his own methods, he would have killed her.

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