Chapter 782 - Getting the goods

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 782: Getting the goods

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    A few days later.

    Elder Dog’s popularity slowly diminished. The internet didn’t really report about it anymore. However, Elder Dog’s fans were still really crazy but they were much more normal than they were in the past.

    Furthermore, most people came to visit Elder Dog and take pictures with him.

    He didn’t really reject these requests.

    In the morning.

    Lin Fan was lying on his chair. He looked really bored. These days were too boring.

    Then, someone called him from home.

    “Dad, what is it?”

    Father Lin said, “When are you prepared to come back? It’s almost February. Are you really planning to stay in Shanghai forever?”

    Lin Fan was a little helpless after hearing that. He only went back home once a year and his family was waiting for him to spend the New Year together.

    Furthermore, these days past really quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was already almost February.

    He would definitely return if things were the same as the past. However, he had taken over the Children’s Welfare Institute and he wanted to spend the New Year in Shanghai. However, if he were to stay in Shanghai, his parents would probably be unhappy.

    “Dad, how about you and mom come over to Shanghai for the New Year?” Lin Fan tried to see the reaction of his dad to the question.

    Father Lin replied, “What for? Aren’t you coming back home to visit the relatives?”

    Lin Fan replied, “Dad, it’s not that I don’t want to. I just took over a Children’s Welfare Institute in Shanghai. I felt that it would be better for you and mum to come over to spend the New Year with the orphans here. They are really lonely and they deserve to spend these occasions happily.”

    Father Lin interrupted Lin Fan with a sense of relief, “Looks like this lad has changed a lot. You’ve grown up. Alright, your mum and I would feel the same with spending New Year anywhere. I just hope our family can come together. I’ll tell your mom about this now. We’ll come to Shanghai for New Year this year. However, we have to visit relatives here on the second day of the Lunar New Year. If not, people would gossip about us.”

    Lin Fan smiled, “Alright, dad, you can call the shots.”

    After chatting for a while longer, they hung up.

    Lin Fan was quite happy with his dad’s leniency towards him.

    Wu You Lan asked, “Brother Lin, aren’t you going back to Zhong Zhou this year?”

    Lin Fan replied, “We’ll be in Shanghai. However, we’ll return back on the second day of the Lunar New Year. What about you and your dad?”

    Wu You Lan smiled, “I’m his only daughter and we don’t really have relatives. It’s the same for us to spend the New Year anywhere.”

    Fraud Tian said, “Me too, I don’t have anywhere to go.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang replied, “I have to go back home. If not, my mom will break my legs.”

    Lin Fan replied, “Alright, let’s not talk about it. There are still ten more days. No hurry.”


    “Master Lin.” Then, Liu Xiao Tian appeared at the shop.

    Lin Fan smiled, “Inspector Liu, what brought you here today?”

    Liu Xiao Tian immediately entered the shop and sat down. Wu You Lan served him some tea. “What else? It must be something good. But Master Lin, your dog is really awesome. I am here today to visit him and also say something to you.”

    Lin Fan asked, “What is it?”

    To Liu Xiao Tian, Master Lin was definitely the person that helped him the most.

    His career progressed so quickly and it was all because of Master Lin. He was already in the deputy office but he still allowed Master Lin to address him as ‘Inspector Lin’.

    He felt that it sounded less foreign.

    “I just have to inform you that the police force has decided to give Elder Dog a Heroism Award and some cash,” Liu Xiao Tian smiled.

    Lin Fan was stunned in disbelief. “What did you say? Give him a Heroism Award? Are you kidding?”

    Liu Xiao Tian replied, “Nope. The documents are in preparation. But really, it’s the first time I encountered such a thing. It’s something new that we’re doing.”

    Lin Fan gave him a thumbs up, “The government is handling this thing with such a unique way.”

    “Yeah, my colleague asked me to ask you why Elder Dog is so smart. How did you train him? You should know that the person in the narcotics bureau is really close to me. The people there would like to have a dog like him. Therefore, I’d like to ask if you could help to train them,” Liu Xiao Tian turned around and asked.

    Lin Fan immediately shook his head, “No, I don’t even know how to train dogs. How can I train them for you? Hence, they have to depend on themselves.”

    He was actually really good at training dogs but he didn’t want to expose himself. If not, things might become really troublesome.

    Liu Xiao Tian looked at Lin Fan and smiled, “Master Lin, you’re not being honest here… But I understand. How can I not know what you’re thinking about? I’ll help you relay the message.”

    Lin Fan smiled, “It’s good that you understand me. Right, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Are you really busy recently? Or did something happen?”

    “A lot of things happened. It’s almost near the end of the year. We have to focus on security. A lot of thieves are going to be on the loose. We’re really busy. We can’t afford to be so relaxed like you,” Liu Xiao Tian said.

    “Hey, I’m not that relaxed. I have a lot of things to do too.” Lin Fan was never going to admit that he was really relaxed.

    However, for someone like Liu Xiao Tian, the chances of him going back to his family were really low. He might even have to work on the eve of the Lunar New Year.

    If not, the security of the country would be at stake if they were to take leave.

    It was getting late and Liu Xiao Tian didn’t want to stay any longer. “I’ll be making a move first. When the documents are ready, I’ll get someone to send them to you.”

    “Alright, have a safe trip back,” Lin Fan said.

    When Liu Xiao Tian left, Lin Fan looked at Elder Dog, “Are you happy? A Heroism Award just for you. You’re the first non-human to have it.”

    Elder Dog smiled weirdly. It looked a little bit more like a yawn.

    Lin Fan said, “The Lunar New Year is almost here. Who would like to follow me to buy some things?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang replied, “Me.”

    Fraud Tian replied, “Me too.”

    “Alright. Then, You Lan and Elder Wu can stay in the shop. Let’s go,” Lin Fan said.

    With greater responsibilities, one would become busier at important times.

    There were hundreds of people waiting for him in the Children’s Welfare Institute. He had to ensure that the celebrations weren’t too bad.

    Everyone had to have a new set of clothes, shoes, sweets, etc.

    Most importantly, they had to have red packets.

    Lin Fan drove his Hummer and fetched Fraud Tian and Zhao Zhong Yang to the supermarket.

    Of course, the clothes and shoes were to be bought at Cloud Street. The goodies had to be kept within the ‘family’. That way, he wouldn’t have to be afraid of being scammed.

    As for the sweets and snacks, he had to buy them outside.

    Cloud Street mostly sold shoes and clothes.

    At the candy shop.

    The boss said, “Hey, aren’t you Master Lin?”

    The boss was a young man and he recognized Lin Fan with just one look. He passionately offered him a seat and some tea.

    Lin Fan was a little embarrassed.

    “Master Lin, are you here for something?”

    Lin Fan replied, “Nothing much. It’s almost the Lunar New Year. I’m prepared to buy some snacks and candies.”

    The boss patted his chest, “Master Lin, don’t worry. Leave this to me. I’m really in awe of you. I can sell you the sweets at cost price. I wouldn’t earn any money from you. If I were to do that, I would be an inhumane beast.”

    Lin Fan replied, “No, no. You’re running a business. How could you not earn any money? Just give me a fair price.”

    The boss replied, “Master Lin, since you put it that way, I’ll just earn a bit. But it’ll definitely be cheaper than the market prices.”

    Lin Fan replied, “That will do.”

    He was a little embarrassed. He wanted to look at several shops but he didn’t expect this boss to be so passionate. It made him a little embarrassed. However, he didn’t think too much about it since he couldn’t do anything about it.

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