Chapter 790 - The puppies are ou

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 790: The puppies are out

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    “Brother Lin, did they agree to pay the workers?” Wu You Lan asked.

    Lin Fan said, “Yeah, they agreed to pay 1.5x instead.”

    Wu You Lan felt really happy. She felt that Brother Lin had done another good deed.

    Zhao Zhong Yang was a little doubtful, “Something is wrong. Why did Mother Earth Real Estate Corporation agree to pay? Furthermore, he’s paying extra 50%. Is the director stupid?”

    Lin Fan didn’t say anything. He just pretended that the director was stupid.

    However, why did Lu Li decide to help him?

    Forget it, he didn’t want to think about it. Anyway, the matter had been resolved and everything was perfect.


    In the afternoon.

    When the migrant workers went to collect their salaries, they were all in disbelief.

    When they reached the construction site and found out that they were going to receive an extra 50%, they were ecstatic. They were all in disbelief.

    They really didn’t believe it. It was already good that their salaries were not cut. They didn’t expect to receive extra 50% of their salaries.

    This time, they were definitely going to have a good Lunar New Year.

    Young Zhao was so excited that he was about to cry. “We really have to thank Master Lin.”

    The other migrant workers nodded, “Young Zhao, we really have to thank Master Lin. If not for him, we wouldn’t have received our money so quickly. It’s all thanks to Master Lin.”

    The reporters had been following this matter promptly.

    When they found out that the workers were going to claim their salaries, they immediately rushed over to interview them.

    The reporter asked, “Hi, can I find out how you feel after receiving your salary?”

    The worker was in his mid-thirties and his skin was a little calloused. He smiled, “I am really happy. I have to thank Master Lin for this. I have two kids at home. Now that I got my salary, I can afford to buy new clothes for them and spend a good Lunar New Year with them.”

    The reporters interviewed the migrant workers and all of them were really happy after receiving their salaries.

    After that, the reporter interviewed the manager of the construction site.

    “May I know the reason why you gave them their salaries? Is it because of the documents that the Ministry of Manpower had given instructions down the chain of command?”

    The manager was confused, “I don’t know. It’s given by our boss. I don’t think it’s because of the Ministry of Manpower.”

    The reporter knew what had happened. It was definitely because of Master Lin.


    The next day.

    News articles started surfacing again.

    The whole incident regarding the workers’ salaries was finally concluded.

    However, all the news articles said that the issue was resolved thanks to Master Lin. The Ministry of Manpower was minimally involved.

    When Lin Fan saw the news articles, he immediately deleted his Weibo posts. It was something that he promised and he had to do it.

    Then, he posted something on Weibo again.

    “The workers have received their salaries. The matter is resolved. I hope next time the people would not owe the migrant workers their salaries anymore.”

    The netizens quickly replied to it.

    “666… Master Lin is extraordinary. This matter was resolved so quickly.”

    “These workers are in luck to have met Master Lin. If not for Master Lin, I wonder what the outcome would be like.”

    “Mother Earth Real Estate Corporation handled this quite efficiently. At least they did a reimbursement.”

    In the afternoon.

    Lin Fan was at Cloud Street and there was a big group of people outside.

    When Lin Fan saw them, he smiled and stood up, “Have you received the money?”

    The workers didn’t return home immediately after receiving the money, they went to Cloud Street to thank Lin Fan.

    To them, if not for Master Lin’s help, they might not have even gotten their money.

    Young Zhao said, “Master Lin, we got our salaries.”

    “That’s good. Keep it safe, don’t let it get stolen by people on the streets,” Lin Fan smiled.

    The workers smiled.

    “We have deposited the money into our banks.”

    “Yeah, it’s the first time I got so much money.”

    “My wife was really happy when I told him.”

    Lin Fan talked to them for a while and asked them to return home earlier.

    When he saw them leave, Lin Fan felt a sense of achievement. Although he had to depend on Lu Li for this matter, he felt that the end result was more important than the process.

    Then, he called the leader of the Ministry of Manpower to thank him. After all, it was really nice of him to have agreed to help.

    Although he wasn’t really willing to help, he didn’t reject him. That was already good enough.


    Then, Elder Dog Nicholas stood up and looked at Sister Hong’s shop before running towards it.

    Lin Fan was a little stunned, “Hey, what’s with Elder Dog?”

    Then, Sister Hong shouted, “Master Lin, a puppy is coming out.”

    Then, Cloud Street got really lively.

    Wu You Lan immediately stopped what she was doing, “Let’s go and have a look.”

    The other shop owners also stopped. They were really curious to see the babies of Elder Dog being born. After all, Elder Dog was the small celebrity of Cloud Street. He was the elder of the dogs.

    In the house.

    Flowers was lying in the house. Sister Hong had prepared everything.

    The room was pretty warm and it was significantly warmer than the temperature outside.

    Elder Dog stood aside and looked at what was happening. He walked around in the house. When Elder Dog was prepared to move forward, Flowers just barked at Elder Dog.

    It was as if she didn’t want any living thing near her.

    Wu You Lan asked curiously, “How many will she give birth to?”

    Fraud Tian looked at her big belly, “I think there will be at least six.”

    After a while.

    Three small puppies were lying down there and whimpering softly.

    Elder Dog looked at them and ran around happily in the house.

    Elder Liang smiled, “Look at Elder Dog. He seems so happy. However, Sister Hong, can I adopt one?”

    Sister hong smiled, “No way. I’m taking care of them.”

    Elder Zhang said, “Sigh, Sister Hong, you’re a little selfish. There are three small puppies, you should give us some.”

    Fraud Tian touched his chin, “That’s illogical. Why are there only three?”

    Lin Fan didn’t expect Elder Dog to have babies so quickly. He was thinking about how long he had adopted Elder dog.

    Time past really quickly.

    The three dogs inherited Elder Dog’s superior genes. They looked snowy white and were hybrids.

    Lin Fan smiled and waved his hand, “Alright, the Lunar New Year is almost here. Let’s go back. We should have a good feast today.”

    “That sounds good.”

    “Let’s go to Dongyue Entertainment Hotel. We can go for a karaoke after that.”

    Lin Fan didn’t expect them to want to go to Liu Xu’s place. However, he didn’t mind it. Recently, she didn’t really offend him anyway. He wanted to go there to support her.

    “Let’s go.” Lin Fan waved his hand and left for their destination.


    On the way there.

    Zhao Zhong Yang was driving and Lin Fan took out his phone to call his parents.

    “Dad, when are you going to come over?”

    “I booked the tickets for the day after tomorrow.”

    “Alright, tell me when you’re here. I will fetch all of you.”


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