Chapter 791 - That's impossible

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 791: That’s impossible

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    At Dongyue Entertainment Hotel.

    When Lin Fan and the others entered the hotel, they felt really comfortable as the temperature was just right.

    “Wow, what wind brought our Master Lin here?” Then, Liu Xu appeared. She looked at Lin Fan and teased him.

    Lin Fan looked at Liu Xu, “The northwestern wind has blown me here. Will that do?”

    “Sure. Regardless of whether it’s the northwestern or northeastern wind, you’re considered to be a guest after you enter the hotel. What services do you require?” Liu Xu didn’t really have anything against Lin Fan. She was just a little unhappy. She felt as if she was the pretty boy that got trolled by a charlatan.

    However, she felt that being a lady was great. She was already used to being a beautiful lady. At the same time, she wasn’t really interested in other girls anymore. Her attitude had changed.

    “Sister Liu,” Wu You Lan smiled and went forward. “Why didn’t you come to Cloud Street to look for me?”

    Liu Xu replied, “I’ve been busy and the Lunar New Year is almost here. It’s a busy period.”

    Lin Fan said, “I’m here for a meal. Please prepare a room for us.”

    Wu You Lan and Liu Xu chatted for a moment. Then, she looked at Lin Fan, “Will you be paying for the meal?”

    Lin Fan smiled, “You sound as if I don’t usually pay for my meals.”

    Liu Xu was really feminine and sexy. She asked a waiter to come over and said, “Bring the guests to a ballroom.”

    “Yes, Chief Liu,” the waiter nodded. They were really impressed by Chief Liu. They felt that she was a woman with a successful career. Furthermore, she was really pretty. They wondered which man would have the luck to marry someone like Chief Liu.

    They were just thinking about it randomly and they didn’t dare to fantasize about it coming true.



    The shop owners were discussing.

    “Elder Liang, how much should we give in the red packet?”

    “I don’t know. I prepared $2000. What about you?”

    “Me too.”

    “Does anyone have any objection?”

    “Nope. None at all. Usually, Little Boss would treat us to meals and help us with our daily things. It’s almost the Lunar New Year and we really have to thank Little Boss.”

    “Alright, let’s give $2000 each then. We can say that it’s a celebratory gift for Elder Dog’s new puppies too.”

    The shop owners had already planned that in private.

    They wanted to give Little Boss red packets before the Lunar New Year.

    Although $2000 wasn’t a lot, it was the thought that counted.

    Of course, if they were to compare the favor that they owed Little Boss, $2000 definitely wasn’t enough. However, they just wanted to show that they cared.

    In the ballroom.

    Lin Fan asked, “Why aren’t they here yet?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang replied, “They should be on the way. Just wait for a while.”

    The speak of the devil.

    “Little Boss, we’re here!” The shop owners had arrived.

    Lin Fan smiled, “What took all of you so long? We’ve been waiting for you.”

    “Haha.” Elder Liang went forward and took out a red packet from his pocket. “Little Boss, I’m wishing you a happy Lunar New Year in advance.”

    Lin Fan immediately pushed the red packet back to him. “Wait, what do you mean by that?”

    “It’s nothing much. The Lunar New Year is almost here and Elder Dog just had new puppies. We’re really happy.” Elder Liang wanted to stuff the red packet into Lin Fan’s hands but Lin Fan didn’t want to accept it.

    “That’s pointless. This red packet is pretty thick. I think it contains at least $2000, right? If all of you were to give me red packets, then we should forget about this dinner. Let’s just go back to our own homes for dinner, alright?” Lin Fan knew what they were thinking but he wasn’t going to accept it.

    Obviously, he wouldn’t accept it.

    After interacting with them for about six months, they had fostered good relationships and there was no need for formalities.

    Elder Chen went forward, “Little Boss. Please accept it. We’ve discussed it in advance. Look, you saved my son and you’re the reason why our business is so good. If you don’t accept it, we’ll feel bad.”

    “Yeah, what Elder Chen said is true.”

    After hearing what they said, Lin Fan waved his hand, “If I were to accept your money, I would feel bad. Fine, I can accept the money and we can go back home. If not, please keep the money and we can eat a nice meal. Then, we can have another nice dinner next year. You can make a decision.”

    “That…” They were in a dilemma. “Little Boss, you…”

    All of them were willing to give him money. They had received a lot of blessing for the past six months. Master Lin was the main reason for Cloud Street’s prosperity. They just wanted to show their appreciation.

    Lin Fan said, “Keep the money. There’s no need for formalities. It’s fate that we’ve met. Now that we have good relationships, we should treasure it. I’m not the only reason why Cloud Street is doing so well now. All of you had a part to play.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang added, “What Brother Lin said is right. Everyone, keep your money. We’re really hungry.”

    The crowd looked at them helplessly.

    “Fine, we won’t give money then.”

    Lin Fan smiled, “That’s right. We’re all neighbors. We should help one another when we face difficulties. If money is involved, things would be different. If you were to think about giving me money again, I will be moving out of Cloud Street.”

    “No! Everyone, please keep the money now.”

    “Little Boss, you can’t leave. If you were to leave, where do we go?”

    “Yeah, yeah.”


    “That’s right,” Lin Fan chuckled. Then, he asked the waiter to start serving the dishes. “Come, let’s have a toast. I wish everyone a prosperous business and achieve their goals.”


    The shop owners raised the cups and toasted each other. Then, they finished it in one gulp.

    Of course, they were drinking non-alcoholic beverages. After all, they still had to drive home.

    However, those that didn’t drive naturally drank wine.


    They were really full from the alcohol and food and everyone started to brag.

    Lin Fan needed to go to the toilet badly and he left the room.

    At that moment, he saw Liu Xu smoking in a corner.

    Lin Fan said, “Chief Liu, you’re smoking? Smoking will cause you to have bad breath.”

    Liu Xu glanced at Lin Fan, “It’s an e-cigarette. Do you know what that is?”

    “It’s still a cigarette. It’s the same,” Lin Fan said.

    Liu Xu just looked away. She didn’t really care about what he said. Then, it was as if she thought of something. She immediately said, “Wait.”

    “Yeah? What is it, Chief Liu?” Lin Fan asked.

    “I would like your help. My family found me a matchmaking partner. I would like you…”


    Even before Liu Xu finished her sentence, Lin Fan looked at Liu Xu weirdly, “Did you fall for me?”

    Liu Xu was stunned, “What do you mean?”

    “What else? Are you asking me to pretend to be your boyfriend and follow you home? Then, you’re going to do something dirty to me and tie me down, right? That’s impossible. I’m not that stupid,” Lin Fan acted as if he knew what she was trying to do.

    She lowered the hand that was holding the e-cigarette. She was stunned. Then, she blushed.

    “Get lost. Pretend I’ve never seen you before.”

    Lin Fan shook his head and left. “Stop smoking. Look at your teeth. They’ve turned yellow.”

    “Your sister is yellow.” Liu Xu puffed up her chest and was fuming. There was a mirror decoration in front of her and she looked at it. Her teeth were snowy white. They weren’t yellow at all.


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