Chapter 806 - Exchanged

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 806: Exchanged

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    Zhenping Yiming gained a point, then he laughed, “Your abilities aren’t too bad. However, it’s still far from Xu Song. The odds of you winning me are practically zero.”

    His words were too arrogant. The audience watching the show couldn’t take it anymore.

    “F*ck! This b*stard is really too arrogant. He merely got one point, why does he need to be so imprudent?”

    “B*tch! All the best Zhang Zi Wen!”


    In the Japanese Broadcasting Station.

    “Gentleman Yiming has to show his true ability! These Chinese are really sorrowful. Can’t they see that Gentleman Yiming is going easy on him?”

    “Indeed! How could Gentleman Yiming not receive that initial ball? They really think that they are the best.”

    “Haha! Zhenping Yiming is going to defeat another Chinese opponent today! It’s too exciting!”

    “Continue to watch the broadcast. Let’s see what the Chinese are going to do.”


    Zhang Zi Wen took a deep breath. His breathing was somewhat hurried, and the pressure on him suddenly became much greater.

    Normal people might not be able to tell, but he could already feel that the other party was just throwing the game before this. Right now, he was afraid that he was showing his true abilities.

    The only thing was that he didn’t expect this b*stard to be so good.

    He couldn’t lose. He definitely could not lose!

    He grunted to cheer himself on. After which, he served.

    Everyone was watching in anticipation.

    Each second and minute passed by.

    10 : 4

    Everyone was stunned.

    It wasn’t Zhang Zi Wen who was leading, but rather, it was the Japanese.

    It was the last point. If he were to lose this, he would truly be done for.

    Zhang Zi Wen had a head full of perspiration and this hands started to tremble. The pressure on him was so immense he felt like he was going to collapse.

    He took every ball very seriously, without relaxing for a single moment.

    But he just didn’t know why he couldn’t receive some balls.

    Furthermore, he had already calculated, his opponent was an expert. His counter-attacks were extremely fast. At times, he couldn’t even react in time.

    Zhenping Yiming held the ball and sneered, “It’s the last point. Are you ready?”

    Even though he was speaking in Japanese and nobody could understand him, but there were translated subtitles for the audience watching on their TV screens. They closed their eyes in despair.

    There was no chance of winning left.

    It’s over.


    The round started.

    It took merely six seconds.

    Zhang Zi Wen stared blankly at the table tennis ball bouncing on the ground while he stood rooted to the ground.

    How did it turn out like this?

    Zhenping Yiming placed the bat on the table and jerked his shoulders, “I won. Easy peasy.”

    The audience saw this expression. They couldn’t wait to kill this b*stard.

    In the Broadcasting Station.

    “I can’t watch longer. I’m turning it off. Take care, everybody.”

    “My mood was originally pretty good today, however, after watching Shanghai TV, I feel like dying.”

    “F*ck your mom, Shanghai TV! Just you wait!”

    The host looked at the situation on-set. He didn’t even know what he should say. He looked at Zhang Zi Wen, continued to stand frozen on the stop, and said nervously, “In a competition of skills, having winners and losers are very common. A huge thank you to both of them for bringing us an entertaining match!”

    Zhang Zi Wen lowered his head. Although he was currently recording a live show, his eyes still turned red.

    He failed to live up to everyone’s expectations.

    The host looked at Zhang Zi Wen in front of him and comforted him softly, getting him to calm down.

    At this moment, he looked down at the audience, then at the guests’ table.

    His gaze locked directly at Master Lin. He knew that the situation was going out of control and the show was over. However, he still hoped that someone would be able to flip this situation around.

    However, even a professional national team member had lost. Looking at his prospects, how could he ever match up to this Japanese.

    At this moment, the host and Master Lin looked face to face.

    From what he knew, Master Lin was an amazing person. Many miracles happened in his hands. However, the situation now didn’t only require a miracle to win, but rather, it needed an absolute display of ability.

    All of a sudden, the host wondered if his vision was becoming blurred.

    He realized that Master Lin’s lips were moving. Furthermore, he had nodded in his direction.

    Even though he didn’t understand lip-reading, but the shape of Master Lin’s mouth wasn’t hard to interpret.

    “Let me do it.”

    Although he wasn’t too sure if that was what he meant, but it seemed to be the meaning his lips were trying to express.

    At this moment, the host didn’t bother about too much. He already deeply trusted Master Lin.

    “The match just now was very entertaining. However, one of our guests would like to play against the champion of the Asian Championships. Let us welcome Master Lin up on stage!”

    Lin Fan laughed inwardly. It seemed like the host wasn’t stupid and could understand him.

    The desolated audience in the live broadcasting room was stunned when they heard the host.

    “What the f*ck? What’s this?”

    “Master Lin is going up on stage? This host must have hurt his brain. Wouldn’t this just throw Master Lin’s reputation away?”

    “F*ck! Master Lin is already getting ridiculed just for being a guest. What a dumb host. Do you f*cking think that Master Lin is an all-rounded athlete?”

    “F*ck! I’ll f*ck your mum Shanghai TV. If you disgrace my idol, I’ll f*ck your whole family!”

    “Master Lin don’t go up! Don’t ever go up! Don’t disgrace yourself!”


    However, from their point of view, Master Lin stood up and walked to the stage with a smile.

    “I don’t know how to play table tennis and I’ve never played it, yet you want me to play against a professional? The pressure is really huge.” Lin Fan laughed as he walked to the stage.

    “Ah?” The host was stunned as he looked at Lin Fan as if he couldn’t react.

    He didn’t expect that Master Lin wouldn’t know how to play.

    What was the meaning of his nod and his moving lips?

    Lin Fan went beside the host and whispered, “Watch me.”

    The host spun his head and looked up at Master Lin. His heart skipped a beat, but very quickly, he calmed back down.

    “Master Lin, you said you don’t know how to play table tennis?”

    Lin Fan replied, “I can’t say that I don’t know how to. I’ve played it once in a while. I’ve played twice against Xu Song. He told me that my skills are adequate and if I were to practice it seriously, I would still make the amateur level.”

    “Ah? Master Lin, you’ve played against Xu Song?”

    Lin Fan laughed, “I played against him on that stone table over there. I feel that my skills are okay.”

    In the National Team.

    “Xu Song, you’ve played against Master Lin before?”

    Xu Song was stunned, “No I haven’t. I have never even seen him before.”

    “Then this is…” Everyone was stunned. They didn’t quite understand.

    On the Internet.

    “Master Lin has played against Xu Song before?”

    “They played my a*s! Master Lin doesn’t even know Xu Song.”

    “What does Master Lin mean then?”

    “You ask me but who am I going to ask?”


    Master Lin picked up the bat, “I’m quite rusty, but I think I can play against the champion of the Asian Championships. I’m feeling rather up to it.”

    Zhenping Yiming looked at the person in front of him. His heart was full of disdain. Wasn’t he just looking to be abused?

    However, he didn’t mind showing off today, giving the Japanese a good lesson.

    Lin Fan opened the Encyclopedia.

    He looked at the table tennis knowledge. It was rather expensive. It required 1000 Encyclopedic points.

    However, this situation was different. He had to destroy his opponent.

    He exchanged his points for it.


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