Chapter 815 - Just eat i

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 815: Just eat it

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    Henry Wang didn’t expect things to have turned out this way.

    Typical people would definitely be ecstatic and would make a scallion pancake just for him. However, this situation left him speechless.

    This fella didn’t even care about Michelin stars at all.

    “Can I have one? It is simply too difficult to buy one here,” Henry Wang said.

    He hoped that he would give him a scallion pancake for him to judge it.

    Lin Fan shook his head, “I can’t do that. I only sell ten pieces a day. If I were to give it to you, the others would be unhappy. I am really fair here. Therefore, just come here tomorrow. I believe you’ll be able to buy it tomorrow.”

    Henry Wang wanted to curse his mom. Buy my a*s. Couldn’t he see how many people there were? There were a few hundred people trying to buy ten scallion pancakes. It was literally impossible.

    He didn’t dare to imagine how things would be like if he were to wait for a month just for a scallion pancake.

    However, he knew that things couldn’t be negotiated further after seeing Lin Fan’s expressions.

    The other townsfolk nodded.

    “Look, that is our Little Boss. The fair Little Boss.”

    “So what if he is from the Michelin company? Our Little Boss doesn’t care about it.”

    “That’s right. Don’t ever think of our Little Boss to be a typical man. That doesn’t work.”

    Henry Wang sighed and felt really helpless. He felt that the stupid rules here were terrifying.

    However, he was really craving for the scallion pancakes. He had smelled the aroma for so many days and his only aim was to taste the scallion pancakes.

    However, he wasn’t given a chance at all.

    Henry Wang kept his documents and wanted to leave the shop. At that moment, the re-sellers found out about this Caucasian and wanted to sell a scallion pancake to him.

    Especially since a re-seller managed to get a scallion pancake that day.

    He hurried over to Henry Wang, “Hey, my international friend. Hi, do you want to buy a scallion pancake?”

    Henry Wang nodded sadly, “Yeah.”

    “You should’ve said it earlier. I have it with me,” the re-seller said as he took out a well-packaged scallion pancake.

    Henry Wang was ecstatic when he saw the scallion pancake, “Are you really willing to give it to me?”

    “No, no. You have to give me this…” the re-seller said as he made a hand gesture.


    Fraud Tian looked at the situation and was speechless. “Hey, do you think it’s really good to let a re-seller sell our pancakes outside our shop?”

    Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, “That’s okay. He was lucky to have it. Why can’t we let him sell it?”

    Fraud Tian sighed, “Sigh, how helpless. If only you raised the prices. That would be good.”

    Lin Fan smiled, “I’m not a dishonest man.”

    What was the average price of his scallion pancakes in the black market?

    Previously, when they asked a re-seller, the prices started from $10,000. Lin Fan was filled with pride when he heard that.

    Meanwhile, the re-seller was still talking to Henry Wang.

    “How much is that?” Henry Wang asked.

    He felt that he was the most pitiful judge ever. The other judges got to taste free food while he had to spend money to taste it. If people were to find out about this, his friends would definitely laugh at him.

    The re-seller raised two fingers, “$20,000.”

    “Huh?” Henry Wang was stunned, “How much?”

    The re-seller said, “$20,000. Don’t belittle this scallion pancake. This was made by Master Lin. The taste is simply out of this world. Look at my phone. There are a lot of people asking me to sell them the scallion pancake. I saw that you needed it and therefore I wanted to sell it to you to show that I care about our foreign friends here.”

    He didn’t want to say anything else. He felt that he was being sucked into a trap. He got lured to Cloud Street and smelled the aroma of scallion pancakes for a few days. He didn’t manage to buy any of it and there was a re-seller that was trying to sell him a scallion pancake for $20,000. That was insane.

    “It’s too expensive,” Henry Wang shook his head.

    The re-seller replied, “Sigh, this Michelin judge doesn’t know what he is buying. Master Lin’s scallion pancakes are worth more than $20,000. There are a lot of gourmets who are dying to try this scallion pancake. They’re offering high prices. I think you can’t compare to them. Forget it, I’ll sell it to someone else.”

    When Henry Wang heard that, he didn’t want to give in to him.

    He didn’t expect someone to belittle him. It was an insult to him and his professionalism.

    “Don’t leave. I’ll buy it.” Henry Wang didn’t think too much about it. He just wanted to try the scallion pancake. He couldn’t stand being insulted anymore.

    If his colleagues were to find out that he spent $20,000 on a scallion pancake, they would think that he was crazy.

    He took the scallion pancake and went outside the shop.

    “Boss, can I review it in front of you?” Henry Wang asked.

    Lin Fan nodded, “Sure, go ahead.”

    The surrounding townsfolk hadn’t left yet. They gathered there and were waiting to see what this Caucasian was up to.

    Henry Wang opened the bag and the aroma filled the air. He smelled it and observed it. “The aroma is so good. It’s something I have never smelled before.”

    Lin Fan nodded. He wanted to let him continue commenting on it.

    Henry Wang continued, “However, the ingredients can’t make it. Look at it, they’re probably really cheap. Look here too. Although it looks really exquisitely made, the ingredients aren’t scattered evenly. If I were to judge it professionally, I can only give it a really low score.”

    The surrounding townsfolk looked at each other.

    “What is this fella trying to do?”

    “I don’t know. I think he is trying to criticise Little Boss’s scallion pancake.”

    “D*mn, he’s probably trying to take revenge.”

    “F*ck, why is he saying so much rubbish? He should just eat it. It’ll make him cry.”

    Henry Wang observed it closely and shook his head regretfully. “I don’t know why so many of you love this scallion pancake so much. With my professional observation, this scallion pancake is a failure. It just has a really good aroma. I’m afraid the taste would disappoint me.”

    “Because the key to making a delicious dish is the ingredients. You have to use the best ones. If not, it would greatly affect the taste. Sigh, I can’t believe I queued up for four days for this. It is a little disappointing.”

    Henry Wang kept commenting about the scallion pancake but he hadn’t taken any bites yet.

    Lin Fan wasn’t angry. He knew what the outcome was going to be like.

    This situation was pretty common and it was normal.

    “Have a bite then,” Lin Fan said calmly.

    Henry Wang shook his head, “Initially, I wouldn’t eat it but since I spent $20,000 on this, it’d be a waste if I were to throw it away.”

    After taking a bite.

    “I’m just…”


    Everyone became silent.

    Henry Wang’s eyes widened. It was as if there was a fire in his eyes. All of his taste buds were tantalized by the scallion pancake.

    He felt as if his soul had been shaken.

    In his mind, he felt as if he was being surrounded by a lot of delicious dishes. However, he couldn’t bear to eat any of them. Then, a giant scallion pancake appeared in the skies and dropped on his face.


    Henry Wang suddenly screamed. He touched his chest and looked licentious.

    The crowd was stunned when they saw his expression.

    “What is this Caucasian doing? What is he experiencing?”

    “I don’t know. Why are his expressions more exaggerated than ours?”

    Lin Fan looked at Henry Wang and shook his head helplessly. Then, he waved towards the townsfolk.

    “Alright, let’s disperse. Let this foreigner enjoy this.”

    “Ah! It’s so delicious. How can it be so delicious?” Then, Henry Wang shouted as if he didn’t care about what the others thought of him. He started to take bigger bites and talked to himself.

    “How can it be? Why?”

    “I feel like crying.”

    The people at Cloud Street were already used to this situation. It was just that this Caucasian’s expressions were more exaggerated than others.

    However, they decided to forgive him.

    Anyway, it wasn’t really a shameful matter.

    It was a normal sight at Little Boss’s shop.

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