Chapter 821 - Let’s have some fun then

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 821: Let’s have some fun then

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    Zhao Zhong Yang looked at the national table-tennis players in the shop and was ecstatic. Then, he asked, “Brother Lin, can I start a broadcast?”

    Lin Fan replied, “Ask them if they mind. If they don’t mind, you can do it.”

    Cui Guo Bin smiled, “It’s fine. We’re not celebrities. Just do it.”

    After getting their approval, Zhao Zhong Yang was over the moon. He immediately unlocked his phone and changed the headline.

    “The national table-tennis players have gathered at Cloud Street. Those that are passing by, do not miss out.”

    After starting the broadcast, a large group of viewers came.

    “D*mn, Brother Yang. Which national players are there?”

    “F*ck, isn’t that Cui Guo Bin?”

    “That’s Xu Song.”

    “D*mn, there are so many of the first team players. What are they doing? Are they trying to challenge Master Lin?”

    “Obviously not. Master Lin is awesome. Who would dare to play against him?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang held his phone and pointed it towards them. “Come, please introduce yourselves to my fans.”

    Cui Guo Bin had never been in a broadcast before but he had been on several TV shows. He smiled, “Hi, everyone. I am Cui Guo Bin.”

    The broadcast room went crazy.

    “That’s really Cui Guo Bin. Why are they at Master Lin’s shop?”

    “I’m filled with anticipation.”

    Xu Song also greeted the viewers, “I am here at Master Lin’s shop to get him to treat my old injury. Master Lin said it’s easily curable. I wouldn’t be as tired when I play in the future.”

    “D*mn, they’re there to treat their illness?”

    “Yeah, Xu Song has an old injury. It always comes back. It came back during the previous Asia championships. That’s how he got humiliated by the Japanese athlete. If he were to recover from it, he would definitely be able to fight for the top spot again.”

    “He’s found the right person. Master Lin is a godly doctor. There’s nothing he can’t treat.”

    “Would he be having a friendly match with Master Lin? We’re so excited to watch.”

    A lot of people started entering the broadcast room. Although the table-tennis players weren’t celebrities, a lot of people loved table-tennis. Furthermore, the broadcasting company also found out about this particular broadcast.

    They immediately pushed Zhao Zhong Yang’s broadcast to the top of the platform so that people could see it easily.

    Although Zhao Zhong Yang was a famous broadcaster of the company, it wasn’t a steady job. He didn’t have a programme that was dedicated to him. However, his broadcasts were always shockingly good.

    After all, he was always with Master Lin and the people he dealt with were naturally extraordinary.

    Cui Guo Bin was really concerned about Xu Song. He asked, “Master Lin, does he need to do anything for the treatment?”

    “No. I’ll be giving him a tuina massage. Then, I’ll be giving him a Chinese medicine prescription. It’ll be done after one or two more treatments,” Lin Fan said and smiled. If Xu Song was willing to rest for another six months, other doctors would have been able to treat it effectively with the given modern technology.

    However, which passionate athlete would be able to accept that?

    Lin Fan pressed onto Xu Song’s leg and massaged it with an ancient tuina method. The mystical boost of the Encyclopedia was also activated. That improved his blood circulation greatly and it was really effective.

    Cui Guo Bin and the others sat beside him and looked. They didn’t notice any difference.

    However, they knew that he was a godly doctor after all. If they could tell what he was doing, they would have become godly doctors by now.

    After twenty minutes, Lin Fan stopped. Then, he wrote the prescription on a piece of paper.

    “Alright. When you return back, go and get your medicine from any Chinese Medical Hall. Consume your medicine regularly and rest for another week. Then, your injury would be gone,” Lin Fan said.

    Xu Song felt a weird burning sensation on his leg but it felt really good.

    The other teammates looked at him in disbelief, “Master Lin, that’s all?”

    Cui Guo Bin glared at him, “What is it? Master Lin is a godly doctor. He wouldn’t do anything wrong, would he?” Then, he looked at Xu Song, “How do you feel?”

    Xu Song was stunned, “Brother Cui, I feel much better. My legs have a nice burning sensation. It’s as if I’m in a sauna.”

    In the broadcast room.

    “D*mn, that’s awesome. Master Lin’s treatment is always shockingly good.”

    “F*ck, I just tried to massage myself but I don’t feel anything. I just feel my hands getting tired.”

    “Haha, how can you compare yourself to Master Lin? Master Lin is a godly doctor.”

    “Haha, if Xu Song’s old injury gets fixed, he would definitely be even better. That stupid Zhenping Yiming would be doomed.”

    “^ Stop talking about him. According to what I know, that fella became more honest after he went back to Japan. The Japanese news reported that he didn’t want to play table-tennis anymore. I think he feels really defeated after being defeated by Master Lin. He’s probably going to change his profession.”

    “D*mn, really?”


    Just as what the person in the broadcasting room said, Zhenping Yiming really got defeated by Lin Fan. After returning to Japan, he didn’t receive anything but mockery.

    He was really proud when he won the Asia championships. However, he got thrashed by non-athlete on TV. That was such a joke.

    Xu Song felt much better about his injury. He believed that he would be undefeatable as long as his leg healed. He was prepared to teach the Japanese team a good lesson after he recovered.

    Of course, he was really grateful for Master Lin. Although he hadn’t recovered, he believed that Master Lin wouldn’t let him down since he was a godly doctor.

    Zhao Zhong Yang said, “Master Lin, you should take a picture with them. I’ll take it for you.”

    Cui Guo Bin said, “That’s good. I’ll post it on Weibo too. If not, the manager would think that I brought my teammates out to play and skipped training.”

    Lin Fan sat beside Cui Guo Bin and the other teammates stood behind them.”

    “Say cheese!”


    After taking it, he sent the picture to all the table-tennis athletes and everyone started to post it on Weibo.

    Some of the athletes felt that they needed to depend on Master Lin’s popularity to boost their own reputation.

    Xu Song posted the picture on Weibo, “Thank you, Master Lin, for treating my leg.”

    Cui Guo Bin also posted, “I came to Shanghai to beat Master Lin in table-tennis.”

    Of course, when he said that, all the netizens just laughed.

    Master Lin’s table-tennis skills were insanely good. If they didn’t watch the TV programme, they would have thought that Master Lin was a pushover. However, everyone felt that Cui Guo Bin and the rest were just asking for it.

    At noon.

    Lin Fan brought them out for lunch. They were guests after all and he had to entertain them. Fraud Tian was really happy. He didn’t really care about anything but good food.

    They had a good meal.

    Cui Guo Bin smiled, “Master Lin, let’s find a place to practice our skills. Shall we?”

    Lin Fan looked at Cui Guo Bin and smiled, “That wouldn’t be good.”

    “What’s so bad about it? That Japanese that you thrashed is someone that we can thrash too. If you don’t believe me, we can have a match. I’ll show you the true power of our national team. How does that sound?”

    Xu Song covered his face in shame. Brother Cui must have had too much alcohol. He was bragging too much.

    They had analyzed Master Lin’s capabilities. How could he forget about that after drinking?

    It wasn’t a typical match. They were doomed.

    “Sure, let’s have some fun then.” He didn’t have anything on in the afternoon and he was okay with spending his time with the national table-tennis team.

    At the same time, he could showcase his talent and do some exercise.

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