Chapter 829 - The pill concoction has started

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 829: The pill concoction has started

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    In the car.

    Zhao Ming Qing’s face was filled with eagerness. He said, “Teacher, what kind of pill are?you planning to concoct this time?”

    Lin Fan had no idea what pill to concoct. He had to see what kind of ingredients were available to him. If the ingredients were not available, even if he concocted it, it would all be for nothing.

    “I’ll have to see first. If the ingredients are not available, then I won’t be able to concoct certain types of pills,” Lin Fan said.

    When Zhao Ming Qing heard this, his breathing started to become faster as he said, “Teacher, does this mean that you have researched more than one type of pill this time?”

    Lin Fan nodded and said, “Yep, I’ve researched a few. However, right now, they are just theories. I’ll have to personally try them for myself to know if they work or not.”

    Of course, he has just trying to be modest. Everything was all certain already, all he needed were the ingredients. As long as the ingredients were there, even asking him to make a magic pill would be no problem at all.

    However, as far as this ‘magical pill’ and what not, they were just thoughts in his mind. He would be dreaming if he really wanted to concoct one of those. Even if he were to risk his life, he would not be able to concoct it.

    Zhao Ming Qing had complete confidence in what Lin Fan said and he replied, “Teacher, I believe that you can do it.”

    Lin Fan felt very grateful to have such a faithful disciple.

    Where else could he find such a loyal disciple?

    If he was able to make a pill that could restore a person’s youth, he would definitely give it to his disciple with no hesitation at all.

    Soon, they reached the Chinese medicine company.

    Originally, they would not let just anyone inside. However, Zhao Ming Qing held a high position so that was not a problem at all. Furthermore, Lin Fan was also the Godly Doctor. Naturally, all these Chinese medicine companies wanted to get close to the Godly Doctor.

    “Godly Doctor Lin, Director Zhao, welcome,” the moment Lin Fan and Zhao Ming Qing arrived, the person in charge of the Chinese medicine company rushed there in shock.

    Zhao Ming Qing smiled and said, “Teacher, look, the last time I came here, no one welcomed me at all. Then, this time, they personally come and receive us. I’m afraid that with your status as the Godly Doctor, they don’t recognize anyone else at all.”

    Lin Fan laughed and then greeted the man in charge.

    “Hello. You guys even came here personally to receive us. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.”

    The man in charge of this Chinese medicine company was at least 50 or 60 years old. At that moment, he was all smiles as he said, “No trouble, no trouble at all. For Master Lin and Director Zhao to personally come here, I naturally have to come and receive them. Please, come inside.”

    Lin Fan got straight to the point and said, “I’m coming here right now because I want to concoct a few Chinese medicine pills. I’ve done the research already so I just want to go and check your stock. Is that already?”

    If anyone else said that, the man in charge would have been furious and chased them out.

    To want to go inside and take a look was simply thinking too much.

    However, the person in front of him was Master Lin, the Godly Doctor in both Chinese and western medicine. Countless major hospitals have tried to hire him as a lecturer but have not succeeded.

    And now today, godly doctor Lin has come to their Chinese medicine store to pick up ingredients. What does that show? It definitely means that their stock and their quality was very good.

    This was basically an intangible form advertisement for them.

    Furthermore, if they could bolster their relationship with Godly Doctor Lin, then in the future, if he were to be stationed at some hospital, their sales of medical ingredients will definitely rise.

    Thus, when Lin Fan made this request, there was no form of denial at all.

    “Sure, you can definitely do that. No one else is allowed to but I definitely can’t say no to you Master Lin. Please, take a look around. If you see anything you want, let me know. I’ll immediately get someone to help you out,” the man in charge was extremely polite.

    Lin Fan laughed. He felt like all this while he had not realized how useful his title was.

    Since the man was so friendly already, naturally, he could not be unfriendly.

    “Thank you for that,” Lin Fan politely said.

    “There’s no need for thanks.”

    Lin Fan exchanged looks with Zhao Ming Qing and then without saying a word, they headed to the storehouse to select their ingredients.

    Zhao Ming Qing did not say anything else. He had no idea what kind of ingredients his teacher wanted so he could only just stand at the side and watch.

    With a short glance, he could see the storehouse was completely filled with Chinese medicine. The smell of the Chinese medicine was also very strong.

    Lin Fan carefully looked around and searched for the ingredients that he needed.

    If there were ingredients that he could not find, he hoped to find similar ingredients that could fill their void. It was very hard to concoct pills with these substitutes even though he had done it earlier with the ‘Little Intelligence Pill’.

    1 to 2 hours passed by.

    Lin Fan had selected a few ingredients and was feeling pretty satisfied.

    At the moment, he had only found the complete ingredients for a few ordinary pills. If he could concoct them, then he could probably try refining some of the higher end ones.

    However, the probability of this was pretty small. He did not know how many times he would have to try in order to concoct these pills.

    The man in charge walked up to him and said, “Master Lin, are you done selecting already?”

    Lin Fan nodded and replied, “Yep. I’m done selecting already. These are the ingredients I’ve chosen.

    The man in charge took a look and then immediately passed down the orders and got his workers to start preparing the goods.

    For this session of refining, he did not require too many ingredients. He only needed enough to succeed.

    When he was preparing to settle the bill, the man in charge declined it. In his eyes, he did not want to accept any money and want to just give him the goods.

    However, Lin Fan did not want to owe people this kind of small favors. If not, next time, when others came to him with problems if would not be good to say no. He paid how much he was supposed to, then they took a picture together and then left the area.


    Lin Fan said, “Ming Qing, the alchemy furnace that you made the last time is still in the storehouse right?”

    “It’s still there. I have gotten people to look after it and maintain it. It does not have any damages at all,” Zhao Ming Qing said. That alchemy furnace came at a high price and was not easy to get.

    If it were to be lost or if it were to be damaged, it would be a huge pity.

    The main thing was that the alchemy furnace was an old antique. It definitely had a lot of history behind it. In the olden times, it was used for alchemy. After that, it became an artifact and it was being placed in Taoist temples.

    When Zhao Ming Qing knew that his teacher needed it, he spent a large sum of money to buy it.

    In the storehouse.

    Lin Fan looked at the alchemy furnace in front of him. He was pretty excited as this round of pill concocting was different from before.

    In the past, he had not received the Wuxia major classification of knowledge and needed an open fire to concoct pills. However, it was different now. His strength was unmatched and he did not need an open fire to concoct pills. However, since Zhao Ming Qing was still here, he had to stay low-profile.

    Although Ming Qing was his disciple and had a lot of loyalty to him, he did not want anyone else to know that he had powers that humans simply could not have.

    “Ming Qing, this round of pill concocting is the most important of all. I can’t have any distractions at all. Thus, I need you to wait outside,” Lin Fan had no hesitation in being boastful.

    Zhao Ming Qing did not give it a second thought and said, “Yep, Teacher, I understand. Your student will be outside to keep watch for you.”

    Lin Fan nodded. When Ming Qing left, he immediately started putting the ingredients into the alchemy furnace one by one.

    The pill concoction had started.


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