Chapter 860 - I can't lose face

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 860: I can’t lose face

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    At the hospital!

    One of the head doctors was really excited and he was looking forward to the surgery. However, when he found out that he couldn’t watch it, he was really disappointed. Then, he looked at the director, “Director, it’s such a pity to be unable to watch Godly Doctor Lin perform his surgery.”

    “Sigh, we can’t do anything about it. Godly Doctor Lin refuses to let anyone see it. We can only wait here.” The Director said helplessly. It was a really good learning experience. Although it was considered to be a plastic surgery, it was a type of fortune to be able to see Godly Doctor Lin in action.

    “I saw the patient and her face is severely burned. Can Godly Doctor Lin regain her looks?” Another doctor asked curiously.

    He wasn’t doubting the medical skills of Godly Doctor Lin. It was because he knew that it was impossible to regain the looks of a severely burned patient with the current technology.

    It would probably still be impossible five or ten years from now.

    The Director replied, “Don’t make wild guesses. Since Godly Doctor Lin is willing to do it, he is obviously confident about it. You should know that Godly Doctor Lin’s medical skills are not something that we can imagine.”

    In the past, Lin Fan had done voluntary medical treatment to complete his Encyclopedic task. He had cured a lot of complicated diseases. Some of them were impossible to be treated with the current technology. However, what happened in the end?

    Those patients recovered fully after being treated by Master Lin. They were living miracles in the history of medical cases.

    As long as a person knew some medical knowledge, he/she would know Godly Doctor Lin.

    A lot of top hospitals wanted Godly Doctor Lin to be their hospital’s honorary specialist but they were all rejected.

    The Director felt that they were lucky to have Godly Doctor Lin visit their hospital. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be selected by the Godly Doctor.

    Everyone knew that the Director of Shanghai’s First Chinese Medical Academy asked the Godly Doctor to be his mentor. Now, his abilities improved tremendously. Was it something that could be achieved?

    The reporters waited outside. They wanted to know how Master Lin was going to treat her.

    They had been shocked by Master Lin’s words.

    He said that she’d be able to recover in one day.

    If that was true, it would be law-defying.

    It was something that they didn’t dare to imagine.

    The reporters surrounded the doctors that were waiting outside. They couldn’t find anyone to interview and they decided to interview them to get some other information.

    “Hi, may I know what do you think of this matter?”

    The Director was used to being interviewed by reporters. He wasn’t going to be like the professional plastic surgeons and say that it was impossible. He answered reasonably, “Regarding this, I think that it is impossible to be accomplished with the current level of technology and medical knowledge. However, I trust Godly Doctor Lin and I believe a miracle is going to happen.”

    The reporter didn’t expect the Director to have spoken so highly of Master Lin. They continued to ask, “Is it because Master Lin’s medical skills are really good and therefore you believe him?”

    The Director smiled, “Actually, you don’t have to ask that. Everyone here can tell you that we really respect Godly Doctor Lin’s medical skills.”

    The reporters continued to ask more questions and the Director and doctors didn’t reject them. They were still a little doubtful about this but they trusted Godly Doctor Lin’s medical skills a lot.

    These people were the fans of Lin Fan in the medical world. They could confirm that his medical skills were insanely superior.

    In the surgical theatre.

    Lin Fan comforted her, “Don’t be nervous. Just lie down over there and it’ll be over soon.”

    It wouldn’t be possible for Jin Shan Ping to be calm. She felt that she couldn’t breathe properly as she lied down on the operating table.

    “Master Lin, will I really be able to regain my looks?” Jin Shan Ping grabbed onto Lin Fan’s sleeves and looked at him. She looked like she wanted some reassurance.

    “Yes, you will,” Lin Fan smiled and answered. It was to boost her confidence. If she wasn’t confident, she wouldn’t be able to trust him fully.

    He was really confident about it. However, he wasn’t sure if the medicinal pill could be used to treat Jin Shan Ping’s severe burns effectively.

    If it wasn’t able to treat it, he’d be doomed.

    He couldn’t afford to lose face.

    If the medicinal pill didn’t work, he would have to do extra things to accomplish it. He could afford to lose Encyclopedic Points since he could earn them back. However, he couldn’t take his bragging rights back.

    “Go to sleep. When you wake up, you’ll realize how different the world looks.” Then, Lin Fan immediately let Jin Shan Ping go to deep sleep.

    If she was conscious, it would be more challenging for him.

    When Jin Shan Ping was unconscious, Lin Fan immediately took out the medicinal pill.

    It was something that he had crafted after spending so much time and effort. It had to work.

    The perfect-grade Beautifying Pill was considered to be of little value among all the medicinal pills. However, it was said to be practical and effective.

    He immediately placed the medicinal pill in Jin Shan Ping’s mouth and pressed her throat for her to swallow it.

    Now, he just had to wait for it to take effect.

    Time past normally.

    Suddenly, the effects started to take place.

    Jin Shan Ping’s burned flesh started to squirm. It was like a butterfly trying to break out of a cocoon.

    “Looks like I have to do something extra.” Lin Fan immediately took a surgical knife and sliced Jin Shan Ping’s burned flesh. It looked like there was new flesh growing under her skin.

    “Looks like I gotta continue working on it.” Lin Fan understood the limitations of the medicinal pill. It was useful but it required him to work on it too.

    The martial arts knowledge classification was law-defying. He had already reached its peak and he knew a lot of ways to treat injuries.

    He immediately covered Jin Shan Ping’s face with his palm and the energy started to transfer to her squirming flesh. The mystical boost of the Encyclopedia was also being activated.

    Lin Fan felt that if the usage of three magical energies didn’t work, he’d be better off committing suicide.


    The people outside had been waiting for quite some time.

    Besides the reporters, the doctors were really anxious too.

    “What is happening inside?”

    “I don’t know. One hour has passed. I think we have to wait longer.”

    “It’s making me so anxious. I wonder if he succeeded.”

    The reporters had been waiting for a long time. They wanted to be the first ones to see the results. There were a lot of people online that were waiting to see the latest news.

    There were already a total of one million votes in the Weibo poll.

    Only 150,000 people felt that Master Lin would succeed.

    The remaining people felt that he was literally dreaming.

    Even most of the loyal righteous fans of Master Lin voted that it was impossible.

    The Director said, “Don’t be anxious. This is a highly complicated surgery. He might even need more than 24 hours for this.”

    A reporter replied, “Director, when we interviewed Master Lin, he said that he was going to use a medicinal pill. He wasn’t going to operate on her.”

    The Director was stunned when he heard that.

    “Medicinal pill treatment?”

    He was stunned. What kind of medicinal pill was he talking about?

    He couldn’t accept it at all. Because he felt that it was impossible for a medicinal pill to have such powerful effects. It was impossible.


    The doors of the surgical theatre were opened.

    Everyone turned to look at the door.

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