Chapter 874 - One step closer

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 874: One step closer

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    This time, the ‘Silent Priest’ became more serious. He didn’t expect that this benefactor had such strong skills.

    He couldn’t believe his chess skills.

    Lin Fan said, “Priest friend, you can make the first move this time.”

    He reciprocated his kindness, and in an instant, their relationship became one step closer.

    The ‘Silent Priest’ couldn’t speak his mind even if he wanted to. As for humility, he didn’t even need to think about it. Based on the chess skills of his opposition, if he were to modestly decline his offer, he was afraid that the outcome would be the same – he would still lose.

    Hence, this time around, the ‘Silent Priest’ looked at the chessboard and thought about his move very seriously. He finally figured out his move. It could be said that all his moves were incomparably serious. He had to show his true strength.

    “Good! Beautiful move!” Lin Fan gasped, “Even though it’s only the first move, but the opening move is filled with mystery.”

    If not for the ‘Silent Priest’ being unable to speak, he would have started scolding him.

    This is merely the first move. You call it beautiful? How is it beautiful?

    Moreover, he was slowly beginning to fear the word ‘beautiful’. Every time he heard it, he would feel as if his heart was being gripped and would have a feeling that something wasn’t right.

    Lin Fan looked at the chessboard. He thought for a while before making his next move.

    He felt that this relationship with the Priest friend had become much closer. It seemed like adapting to his taste was a good choice.

    They each took turns to make their moves.

    The ‘Silent Priest’ slowly started to smile. He calmly plotted his killing move. His opponent was deeply in trouble. It wouldn’t be easy to figure his move out.

    When he put down another piece, his smile became even brighter. He looked at Lin Fan as if trying to say, “Come at me!”


    When he heard this word, the ‘Silent Priest’ felt his heart being gripped even tighter. As of now, he was most afraid of hearing that word.

    This was because it wasn’t even something good.

    Lin Fan glanced at him and momentarily gasped, “Priest friend, this move of yours is really just too beautiful. You actually managed to plot such a huge strategy while remaining calm and collected. That’s practically unheard of in the vast chess scene. However, I already have my own strategy to counter it.”

    The ‘Silent Priest’ swallowed his saliva. He had the thought of abandoning the game, but he resisted it.

    The priest by his side was at a loss for words long before this.

    He knew his own Master was on the verge of exploding. He could just feel it.

    When Lin Fan put down a piece, he smiled, “Priest friend, what do you think of this move? I’ve turned my danger into my safety. You tried to lure me into a trap, but I’ve also been luring you into my trap.”

    “Entertaining! This is simply just too entertaining! Priest friend, your chess skills are extraordinary.”

    The ‘Silent Priest’ wanted to open his mouth to speak, but he couldn’t. Although his opponent was complimenting him, he didn’t know why but it felt a little weird.

    Moreover, he couldn’t even express it in words.

    He racked his brains while looking at the chessboard. He finally understood that his opposition’s chess skills were just too great. Even he himself couldn’t match up to him.

    Every move that he made was already anticipated by the other party. This made him lose all hope of winning.

    The priest felt that his Master was distressed and he began to feel panicky, yet he didn’t know how he could help his Master.

    “Priest friend, my move isn’t that bad either, right?” Lin Fan asked.

    The ‘Silent Priest’ nodded his head, admitting to his question. Thereafter, he stared rigidly at the chessboard. With his level of skills, he just didn’t believe that he wouldn’t find a way to beat his strategy.


    The eyes of the ‘Silent Priest’ lit up. He had found a lifeline! After which, he smiled and calmly made his next move.

    The priest by his side couldn’t understand such a high-level game of chess, but he could understand his Master’s smile.

    Inwardly, he felt happy, because evidently, his Master had found a way to win.

    “Beautiful. It’s really too beautiful.” Lin Fan looked at the chessboard. He didn’t expect that the ‘Silent Priest’ would be able to figure out that move. It seemed that he really had some skill. However, this was all from the point of view of an ordinary person.

    The ‘Silent Priest’ chuckled. It was obvious that he was very happy with his move.

    The had lost the previous game and was feeling rather unhappy. But right now, he had found his self-confidence again.

    This move was indeed beautiful.

    But Lin Fan’s words that closely followed after made him feel that something bad was coming.

    “However, I already have a plan to counter that,” Lin Fan laughed. He picked up a piece and played it under the shock of the ‘Silent Priest’.

    The ‘Silent Priest’ was flabbergasted. He stared at the chessboard without blinking at all. All of a sudden, he felt a lot of inner rage and was about to burst out, but he still managed to hold back his emotions.

    He did not think that there was any possible way out.


    Lin Fan laughed, “Priest friend, your chess skills are indeed amazing. If I hadn’t figured out your plan before, I’m afraid that it would have been difficult for me to counter it.”

    Although he was already in the advantage, he still had to be humble.

    After all, this was what was required when making a friend. If he was too arrogant, it wouldn’t be possible.

    At this moment, the game came to an awkward stage. The ‘Silent Priest’ started to doubt his existence. He felt as if Weiqi had become Greek to him, either that or his standards had already stagnated.

    Very quickly, the game came to an end.

    The ‘Silent Priest’ had lost again.

    He didn’t even have a chance of recovery.

    Lin Fan smiled, “Come, come, Priest friend, let us play another game! Playing against you allows me to appreciate Weiqi to the fullest!”

    Another game?

    The ‘Silent Priest’ didn’t want to play another round. He didn’t even think about it.

    The priest beside him gulped. Suddenly, he thought about something.

    “Master, the tourists are here! We should go and receive them!” The priest hurriedly said.

    He had already realized that his Master couldn’t take it anymore. If this were to go on, he was afraid that he would completely lose his face.

    The ‘Silent Priest’ understood his words and became very happy. Satisfied, he nodded towards his discipline. His discipline understood him. After which, he looked at Lin Fan and smiled. He pressed his hands on top of one another, signifying that that would be all for today.

    “Priest friend, if you have things to settle, please go ahead and do it! We’ll play another time.” Lin Fan said.

    The ‘Silent Priest’ nodded his head. He lost the game but he didn’t want to lose his face. He realized that this young man before him was rather good-looking.

    His chess skills were exquisite.

    The only thing was that he lost, and he found this rather hard to accept.

    However, it was still okay.


    Looking at the ‘Silent Priest’ leave, Lin Fan felt rather happy. It seemed like the outcome was good. There was a big improvement. If he continued to work hard, then there would definitely be no problem.

    *Ring ring*

    At this moment, he received a phone call.

    Wang Ming Yang, “Brother, are you the man whom everyone is talking about on Weibo? The man who gave the little kid the pill?”

    Lin Fan hadn’t read the news that day. When he heard his words, he was momentarily stunned, “How do you know?”

    “Don’t ask me how do I know. Only the people who know who can guess that it was you. Tell me honestly, how many other secrets are you hiding?”

    Lin Fan replied, “Wait, tell me, do you think I have been found out?”

    “No one has found out it was you at the moment.”

    “That’s good. Its good no one has found out.” Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. If others were to find out, he would be in trouble.

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