Chapter 902 - Uncle is good-looking

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 902: Uncle is good-looking

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    At the hospital.

    A small silhouette ran over. A doctor that was passing by happened to see it and shouted, “Little boy, slow down. Don’t bang into anyone.”

    However, the little boy really wanted Uncle Su to wake up as soon as possible.

    In the lift.

    The little boy’s face was red and sweaty. After he had bought the Da Luo Jin Xian, he hurried over and only caught his breath when he reached the hospital. He had run so quickly that he started to cough.

    The people in the lift were confused when they saw the boy. “Little boy, why did you run so quickly? Look, you’re even coughing now.”

    The little boy smiled. “I bought Da Luo Jin Xian. My uncle can finally wake up now.”

    The people in the lift were stunned after they heard that. Some of them tried to hold their laughter in.

    This kid…

    However, some of them felt sad for him too. They knew that his uncle wasn’t going to make it.

    Just as they were thinking about it, the lift door opened. The little boy quickly rushed to the ward.

    “Uncle, I bought Da Luo Jin Xian!”

    His young and tender voice could be heard from the corridor and a lot of people started to look at him.

    They were staying at a single level ward. Everyone had seen the boy before. They knew that the boy was pretty miserable. His parents had died when he was really young and he had been following his uncle all his life. Now that his uncle was in a coma, he was probably going to become an orphan.

    The nurses at the hospital were really kind and they took great care of him. They provided him with food every day.

    However, when they thought of the boy’s enthusiasm and excitement, they were heartbroken. They didn’t know how to tell the boy about the situation.

    They had already contacted the relevant authorities to arrange for him to live in an orphanage.

    After all, the boy’s uncle had been confirmed to be in a coma for a long time and possibly even forever.

    In the ward.

    The little boy rushed in and stood beside the bed. His face was red and he said, “Uncle, I bought it!”

    Those ladies at the other beds looked at the boy and asked, “Little boy, what did you buy? Why are you so happy?”

    They knew the boy’s situation and would always bring extra food for him whenever they visited the hospital.

    “Auntie Wang, I bought Da Luo Jin Xian. The one you mentioned!” The boy exclaimed.

    “Huh?” Auntie Wang was also a patient. Her condition was stable and she just had to be hospitalized for a short period of time. When she heard what the boy said, she was stunned.

    The boy took it out of his pocket. “Auntie Wang, look! This is the Da Luo Jin Xian that you spoke about. I went to a lot of shops to look for it and it was difficult to find.”

    They just sighed when they heard what he said. They didn’t know what to say to him.

    It was an impossible task. They wondered who had told him the white lie about this.

    The little boy didn’t say anything. He just stood by his uncle and placed a medicinal pill into his uncle’s mouth. He waited patiently by his bed.

    “Uncle, quickly wake up…”

    Then, the doctors and nurses came over to the room to check on the other patients.

    “What happened?” The doctors realized that the women’s eyes were slightly red and they didn’t know what happened.

    “This boy said he bought Da Luo Jin Xian,” a lady said.

    The doctor was stunned. He knew the situation of the boy’s uncle and he wondered who told had him about Da Luo Jin Xian.

    The boy had kept on asking them where he could buy it. They wanted to say that it was just a myth and that it didn’t exist. However, they didn’t want the boy to lose his last bit of hope and continued the lie.

    They just said the item was extremely difficult to find.

    The boy had gone to a lot of shops to find it but how was it possible for him to find it?

    “Sigh…” The doctors and nurses sighed in sadness.


    A shocking thing happened.

    “Uncle… You’re finally awake!” The little boy shouted and everyone looked towards him. They were dumbfounded.

    The person lying on the bed suddenly moved his fingers. Then, his eyelids started to move and he opened his eyes.

    “That…” The doctor gasped in disbelief.

    How did he suddenly wake up?

    It’s a miracle. A miracle indeed.

    The little boy clapped. “Uncle, you’re finally awake…”

    “Xiao Hao, where am I?” Wang Zhi Yun moved his head a little. He was feeling really groggy. He just remembered that he had fallen from a really high ground but couldn’t remember what had happened next.

    Where am I?

    The doctors were shocked. “How could it be? I just confirmed that he can’t wake up.”

    The other people in the room, however, said, “Xiao Hao gave his uncle something to eat earlier. What was that?”

    The doctors looked at Xiao Hao as if they were asking him what it was.

    Xiao Hao replied, “Auntie Wang, how could you forget? It’s the Da Luo Jin Xian that you mentioned. An uncle sold it to me for $10.”

    He perhaps believed that something like that really existed.

    To the adults, it was something that was impossible.

    The doctors asked, “What did Xiao Hao give him to eat? How did it look like?”

    Auntie Wang was in disbelief. “It’ was round and small, like a soya bean.”

    “Xiao Hao must have met a deity.”

    When he said that, everyone felt that it was probably what had happened. If not, how could they explain what had just happened?

    The doctors swallowed their saliva forcefully and mumbled, “Could he have met Master Lin?”

    To them, the round thing must have been a medicinal pill.

    Furthermore, medicinal pills were widely talked about during this period of time. It was mainly because Master Lin had used medicinal pills to cure leukemia. However, it didn’t make sense. How had Xiao Hao met Master Lin?

    “Xiao Hao, how did the uncle look like?” A doctor asked.

    Xiao Hao said, “The uncle is really good-looking…”

    “What else?”

    Xiao Hao shook his head. “I don’t know.”

    There was literally no use asking him that question.

    However, the doctors didn’t give up on asking. They took out their phones and showed him a picture of Master Lin. However, the pictures had been heavily edited by the reporters.

    Xiao Hao looked at it for some time and became confused. “It looks like him but it doesn’t…”


    At night.

    Lin Fan took out a wooden box after returning home. Then, he placed the hundred-year-old Chinese knotweed that he had fished up today into the box.

    He already had the ninety-year-old red sage and a hundred-year-old Chinese knotweed. These were considered treasures already.

    However, it wasn’t enough. He had to gather more things.

    The angling knowledge was not bad indeed.

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