Chapter 922 - You have to take a detour!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 922: You have to take a detour!

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    Lin Fan hadn’t read anyone’s fortune in a long while. Ever since Wu Tian He had come to the shop, the fortune-telling had all been done by him.

    Moreover, Wu Tian He’s powers were very strong. He was very well-received by all the aunts around. Whenever anything happened, they would come to have their fortunes read.

    Gradually, people had forgotten that Lin Fan’s fortune-telling ability was powerful too.

    But Lin Fan didn’t mind it. After all, he wanted to stay low-key.

    Hence, when Fang Qian asked that question, Lin Fan didn’t read her fortune but instead, he found a way to go around it.

    Fang Qian looked at Lin Fan. “Master Lin, I feel like you’re not the same as how the Internet portrays you. You’re really mischievous with your words.”

    “Haha…” When Lin Fan heard that, he instantly started laughing. “Alright, enough joking. You have to rely on yourself to find your other half. If I read your fortune for you, it would become meaningless.”

    The fans in the broadcast room were stirred up upon hearing that.

    “D*mn, do you guys feel like there’s something wrong behind what Master Lin said?”

    “I felt that too. What he’s saying is ‘I can read your fortune for you but if I do, it would be meaningless.'”

    “F*ck, is that for real? Why is it that I don’t quite believe it?”

    “I don’t quite believe it either.”

    “Qian Qian, hurry up and ask him so we can broaden our horizons. As long as Master Lin says it, I’ll send ten airplanes immediately.”

    Naturally, Fang Qian could understand what Master Lin meant by that. She was very curious and she wanted to know very badly whether all this was true.

    “Master Lin, can you please tell me? I really want to know,” said Fang Qian.

    Although Master Lin had said that it would be meaningless, she still really wanted to know.

    Lin Fan chuckled. “Alright. You’re doing a live broadcast right now too. If I don’t tell you, you might lose face. Let me take a look for you.”

    Hearing Master Lin’s words, Fang Qian was exhilarated. Then, she waited eagerly. Right now, she wanted to know very badly where her other half was.

    “666…Master Lin is going to use his skills!”

    “Haha, I’m not exaggerating, I’m sure Master Lin will definitely be able to read her fortune.”

    “Read my a*s. I don’t believe it. And who would even be able to tell if what he says is true or not?”

    “That’s true. Even if Master Lin just makes something up, we wouldn’t know. That makes this quite pointless.”

    “It can’t be helped.”

    At that moment, Lin Fan gazed at Fang Qian’s face, studying it closely. His gaze made Fang Qian a little panicky.

    She felt as if Master Lin’s eyes could see through her.

    Minutes and seconds passed by.

    The netizens in the broadcast room were getting a little impatient.

    “Has Master Lin managed to read her fortune or not?”

    “Shh, be patient. Master Lin is exerting his powers.”

    “That’s right. What’s the rush?”

    “I’m filled with anticipation. I wonder what Master Lin will say.

    At that moment, Lin Fan’s heart was in a bit of a mess. He had discovered that something bad was going to happen to this young lady and it wasn’t just anything.

    Initially, he had really wanted to look at her marriage fate but as he kept looking, he realized that something wasn’t right.


    “Master Lin, how is it?” asked Fang Qian cautiously.

    It was actually her first time having her fortune read. She didn’t believe in these things at all because to her, these were all to scam people.

    Lin Fan took a deep breath. “I’ve seen two things. I want you to pick one. The first concerns your safety and the second is what you wanted me to read, your marriage fate. Right now, you have to choose one. Which will it be?”

    Fang Qian was taken aback. She felt like Master Lin really had many tricks up his sleeves. In order not to have to give her a clear answer, he had actually come up with such a tactic.

    But if she really had to choose, of course, she would choose her own safety.

    Meanwhile, the netizens in the broadcast room couldn’t take it anymore.

    “F*ck, there’s too much meaning within what Master Lin said. I’m getting a little scared.”

    “He saw two things? What does that one about her safety mean?”

    “I don’t really understand but look at Master Lin’s expression. He looks very grave. It must be something big.”

    “My a*s. That’s just his normal expression. The fortune-teller below my home always has a grave expression when he’s reading fortunes as well. It’s as if the sky is falling.”


    Fang Qian said, “Master Lin, even if you don’t want to say it, you can’t make me choose between the two. But I’ll choose the first one. After all, it concerns my safety.”

    Lin Fan nodded. “When you go back, stay far away from any large concrete mixer trucks. Don’t go near them. Take a detour instead. Alright, I’ve told you. You have to be alert.”

    “Huh?” Fang Qian was startled and she couldn’t quite recover from it. She felt as if Master Lin was lying to her. “Master Lin, is that all?”

    Lin Fan shook his head. “What more do you want? You have to remember this.”

    Fang Qian looked at Master Lin’s grave expression, then smiled as she nodded. “Alright. I got it, Master Lin.”

    She felt that Master Lin was tricking her. She replied that way because she didn’t want Master Lin to be put in a tough spot, so she decided to help by playing along.

    Now that there was nothing more to do, Lin Fan waved at her. “Alright, it’s been great bumping into you. I’m going to head back first. Remember what I said. Stay far away. You must stay far away…”

    “Alright. See you, Master Lin.” Fang Qian waved back.

    Lin Fan got in his car and left. He hadn’t expected to be able to do a good deed while coming out to fish. He felt pretty good.

    Fang Qian stood in the same spot as she faced the camera. “It’s regretful that I didn’t manage to find out. Alright, let’s go home then.”

    The netizens in the broadcast room were making a lot of noise.

    “You have to listen to Master Lin. Take a detour. Don’t neglect his words.”

    “Haha, Qian Qian will listen for sure. Otherwise, something really bad would happen.”

    “If you ask me, Master Lin has made our Qian Qian terrified.”

    “I believe in Master Lin very much. Taking a detour will be the safest. Don’t ignore what he said, Qian Qian.”

    Fang Qian looked at the comments and laughed. “That’s enough. I’ll broadcast the journey home now.”


    After some time.

    Fang Qian came out from the train and walked towards her apartment block. At that moment, a rumbling sound rang out. In front, a concrete mixer truck was operating.

    She wasn’t bothered by it and she was going to squeeze past it to enter her apartment block.

    Then, the netizens who were in the broadcast room were startled. They remembered what Master Lin had said and they quickly started commenting.

    “F*ck, it’s a concrete mixer truck! Qian Qian, take a detour!”

    “Quick, Qian Qian, take a detour. You have to listen to Master Lin’s words. You can’t disobey him!”

    “Haha. Now, another choice has appeared. Will our Qian Qian bravely go forward or will she listen to Master Lin and take a detour?”

    Fang Qian looked at the comments and was stunned. She stopped in her tracks. Especially when she saw so many people causing a ruckus, she couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Alright, since I’m such a scaredy-cat, I’ll take a detour.”


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