Chapter 937 - Right, that makes so much sense

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 937: Right, that makes so much sense

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    “Hello, Master Lin.” Chief Yang went forward hurriedly as he took out a name card and passed it to Lin Fan with both hands. “I’m Yang Tai Shan from Jin Bao Investments. This is the first time we’ve met.”

    Lin Fan looked at this person before him as he casually took the name card. He glanced at it before keeping it in his pocket. “Chief Yang, this is indeed the first time we’ve met.”

    “Right, right. I’ve heard of Master Lin’s great name a long time ago and I have always been eager to meet you. I didn’t think that it would be in such a setting. I’ve really leeched on Lady Wu’s luck.” Chief Yang lowered his ego greatly and even gave Wu Huan Yue a different salutation by calling her Lady Wu.

    This kind of little changes was very common but everyone already knew what was going on.

    These little celebrities, in particular, knew what was going on very clearly.

    They had been quietly watching these people boast initially but now that an even more amazing big shot had arrived, these people couldn’t keep boasting anymore. They had to know their place.

    But these little celebrities were all really envious of Wu Huan Yue for having such a great supporter.

    Many people there knew that Wu Huan Yue knew Master Lin but knowing each other was one thing. Whether or not Master Lin would stand up for her depended on the closeness of their relationship.

    Now, it was obvious. Master Lin had personally come to the filming site to visit her. Of course, they could tell what kind of relationship these two shared.

    Xie Qing opened her mouth slightly in disbelief. She felt that this change was too great. She wasn’t able to respond at all. How had things changed so much in the blink of an eye?

    Her group had been high and mighty just a while ago but now, they had been suppressed.

    It wasn’t right.

    The rage in her heart grew bigger and bigger but she didn’t dare to act unrestrainedly. Her own supporter was humbly and honestly handing over his name card to Master Lin. What was she supposed to do?

    Chief Yang hurriedly said, “Master Lin, let me introduce you. This is Hua Tian Film Corporation’s Deputy Director, Wang Xun.”

    “Oh.” Lin Fan nodded gently but didn’t really bother about him. There were people that relied on these men to survive but Lin Fan wasn’t bothered by them at all.

    He had just responded with an ‘Oh’ indifferently, causing many people to be in awe of him. This was the grandeur of a big shot.

    To the celebrities, Wang Xun was someone that they might not even be able to suck up to even if they tried but right now, Lin Fan had acted indifferent towards him, leaving them speechless.

    This was the difference between them. A difference that was impossible to overcome.

    For Wang Xun to have reached his status, he had to have some self-awareness. Like Chief Yang, he quickly took out his name card and presented it to Lin Fan with both hands. “Nice to meet you, Master Lin. This is the first time we’ve met. I’m Wang Xun.”

    He received the name card, took a glance, and kept it in his pocket.

    Chen Bao Guo was laughing in his heart. Since Master Lin had arrived, the atmosphere had completely changed.

    They had been showing off mercilessly before but now, they had completely stopped. He was a little not used to this.

    Probably only a handful of people didn’t know about what had happened on the Internet earlier on.

    At Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute’s teaching block’s opening ceremony, countless big shots had appeared as guests. Moreover, amongst them was Lu Li, a big shot among big shots.

    Even if Wang Xun and Yang Tai Shan combined, they wouldn’t amount to Lu Li’s fingertip.

    But even so, Lu Li had pushed aside all his other work to attend the opening ceremony. Anyone with a brain would have been able to tell how great the relationship they shared was.

    Wang Xun was rejoicing his luck. He had had some thoughts about Wu Huan Yue before but fortunately, he hadn’t acted on them. Otherwise, it would probably be difficult for him to leave that place that day.

    And even if he managed to leave, he might not be able to endure the after effects.

    “Brother Lin, I’m going to go and change my clothes. I’ll accompany you later to walk around,” said Wu Huan Yue.

    “Alright, go ahead.” Lin Fan nodded.

    Then, Wu Huan Yue followed the manager to the changing room. At the site, the atmosphere was dead silent. It was as if everyone was following Lin Fan’s lead.

    If Lin Fan didn’t speak, nobody spoke.

    Lin Fan realized this as well, so he tried to break the silence. “What were all of you talking about? So many of you are gathered here.”

    Chief Wang replied with a smile, “We were talking about a new show. Director Zhu is a capable man. Chief Yang and I want to shoot a new show in the next half of the year and invite Director Zhu as the director.”

    Lin Fan looked at Director Zhu and nodded. “With one look, I can tell that Director Zhu is very capable indeed. He is very responsible for his work and you should indeed carry on having Director Zhu direct your films.”

    Director Zhu was exhilarated. “Thank you, everyone, for your compliments. I’m beyond honored.”

    Wang Xun wanted to get a little closer to Lin Fan. “Master Lin, as for the cast, I feel that Lady Wu should be the first female lead. With Lady Wu’s ability, she would definitely be up for the task.”

    When Xie Qing, who was standing by Chief Yang’s side, heard this, she was enraged. She felt as if she had misheard him.

    I’m supposed to be the first female lead! How could you just change it all of a sudden?

    Just as she was about to speak out, Chief Yang glared at her, indicating for her to shut up.

    At that moment, Xie Qing felt as if she had been wronged.

    Some of the celebrities around were laughing in their hearts.?You were acting so smug before. Not anymore, eh? This is brilliant!

    Director Zhu nodded from the side. “Right, right. Wu Huan Yue has the capability to be the main female character. I approve of this!”

    Chief Yang added, “Right. That film is going to have big intellectual properties. If anyone else were to take up that role, we wouldn’t be at ease. Lady Wu’s acting skills have caught everyone’s attention here. She will definitely be perfect for the job.”

    Lin Fan laughed. He looked at Chief Wang and Chief Yang and said jokingly, “There aren’t any dirty deals involved, are there?”

    Just as he said that, the atmosphere tumbled into awkwardness.

    “No, of course not.” Wang Xun shook his head anxiously.

    Chief Wang added, “That’s right. We, the people of this profession, hate those kinds of dirty deals the most. They completely taint the reputation of our industry. Looking at the criticism from outside, they all talk about how corrupted we are. We definitely have to put in our utmost effort to fill this industry with light and purity.”

    Director Zhu looked at Chief Wang strangely as he grumbled in his heart.?Why does it sound so strange coming from you?

    You really are shameless.

    Lin Fan laughed. “Corruption cannot be completely obliterated but whoever dares to use such tactics on my people, I’ll make sure they drown in suffering. Isn’t that right?”

    “Right, right.” Chief Wang and Chief Yang nodded anxiously. “Make them suffer for a lifetime and make them regret it forever.”

    Lin Fan said, “It’s just a joke. Wouldn’t they die if that happened? That would be against the law. How could someone like me, who often receives Good Citizen Awards, do such a thing? Isn’t that right?”

    “Yes, yes.” They felt that what Master Lin was saying was meant specifically for them to hear.

    Also, they really believed what Master Lin had said.

    Although the Internet hadn’t reported that Master Lin had killed anyone, they believed that he definitely had killed a number of people before.

    For example, the incidents at Qingzhou and the Northeast. He had charged into the lion’s den single-handedly and come out in one piece, even defeating the enemy. How could he not have killed anyone?

    Even if the two of them were beaten to death, they wouldn’t believe that he hadn’t killed anyone before.

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