Chapter 958 - I didn’t say that you were that kind of person

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 958: I didn’t say that you were that kind of person

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    Lin Fan felt that this matter had nothing to do with him. But for a good meal to be made unhappy because of this incident, it was quite a shame.

    “Director Wang, do you need help?” asked Lin Fan.

    Wang Ke Hao replied, “Thank you for your goodwill but this matter did not happen in Shanghai. Even Ah Hua and Lil’ Zheng aren’t able to help. It looks like I’ll just have to gather the money and pay my son’s ransom first.”

    Lin Fan said, “It’s late right now and there’s probably no more plane tickets to Haojiang. I know people in Haojiang. They should be able to help. I’ll just help you make a call to ask about it. There’s no use panicking here.”

    Before Wang Ke Hao and the rest said anything, Lin Fan took out his phone and dialed a number.


    Yun Xue Yao was focusing on her work when her phone, which had been placed to her right, rang. She had been about to habitually reject the call but when she saw the phone display, she became excited. On her calm face, a bright smile appeared.

    The middle-aged man by her side saw the change in expression and was startled.?I wonder who that is. To be able to make the serious young lady suddenly let out such a smile.

    Yun Xue Yao put down all her work and said sweetly, “Brother Lin, you’ve finally decided to call me.”

    When the middle-aged man heard the young lady call the person ‘Brother Lin’, he was astounded. That greeting was way too intimate.

    On the other end of the call, Lin Fan was all smiles.

    “Xue Yao, did I interrupt your rest by calling so late?”

    Wang Ke Hao and the rest looked at Master Lin, wondering who he was calling. But thinking of how amazing Master Lin was, they thought that perhaps he really had a way.

    But even Li Meng Hua and Zheng Long had tried using their relations to no avail. They had no idea who Master Lin could possibly ask for help.

    Yun Xue Yao said, “Brother Lin, you’re didn’t. Not at all. I’m still working. But even if I’m resting, I would still be very happy to receive a call from Brother Lin.”

    Receiving a call from Brother Lin, Yun Xue Yao’s heart fluttered as she felt an indescribable joy.

    She had been too busy with work and she hadn’t been able to remove herself from it. If she could, she would really have liked to go to Shanghai for a visit and to meet up with Brother Lin.

    Lin Fan smiled. “That’s good. I was really afraid of disturbing your rest. After all, resting is the greatest way to maintain your health, especially for a female. Since coming back from Haojiang that time, I’ve been thinking about that snack you brought me to eat. It was really memorable.”

    Yun Xue Yao said, “Brother Lin, if you want to eat it, I’ll get someone to send it over for you.”

    Lin Fan was taken aback. “No need, no need. There’s no need for so much trouble. If I really want to eat it, I’ll go over to Haojiang and eat it fresh.”

    Yun Xue Yao said, “So when are you coming? I’ll finish my work in advance so that I’ll be able to bring you around.”

    “Mmm, perhaps I’ll come by in a while. Oh right, I wanted to ask you for a favor this time,” Lin Fan started to talk about the serious matter.

    Yun Xue Yao was a little upset. “Brother Lin, that makes me a little upset. Don’t talk about favors with me. If it’s anything that I can do, I’ll definitely do it. Even if I can’t do it, I’ll still find a way to do it.”

    Her passion and warmth were a little too much for Lin Fan to handle. He hadn’t thought that he was so well-liked.

    “This is the situation. Wang Ke Hao is a friend from Hong Kong whom I’ve just met today. His son has been detained by a money lender. 100 million, if not, they’ll cut off both of his hands. I think this isn’t your company but I want to ask if the money can be reduced. After all, it was increased to 100 million from 43 million. That’s a little scary. And they even want to cut off both his hands. His father is really terrified.”

    “I was just having dinner with Director Wang Ke Hao and the atmosphere was great but now, it’s gone. It’s a bit of a shame,” said Lin Fan with a gentle laugh.

    But when Yun Xue Yao heard this, her face suddenly turned pale.

    It was as if a problem had been discovered by Brother Lin.

    It was as if her bad side had been discovered by the person she liked. This kind of feeling made Yun Xue Yao’s heart suddenly knot up.

    The middle-aged man who had been sitting quietly by her side saw the young lady’s sudden change of expression. He was surprised and he didn’t know what to do. At the same time, he saw that the young lady had tears starting to form in the corners of her eyes.

    He was so scared that cold sweat started forming at his pores. He had no idea what had happened.

    Lin Fan realized that the other end of the call was all quiet and he couldn’t help but become suspicious. “Xue Yao, are you listening? If it really is too much trouble, it’s fine.”

    “No.” Her voice was a little stifled.

    Lin Fan was startled. “Xue Yao, what’s wrong?”

    “Brother Lin, don’t misunderstand. This…this… I really didn’t know about it. I’m not that kind of person.” Yun Xue Yao’s words were a little strange and he couldn’t quite understand her.

    “Xue Yao, what’s wrong? I didn’t say that you were that kind of person.” Lin Fan was confused and he didn’t even know what she was talking about.


    Lin Fan caught up. He hurriedly comforted her, “Xue Yao, I didn’t say that you were that kind of person. Every place has its rules but we just want to lessen the interest by a little. We will definitely repay the borrowed money.”

    “Brother Lin, I’m not that kind of person,” repeated Yun Xue Yao. Although she wouldn’t relent on this matter, she didn’t want the person she liked to know that she had always been dealing with such things.

    “I know. Don’t be agitated,” said Lin Fan.

    Yun Xue Yao said, “Brother Lin, I’ll go and resolve this right now. I’ll call you back later on.”


    Lin Fan heard the beeping sound from the phone. He felt a little helpless.?I didn’t say too much, did I?

    Wang Ke Hao asked nervously, “Master Lin, did it work?”

    “It should be fine. Just wait a while,” said Lin Fan.

    Yun Xue Yao’s body relaxed after hanging up the phone. It was as if her secret had been revealed. Suddenly, she got up and walked towards the exit.

    “Miss…” The middle-aged man hurried forward, wanting to ask about what had happened.


    But before he could ask anything, he had been sent backward by a single word from Yun Xue Yao.

    The office.

    Brother Jun looked at Wang Wen. “Your old man really has his ways. He’s looking for people to help you. But in here, no matter who comes, it’s useless.”


    The door was kicked open. Brother Jun wanted to burst out in a rage but when he saw who it was, he said respectfully, “Miss, why are you here?”

    *Smack smack!*

    Yun Xue Yao went forward and delivered two slaps to Brother Jun’s face.

    Meanwhile, Brother Jun could only lower his head and accept it. He didn’t show any resentment or anger. The subordinates at the sides didn’t even dare to breathe.

    “Release him.” Yun Xue Yao’s face was all red.

    “Yes.” Brother Jun nodded without hesitation. Then, he looked over to Wang Wen. “Scram.”

    Wang Wen didn’t even know what had happened. He immediately nodded and thanked her before scurrying off in fear.

    Brother Jun had always depended on the Yun family for a living. He was loyal and devoted to the Yun family. But when he looked at the young lady, he realized that she had buried her head on the table as she lay sprawled. She appeared to be very upset.


    “Get out of here right now. Don’t anybody come and disturb me.”

    Brother Jun nodded. Without saying more, he gestured for his subordinates to leave the place.



    Lin Fan’s phone rang. He said a few words before turning to Wang Ke Hao. “It’s been settled.”

    Then, Wang Ke Hao quickly gave his son a call. When he found out that his son had been released, he was dumbfounded. Just as he was about to say something to Lin Fan, Lin Fan waved his hand and pointed to the phone, telling him to talk on the phone first and they could talk about this later on.

    Lin Fan felt that he had taken the brunt of this matter. He had caused someone who had been perfectly fine to suddenly lose her mind.

    He had to properly reconcile her and tell her not to think too much.

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