Chapter 994 - You are a really strange person

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 994: You are a really strange person

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    Lin Fan was making scallion pancakes as he asked, “Brother, are you bringing your mom out here for a tour?”

    Li Hong Shan was taken aback. “You managed to tell?”

    Lin Fan smiled. “I saw you carrying that big bag, so I guessed you were here on a trip.”

    Li Hong Shan looked at the backpack that he was carrying and seemed to realize something. “Yeah, I brought my mother out here for a visit. Back then, my mom always wanted to go out to various places to visit but I was holding her up, so now, I bring her out every year to various places to visit.”

    “Brother, that’s very filial of you.” Lin Fan smiled. However, there was something he didn’t say. This person’s luck wasn’t very good.

    Very soon, the ten servings of scallion pancakes had been sold. Some of the townsfolk who didn’t manage to buy them were slightly depressed but they didn’t feel too bad either. They quite enjoyed the feeling of queuing.

    Coming to queue everyday had really made them a bit addicted.

    “Alright, brother, it’s your turn. I’m not bragging but these scallion pancakes of mine are really good. If you eat it once and you want to eat it again, it won’t be so easy,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

    Li Hong Shan smiled as well. “That’s fine. As long as my mom likes it, it’s good.”

    Lin Fan chuckled and didn’t say more. He started moving his hands. His actions were skilled and without delay. Also, this scallion pancake he was making was very big. It was at least 50% bigger than the usual ones he made.

    Fraud Tian took a look and exclaimed in his heart.?This kid is working hard again.

    Thinking about the shop and how they only sold ten servings of scallion pancakes a day, he felt that the money wasn’t enough at all.

    However, he knew that this kid didn’t lack money. When he had gone to Haojiang, he seemed to have earned quite a lot. Moreover, he had received prize money from that Nobel Prize in Medicine.

    This kid hadn’t said how much it had been but Fraud Tian guessed that it had been about 8 million dollars.

    Thinking about that number, Fraud Tian was slightly frightened. This was an amount that he wouldn’t be able to earn in his lifetime. How many fortunes must he have told at the bridge to earn that money?

    The overwhelming fragrance of the scallion pancakes gradually filled the air.

    Lin Fan packaged the scallion pancake. “Alright, it’s done. Have a try.”

    Li Hong Shan took out 50 dollars and passed it to Lin Fan before receiving the scallion pancakes. “Boss, this serving size is plenty.”

    Lin Fan smiled. “That’s not all. The taste is even better.”

    Seeing the boss brag, Li Hong Shan didn’t quite believe him. However, when he had been doing his research on the Internet, every comment he saw had said that this scallion pancake was delicious. That was why he had come here.

    He carefully tore a piece off and blew it. When it wasn’t too hot, he slowly placed it in front of his mother’s mouth.

    His mother seemed to have smelled the fragrance and she opened her mouth. Then, she swallowed this piece of scallion pancake.


    What made Li Hong Shan astounded was that his mother let out a wide smile. This was something that was very rare.


    Although her voice was soft, Li Hong Shan heard it clearly. Then, he turned to Lin Fan. “Boss, this is brilliantly done.”

    Lin Fan smiled. “It’s good that you’re satisfied. Don’t be in a hurry. Fraud, bring a chair over. Let this brother have a seat.”‘

    Fraud Tian was a little surprised.?Has this kid gone crazy today? He would never be this nice to other people in the past.?However, he didn’t think too much and just brought a stool over.

    Li Hong Shan thanked him, “Thank you.”

    He felt that there were still many good people in the world.

    Lin Fan felt that this brother really suited his task requirement. He said with a grin, “I’m going to prepare something.”

    Li Hong Shan had no idea what he was doing. He felt that this shop owner was really kind.

    He didn’t know about Master Lin, because he was usually very busy at work and he wouldn’t look at the news much. The only time he would look at the news was before he brought his mother out for a trip, when he would search for a guide on the Internet. Other times, he basically wouldn’t touch the computer.

    Lin Fan brought a carving knife and a piece of wood over, then moved a stool and sat in front of him. Then, he looked at Li Hong Shan’s mother and etched her appearance into his mind. He lowered his head and his fingers started moving at a great speed.


    Fraud Tian watched from the side as he felt that this kid really knew a lot of things. Seeing it personally, he realized that the kid’s carving skills were really amazing.

    Looking back twenty years ago, even that self-proclaimed Southern Speed Knife King probably hadn’t been a tenth as fast as this kid.

    It was perverse. It was really perverse. The longer Fraud Tian interacted with him, the greater the pressure he felt.

    It seemed that Fraud Tian would have to resign after working for a while more. Otherwise, if he kept on accompanying Lin Fan, he might just receive a shock that might send him to the grave prematurely.

    Minutes and seconds passed and Lin Fan finally stopped. He closely compared the carving with the real person, then tweaked it a little bit. A rectangular piece of wood had become a life-like portrait of a person. Even the minor details had been carved into the wood.

    Then, he carved his name onto the back.

    Lin Fan.

    Perfect. All done.

    Li Hong Shan hadn’t been noticing this. Instead, he was surprised at his mother’s appetite. She had actually eaten two-thirds of that big piece of scallion pancake and she still wanted more. This was inconceivable to him.

    But he was now even more sure that he hadn’t come to the wrong place. Some of the places recommended on the Internet were indeed good.

    He hadn’t seen his mother enjoy eating something so much in a very, very long time.

    That serving of scallion pancake was finished.

    Li Hong Shan took out a handkerchief and wiped his mother’s mouth. He was very delicate and gentle. Even old men had meticulous hearts.

    “Boss, thank you. We should get going,” said Li Hong Shan with a smile. He spontaneously carried the chair inside.

    “Wait a moment.” Lin Fan smiled and passed him the wooden carving. “This is your first time in Shanghai. It is fate that we met. This is something I just carved. It’s a gift for you. See if it looks similar.”

    Li Hong Shan was taken aback. When he saw the carving, he was taken aback once again. It was simply too similar. Then, he gasped in shock, “Boss, I can’t accept this. I’ll pay.”

    Lin Fan waved his hand. “No need. It isn’t worth much. How much could a piece of wood cost? My craftsmanship is a gift. If you like it, keep it with you. Perhaps it might bring you fortune. A filial person like you has to be joyful and full of luck. Isn’t that right?”

    Li Hong Shan was in a tough spot. “This…”

    Lin Fan smiled. “Take it. It really isn’t worth much. If you decline, it would be meaningless.”

    “Alright, thank you so much, boss. Oh right, this is a specialty from my hometown. Boss, please take a box to try.” Li Hong Shan opened his backpack and took out a local specialty.

    Lin Fan didn’t reject it as he immediately took it over. “Alright, I shall try it then.

    After sending this mother and son duo off, Lin Fan giggled cheerily as he returned into the shop. He opened the box of local specialties and tried a mouth of it. He couldn’t help but smile. “This is really not bad. Everyone, have a try.”

    Fraud Tian picked up a piece and placed it in his mouth. “What kind of drugs are you taking, kid? Wealthy people are willing to pay huge sums to buy things from you but you won’t sell to them. But with this stranger, you give him that carving without even asking for money. You’re way too strange.”

    Lin Fan chuckled. “You wouldn’t understand even if I told you. This person is pretty good.”

    Fraud Tian shook his head. He really didn’t understand. If everyone on this planet was like this kid, it would be really hard to communicate with anyone.

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