Chapter 1006 - I probably made you a cuckold in my past life

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1006: I probably made you a cuckold in my past life

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    Eastern Han Group!

    In the conference room.

    “Chief Wang, the development opportunities in Qing Xian look really good. Compared to last year, the prices in Qing Xian have increased by 30% in just a month,” a construction project manager said.

    “Hmm…” Wang Ming Yang nodded. He was thinking about developing the Qing Xian region to be more connected to Hong Kong’s residential areas and shopping districts. At the same time, there were a lot of city rail projects that caused the prices of the buildings to increase.

    Then, a plump man reported his findings, “Chief Wang, the leader in Qing Xian gave us a document. Because of a corrupt construction company, it’s a mess there. The leader told us that we have to take over the mess if we want to develop the area.”

    Wang Ming Yang furrowed his brows after hearing that. “Are they stupid? How could they make such a request?”

    “I wouldn’t know if they’re stupid but they must be crazy. The main thing is that the leader in Qingxian has already found his successor. He is probably free to say anything he likes,” the plump manager said.

    Wang Ming Yang waved his hand. “Tell them it’s impossible. We have already invested more than a hundred billion in this project. They want us to take over a company that’s worth thirty billion? Do they really think we print money for a living?”

    *Knock knock*

    Then, his secretary came in.

    The conference room became silent.

    Wang Ming Yang furrowed his brows. “What is it? Can’t you see that we’re in a meeting?”

    In the past, the secretary wouldn’t have dared to barge into the conference room. However, she had to do so now.

    “Chief Wang, Master Lin is here. He is waiting for you in your office,” the secretary said.

    She knew the relationship between Master Lin and Chief Wang. Sometimes, the staff would also discuss it. They had even thought that they were gays. However, Chief Wang was attached and they had dismissed that thought.

    However, they were speculating if it was just a cover-up.

    Wang Ming Yang suddenly smiled and waved his hand. “Alright, the meeting is over. You’re dismissed.”

    “Chief Wang, I still have to report something,” a manager said. He felt that the meeting had been cut short.

    Wang Ming Yang didn’t really care about it. He just waved his hand. “It’s okay, just email me the details. I will read it at night.”

    Then, he left for his office.

    “Sigh, our job’s not done.” The manager looked helplessly as Chief Wang left.

    They felt that Master Lin was like a femme fatale to Chief Wang.

    How could a director of a large company to have such divided attention to his work just because of one person?

    The other employees smiled, “It’s okay. Master Lin is here and Chief Wang will definitely go to meet him. How can work be compared to Master Lin?”

    “Yeah, who doesn’t know the relationship between the two of them? If the secretary barged into a meeting like this in the past, she would definitely be fired.”

    The secretary just smiled and didn’t say anything.

    In the office.

    Lin Fan sat on Wang Ming Yang’s chair and looked out of the window. He was admiring the scenery and thinking about how great it was to be a boss.


    The door was pushed open.

    “Brother, you’re finally here to meet me,” Wang Ming Yang said as he opened the door.

    Lin Fan smiled. “I’ve been in Cloud Street for half a month and you didn’t even visit me. This office is pretty nice. The scenery is good.”

    Wang Ming Yang didn’t mind Lin Fan sitting on his seat. He just sat on the edge of the table. “If you’d like, you can move over and I can make arrangements for you to have a designated corner to make scallion pancakes.”

    Lin Fan turned the chair around, “It’s okay, it’s not the life I want. Oh, right. I wanted to discuss something with you.”

    Wang Ming Yang asked, “What is it?”

    “Something to do with the Welfare Institute,” Lin Fan said. He grabbed the golf club and carefully hit a golf ball into the hole of the portable golf mat.

    Wang Ming Yang knew that his friend really cared about the Welfare Institute. He felt that perhaps Lin Fan would even spend the rest of his life there.

    “You should know that the Welfare Institute has several bungalows behind it, right?” Lin Fan asked.

    Wang Ming Yang thought about it. “Yeah, they look pretty big and ancient.”

    Lin Fan said, “Yeah, I’m thinking of developing them into apartment blocks.”

    Wang Ming Yang smiled. “Alright, I know what you’re thinking of. Just let me handle it. Since we’re best buddies, you should know that this is pretty much settled.”

    “Really, sometimes, you have a great mind for business. If this succeeds, the prices would be insane.”

    Lin Fan shook his head. “No, I’m not thinking of selling it. I’m thinking about the kids and staff of the Welfare Institute.”

    Wang Ming Yang said, “That’s a pity. It’s okay. I can still pay for it. How many levels are you prepared to build?”

    Lin Fan thought about it and said, “About 50 to 60 levels. I think there’s only enough space to build one building.”


    Wang Ming Yang almost vomited blood after hearing that. He asked, “Bro, are you having a fever?”

    “Are you crazy? Twenty levels should be more than enough. Are you thinking of going to heaven by building 50 to 60 stories?”

    When he heard that, Wang Ming Yang didn’t know what to say.

    “Bro, you should know that this is Shanghai. If you want to build 50 to 60 stories, do you know how deep the foundation has to be? Also, the wages and the electricity bills would definitely be insane.”

    “Furthermore, you have to think about the housing tax. Since you said that you’re not selling it, you’re going to be crushed.” Wang Ming Yang was dumbfounded.

    Lin Fan was stunned. He clearly hadn’t known that. “Is it really a lot?”

    Wang Ming Yang looked at Lin Fan and said, “Let’s say I earn a hundred dollars, I would have to pay sixty-one dollars worth of tax. Do you think that’s a lot?”

    “Yeah.” Lin Fan nodded.

    Wang Ming Yang sighed. “Now that you know that, are you still going to build it?”

    “Yeah.” Lin Fan nodded.

    “I…” Wang Ming Yang almost wanted to kill himself.

    Lin Fan looked at Wang Ming Yang. “Let me ask you this. Are you going to help me?”

    Wang Ming Yang replied, “Yeah.”

    Lin Fan smiled. “That’s good enough then. If you weren’t going to help, I would understand why you would say so much. Now that you have agreed to help, stop talking about those things.”

    Wang Ming Yang sighed. “I think I might have been your wife in my past life and made you a cuckold. I’m probably here to repay my debts. This is going to cost me everything I earned last year.”

    Lin Fan smiled and patted Wang Ming Yang on his shoulder. “It’s okay. Since we’re family, why should we be so courteous? I’ll make a move now.”

    Then, he stopped at the door.

    “Oh, right. The design looks like this.”

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