Chapter 1021 - My fan is crying for help

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1021: My fan is crying for help

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    Niu Da Ming returned into the town. His heart was in a mess. If he said he wasn’t afraid, he would’ve been lying. Looking at the situation at the road entrance, it seemed that no one would be able to escape.

    “Mayor, what’s going on there? Why do they want to seal off our road?” one of the townsfolk asked. Although he was still on IV drip, they were all very concerned about this.

    In their hearts, they thought that there must’ve been a problem.

    Niu Da Ming had wanted to find an excuse to blurt out but thinking about it, he felt that it wasn’t right. He couldn’t hide the truth. As the Mayor, he had to tell the truth to the townsfolk.

    In the end, after pondering for a while, he spoke.

    “There has been an influenza spreading in our town that those outside don’t even know about. Right now, the professionals outside are finding a solution to this. Meanwhile, our town must be temporarily sealed off. We aren’t allowed to leave,” said Niu Da Ming.

    At that moment, one of the townsfolk yelled, “How can they not let us out? I want to go out. What rights do they have to stop me?”

    “Yeah! We’re just sick. We won’t infect others.”

    Niu Da Ming gestured with his hands for everyone to calm down. “Everyone, quieten down. What’s the point of all this noise? This influenza is contagious. We cannot spread it to the outside. Trust me. The professionals are working hard right now. We just have to do what we usually do and don’t think too much.”

    “Mayor, this can’t happen,” someone complained. Their hearts were fearful.

    “Even if it can’t, this is how it is. What’s the matter with all of you? Don’t you understand the situation? If you go out as you like, you will spread it to others. Right now, the government’s specialists are helping us to resolve this. What more do you want? Go back, all of you. You’re making a ruckus,” Niu Da Ming said angrily.

    When the townsfolk saw that the Mayor was angry, they withdrew. Some of them obediently returned to the clinic to continue the IV drip while some of them went home.

    After everyone had dispersed, Niu Da Ming sighed in his heart. He was still fine for now but he couldn’t go out either, because no one could guarantee that he was really fine.

    The specialist team.

    In the research lab, everyone was researching. They all took this unfamiliar virus very seriously. But until now, they hadn’t found a single lead.

    Fortunately, this situation had been discovered early. In the city’s hospital, when that patient had come for treatment, they had thought that it was a common cold. But after they did a blood test, they found out that something wasn’t right. Hence, they quickly quarantined him.

    After they asked about where he had been, they discovered that the virus came from Huang Yun Town. Hence, they immediately passed down the information and went to Huang Yun Town to check out the situation. With one look, they were stunned. Almost half of the whole town had been infected.

    This rate of infection was very high, so they immediately gave the orders to quarantine the town.

    Also, they did a mass inspection to see if anyone had come out from Huang Yun Town recently. Fortunately, besides that one patient, no one had come out of Huang Yun Town.

    This was a fortunate thing within the misfortune. If there had been a large flow of people, they wouldn’t be able to contain the situation.

    However, what was giving the specialist team a headache now was that two days had passed without them finding a single lead. Although they had been able to gradually explain the illness, they hadn’t made any progress in curing it.

    Another three days passed.

    Cloud Street!

    Lin Fan finished making the scallion pancakes and was about to go out to continue finding people suitable for the task. Suddenly, his phone rang.

    It was an unknown number and it was even a foreign number. He was a little suspicious but he still answered the call.

    “Hello, may I know who it is?” Lin Fan asked.

    “Is this Master Lin? That voice on the other end of the call was rather hoarse. The person sounded as if he had no energy at all.

    “I am. And you are…?” Lin Fan was a little suspicious as he wondered who this person was. Could it be that it was a prank? But he wanted to see just what this person wanted.

    “I’m the Mayor of Huang Yun Town, Niu Da Ming.” The voice from the other end seemed to break off for a moment before continuing.

    When Lin Fan heard that, his mind was filled with question marks. He didn’t remember knowing any mayors. Moreover, he hadn’t even heard of this Huang Yun Town before.

    Could it be that it was really a prank?

    “Oh. Mayor Niu, what is it?” Lin Fan asked. He wanted to see what this Mayor wanted.

    Niu Da Ming said, “Master Lin, can you save my townspeople? Our town has been infected by an influenza. Now, most of us have been infected. Our specialists haven’t been able to cure it. I’m a fan of yours and I know your medical abilities are great. I want to ask if you could help our townspeople.”

    *Beep beep!*

    Suddenly, there was no more sound from the other end and the beeping sound came. When Lin Fan redialed that number, that line couldn’t be reached because it was out of credit.

    Lin Fan thought for a moment and was prepared to top up credits for the opposition. But suddenly, he hesitated before calling someone from the Health Department.

    The last time, he had had a conflict with the Health Department’s leader. Although they didn’t have a good relationship, he didn’t care so much right now. Regardless of their relationship, he had to give them a call.

    “Hello, I’m Lin Fan. is there really an influenza in Huang Yun Town?” Lin Fan asked right off the bat.

    The leader on the other end of the call hadn’t expected Master Lin to call and he was momentarily stunned. Then, he cleared his throat and said, “Master Lin, this is a matter within our department. We can’t reveal that to you. I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t play around with me. I’m asking you if there is an influenza in Huang Yun Town. If you continue to act like this, believe me, I’ll start to go against you guys,” Lin Fan immediately scolded him.

    The person on the other end was silent for a while. He really hated this Master Lin. However, he had no choice. Master Lin was f*cking awesome. He couldn’t do anything to Master Lin.

    “Yes. There is an influenza in Huang Yun Town.”

    Lin Fan said, “That’s not so hard, is it? Why did you have to try and hide it? I’m hanging up.”

    *Beep beep!*

    When the person on the other end heard this, he was so furious that he had no words. The last time, he had ended up tragically thanks to Master Lin. Now, he had been scolded by Master Lin. He had really had enough.

    Then, Lin Fan didn’t think more before charging that number with $100 of credit using WeChat before calling it again.

    But this time, no one answered. Lin Fan was a little helpless.

    Then, he checked out the news on the Internet. This news was from a few days ago. Currently, there hadn’t been any updates yet. It seemed that even the news had been sealed off. They appeared not to want to cause panic.

    That was understandable.

    Thereafter, Lin Fan gave Zhao Ming Qing a call.

    “Ming Qing, do you know about the situation in Huang Yun Town?” Lin Fan asked.

    Zhao Ming Qing was taken aback. “I don’t know. What is it, Teacher?”

    “Oh, it seems that there’s an influenza spreading there. My fan gave me a call and I’m going to go to take a look. Pack up and come with me,” said Lin Fan.

    When Zhao Ming Qing heard that, he immediately started taking it seriously. “Okay.”

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