Chapter 1045 - I can relax now

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1045: I can relax now

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    “This is Wang Ming Yang, my brother.” He was the first person that Lin Fan introduced. Otherwise, who knows what that guy would have said?

    He would surely have said something like ‘Are you neglecting your friend now that you have ladies with you?’

    Wang Ming Yang started chuckling. “Right, we’re brothers. If you all want to buy some property in Shanghai in the future, look for me. My company is called Eastern Han Group and we mainly deal with property.”

    Eastern Han Group?

    Huang Ting was startled. He had heard this name before. It was a rather legendary company.

    He had heard that the boss of this company was very young and that they had already spread to all parts of the country. Now that he heard Wang Ming Yang introduce himself, Huang Ting could only laugh bitterly and feel a little embarrassed.

    Comparing himself to Wang Ming Yang, he was nothing.

    As for those other classmates, they didn’t know what this company was at all. But when they heard that he dealt with property in Shanghai and that they could look for him if they wanted to buy property, they knew that this person was really amazing.

    Lin Fan glanced at Wang Ming Yang as if to say ‘You did that on purpose, didn’t you?’

    Wang Ming Yang laughed gently as if to reply ‘That’s right. I did that on purpose just to show off.’

    Next up was He Cheng Han. Lin Fan introduced them one by one.

    Perhaps other people wouldn’t feel how great these people were but to Huang Ting, all of these people were not simple at all.

    To him, it was simply too shocking. So many big shots had gathered together. Even he had to lower his ego.

    Then, he looked towards Lin Fan as he wondered just how huge of a network this son of his ex-classmate had.

    Yun Xue Yao then introduced herself, “I’m from Haojiang. If you ever come across trouble in Haojiang or if you want to do a little gambling, you can look for me. I wouldn’t dare to say too much but I can guarantee that you won’t face any dangers if you come to Haojiang.”

    When Lin Fan’s mother heard that, she couldn’t help but give Yun Xue Yao a few more glances. She felt as if this young lady’s background didn’t seem too good. It was as if she was part of some criminal underworld.

    But Huang Ting had naturally gone to Haojiang before. Especially because of her tone, he felt that this lady was not average.

    Her surname is Yun. Could she be from?Haojiang’s?Yun Family?

    This was what he was thinking but he didn’t show it. If that were true, she wouldn’t be a simple person at all. It would mean that no one here would be able to match up to this young lady’s background.

    Everyone had finished introducing themselves and Lin Fan wanted to carry on smoothly.

    “Let’s all have a toast!”

    “Alright. Cheers!”

    They raised their cups and downed the drinks in one go.

    Then, his parents left with the rest of the people.

    After they left, Lin Fan finally sat down. He had a helpless look on his face as he looked at Wang Ming Yang. “Would it kill you not to show off?”

    Wang Ming Yang nodded very seriously. “Mmm, you’re right. If I don’t show off, I really will die.”


    Lin Fan had made such a friend, so he had nothing to say. He could only accept it.

    The banquet hall.

    Huang Yun Ge saw his father wiping the sweat from his forehead and asked cautiously, “Dad, what happened?”

    Huang Ting laughed bitterly as he shook his head. “I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect this at all. Elder Lin’s son’s network is way too huge. It’s so huge that even I’m scared.”

    Huang Yun Ge smiled. “Of course. Your classmate’s son is Master Lin. His connections are very broad. I think that this is just a fraction of it.”

    “But Dad, you’re too lucky to have such a classmate. In the future, if something happens, as long as you say the word, there’s nothing that can’t be resolved.” Huang Yun Ge’s thinking was very simple but he couldn’t be blamed for it. After all, this was Master Lin. If anyone just took a look at the Internet, they would know how amazing this Master Lin was.

    Huang Ting didn’t say anything and just sighed. He suddenly realized that this situation was much larger than he had thought. Perhaps he hadn’t prepared for it.

    The banquet ended.

    Elder Lin had been surrounded by his classmates the whole time. He kept feeling as if something wasn’t right. Meanwhile, Huang Ting had wanted to leave after finished his food but he had been asked to stay by Elder Lin.

    They wanted to gather once more at night, without other people but just with the group of them.

    Lin fan naturally knew what kind of situation his dad was in now but he wasn’t worried. As long as his dad was happy, it was fine.

    “Ming Yang, you’ve already eaten your food. It’s about time to go back to Shanghai, isn’t it?” said Lin Fan.

    Wang Ming Yang shook his head. “It’s still early. I can’t go back yet.”

    “Please hurry up and go back. Next time, I’ll treat you guys to a meal in Shanghai, okay? Let me spend a few good days at home,” said Lin Fan.

    If these guys were to stay in Zhongzhou, who knew what kind of mess they would make?

    Wang Ming Yang shook his head. “Alright. Since you’ve said it like that, we’ll see each other again in Shanghai. But remember, if there is such an event again in the future, don’t forget about us. Otherwise, we’ll really be angry.”

    “Okay, okay, I definitely won’t forget you guys next time. This was my fault for not informing you. I was wrong,” said Lin Fan.

    As for Wu You Lan and the rest, Lin Fan had already received a call from his mom, saying that she wanted to have dinner with them that night and have a chat at the dining table. Of course, to Lin Fan, that was not possible. He definitely had to get them to leave as soon as possible.

    If they were to stay in Zhongzhou, it would really create a situation that would be impossible to clean up.

    Yun Xue Yao had come to Zhongzhou in a rush and she couldn’t stay either. She had things to do in Haojiang and she could only come to deliver the gift as well as make an appearance in front of Brother Lin’s parents. That was enough and she didn’t think too much about it.

    She believed that there would be many more opportunities in the future and there was no need to rush at all.

    After sending everyone off, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he felt as if his whole body had been refreshed.

    Nighttime. At home.

    Mama Lin said, “Son, where are they?”

    Lin Fan replied, “Oh, they all have things to do, so they went back in the afternoon.”

    “Weren’t they supposed to stay?” asked Mama Lin suspiciously.

    “Mom, they have many things to attend to. After all, they all rushed here from different places. How could they stay so long? What’s the hurry to see them?” Lin Fan smiled and said as he sat next to his mom.

    Mama Lin glared at Lin Fan. “Of course I’m eager. It’s the first time you’ve brought so many ladies back and I’m really happy. But son, don’t ever do anything to them that you can’t take responsibility for. Our family has never caused harm to anyone else before.”

    When Lin Fan heard that, he instantly laughed. There was so much hidden meaning in these words. “Mom, don’t worry. I know. It’s not like you think. I’m going to sleep now. I think dad will come back drunk tonight.”

    Mama Lin said, “Sigh, that’s the kind of person your dad is. Seeing his ex-classmates again after so many years, he doesn’t think about anything at all. Go and sleep first then.”

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